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..and how YOU doin'?

Posted by on May. 7, 2007 at 11:19 AM
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how was your weekend?


the kid showed her ass over weekend...was mad because she didn't go to the 8th grade prom on friday....then so-called bff calls her and rubs her cute lil nose in it...we agreed with the last incident, we would exclude her step-father from the situation because she felt that since he was not her 'daddy', he shouldn't be hurt his feelings when i told him this but he understood and agreed...[somehow he understood too...] but he still thinks of her as his daughter and still plans on going ahead with buying some stocks on his job so he can send his daughter to college..[God, I love that man so much] had her grades been good, we were going straight to the limo place rent the hummer limo.......

it wasn't the fact that i didn't want her to go but dayum, kids today have got to learn once for have got to earn some things in's not like she is working on a job or rocking a baby on her hip..[thank the Lord]..or in an enviroment that is not suited for her....

..and with all the dresses, shoes and accessories that were in my closet..i would have had my kid looking like a million bucks...[she's into me..{small secret shhhh}]..and all my ole man and i would have to pay for was the hummer limo and the escort/bodyguard/chaperone that would have accompanied her..and she could have went.  and as i had reminded her in the car..[with the ole man listening intently]...when you screw up in school..the only thing that i can gurrantee that will help you get the hell away from a one-street screw up in life period.


....she kept going on and on until i finally said the words..'get your cup of shut da fuck up' [exact words]...we couldn't afford it and you didn't deserve to go so shut da fuck up and be easy.

i was hot yall...

so she clammed up with her eyes wide..staring at me in the rearview..mad as hell..and eating on her bacon swiss burger from wendy's because her step-father made dayum sure we got for her because he and i went for take-out because i needed to study and didn't feel like cooking...

so as retaliation she said something EXTREMELY NEGATIVE geared at her self-father.  and all the relatives from up top was in the yard and everyone stopped and looked. 

first insinct..

roll up on her and slap lil bitch-fit clean out her a$$.  the ole man grabbed me and said..'uh uh mami, let's go.' we did.

he came home and we talked...he cried like a small child because she really hurted him.  instead of..[forgive the pun] slapping the bitch fit totally out of her ass in front of the relatives from out-of-state..[my mother's sister kids and grandkids gave my uncle a suprised birthday party..which really wasn't a suprise because you can't get nothing over on my]he cried tears because she hurt his feelings for no reason...we told my mom instead. so that meant she had to stay down to my mom's house with her.  it was raining and i don't like driving in the rain..since the car i let her stay.

big mama put it on her ass. HARD.

told her all about her sperm bank and made it abundantly clear that i didn't have to have her, i could have had an abortion..[her father demanded that i did..his words..i opted to have instead because i wanted/loved/needed her...and how she didn't in it because i was a grown ass woman..she got her that 'cup shut da'..sat down and let me handle my biz..letting her know had it not been for me, going out working at tire places..[i know how to change a tire] risking my life and nefarious doings....[long story..would a wonderful movie..oscar material]...she wouldn't have over half the goodies she does have..that she was blessed and highly favored by GOD and she needs to stop trying to make me suffer for some shit that he is doing....

it really hurt my daughter when my mama told her that he got me pregnant on purpose..[fell asleep on him while doing it..he slipped the condom off]..just so he could have something running..lookin like him just like the guys he was jealous of/ secretly idolized] and she repeated to my daughter it took me a week to cry but i chose to give her life/love and all that other sh*t.

she comes homes on sunday..trying to act like nothing ever happened/mommy 'i love you/give me kiss/like a baby'....i distanced myself from her emotionally..just a tad..[had to or else i would have caught a child abuse charge because i hadn't fully worked out my anger...(studied all night and needed sleep)]...gave my bullwhip to my mom, told her to keep it so i won't catch one..and to give her the heads-up...she totally understood, came in the room and laid hands on me and prayed instead.

it felt good to feel my mama hands on my head, praying for me...and i needed it..BAD

in the school lab, waiting to take my hands-on cisco exam..[i let the rage help me study so i'm not afraid of failing my hands-on.  I GOT THIS. 

so far, monday is just same ole soup..just warmed over...

it's a good thing i llike soup.


...and how YOU doin'?

by on May. 7, 2007 at 11:19 AM
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