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Some Helpful info on those wanting to work at home:

Posted by on May. 4, 2007 at 11:37 AM
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A lot of people love the idea of working at home, but with all the hype about scams it can be confusing and scarey.  There are so many opportunities that your head starts spinning.  Here are some things to first consider about your wants and needs:

1.  Do I need a steady income from the beginning?  Can I go a while without a pay check? 

2.  Do I want to invest in a paid opportunity?  (Hint-Never pay for a work at home job- who pays to work?  Business opportunities are different- sometimes there is a kit, advertising material or products to buy)

3.  Do I like to sell products and services?  Am I good at influencing people?  Can I sell through the web without direct communication on the phone or in person?  Do I want to join a business that has parties to market their products? 

4.  Do I just want a little extra money? (sometimes surveys, paid to click on ad sites can bring this in, but it can get time consuming)

5.  If Im selling a product or service, is the price reasonable and is it something many people will want?

6.  Will I still need to get day care for my child so I can be on the phone or host parties?  Or would I rather have something I can do at any time of the day and interuptions will not be a problem with building the business?

7.  Do I want to work at home, full time or part time for an actual employer?  Usually you will need skills, experience and a good resume to find these jobs.  They are called telecommuting jobs and you may have to pay a fee to become a member of a database that has work from home jobs. 

8.  Do I like to write?  There are places you can write articles for and earn between $5 - $20 each.  Associated content is one of them.  It is possible to find forums that need moderators, but I dont know the details of that. 


It can be tricky especially when you are new to working from home.  It has been while since I lost money, but I remember some key features of the systems where 97% of members fail.  If there is some or all of these issues present, let that be a good indication it is something that will be hard to succeed at.

1.  They ask for large amounts of money to get started.  You are buying a kit, or training materials that dont seem to value the dollar amount you are spending.

2.  The Sponsor actually sits down with you for an official meeting, where they use a sales pitch for you to join their program.

3.  It isnt clear what you will be doing, and every time you ask, you get vague responses. 

4.  It appears that while there is a product or service to be sold, the majority of money comes from selling a membership

5.  You still have to pay for your own advertising materials even though you paid a large fee for a kit. 

6.  The product or service that you are supposed to be selling, doesnt sell itself.  It is something that probably failed on an infomercial!  It is something you really dont need or want. 

The above criteria generally can indicate it is a pyramid scheme.  Even though a MLM (Multi-level Marketing plan) can seem similar, it isnt a scheme per say.  MLM's usually dont cost as much to get started and some may even be free. 

Marketing through levels of people is very powerful if you are selling or offering a service that is wanted and needed by many consumers.  What happens is as you go down through the levels, the numbers of people multiply and even tiny commissions can end up huge at that level.  Just think if 1,000,000 people gave you 5cents.... that is $50,000!!!! 

I found a system of generating income through 9 levels of members.  The best part is that it is  FREE and it is offering a service you need.... a portal of over 1,000 stores to shop and earn rebates from online.  And no, it isnt stores you dont use!  Try Target, Overstock, BookCloseouts,, Kmart, Sears,, and Circuit City to name a few!  There is no obligation to spend any certain amount of money per month.  We just ask that you try to reevaluate how you do your monthly shopping for everyday items and gifts.  The rebates then get divided between the 9 levels and distributed, that is how we make money.  We dont make money off of selling a membership! 

There are only TWO things I recommend people do to succeed at this plan, however, neither are required!

1.  Shop at your own mall
2.  Tell others about it and give them their own mall

It is the most uncomplicated plan out there, and it is new, launched March 2007.  We are growing by over 100 members a day!  I just gave my son a mall and would like you to look at his video.  Im building a solid foundation for his financial future and mine!  I already have 18 in my 2nd tier.  I am also very proactive and give my team ideas and places to advertise.  You will never feel alone, yet there are no manditory meetings!  And all the tools to advertise are FREE!

Many Blessings
Amy Hatcher

by on May. 4, 2007 at 11:37 AM
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