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Strategies for Fighting the CFO

Posted by on Apr. 7, 2008 at 5:41 PM
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This is from the Cold Callers Guild:

CCG : Cashbot CFO Strategy Guide
Submitted by Wizardhawk

I wrote up a general guide in the Cog HQ forum (now a sticky thread) to help introduce newer players to what to expect in the CFO battle. I attempted to stay away from any real discussion about strategy in there because the best strategy was such a huge argument on test.

The group I ran with on test were the very first team to beat the CFO and we were the first team to beat it consistently. We wound up with a VERY high percentage rate of victory and our system was designed to help make sure ALL 8 went on to victory. There will no doubt be someone that argues with this system but the results speak for itself. All of us made Robber Baron 50 pretty fast.

This system is called the Zone Defense System.

The basics:
The game pairs you with another toon and drops you both into one of four zones in the CFO battle room. One of you will become the crane operator and the other will defend that crane. In our experience we discovered that proper stomping defense of the crane operators is the main difference between a win and loss on a run. It is the chaos of toons running around in an every-toon-for-themself kind of fashion that destroys a run. Stay and battle in your zone and you will increase your odds of winning.

The natural thought many have is to put your best players on crane. Problem is, it is the stompers that have the most influence on winning so making sure you have at least a couple of really good toons there may be key. The crane is much easier to learn then the good crane operators would like others to believe. Having one or two good crane people and at least a couple of good stompers should make sure you all come out alive. According to the basics, you should stick with the pair you land with. The problem is what if both toons in one zone are natural stompers? What about a toon that has asked to try crane that is dropped with another crane operator? It is okay to swap zones to get everyone in their best role, however YOU MUST WIND UP WITH 2 IN EACH ZONE.


Rule #1
: NEVER THROW A SAFE AT THE CFO UNLESS HE HAS STARS AROUND HIS HEAD OR ALREADY HAS A HELMET ON. If you see someone throwing safes at the wrong time, let them know with the speed chat phrases.

Not only are the cranes responsible for doing the damage to the CFO, but they are at least partially responsible for their own defense and the defense of the stompers. You can pick up live goons and move them toward the stompers to help move ones that are too close to you or help with clusters of goons. You can also drop a safe on nearby goons or to help clean out your area if there are a large number of goons there. You will not win if you allow swarms of goons to remain in your area.

Rule #2: NEVER ALLOW MORE THAN 3 SAFES IN YOUR ZONE AND KEEP ALL SAFES AWAY FROM THE CFO'S TREADS. The CFO can pick up safes near it and put it on as a helmet. Keep them away from him and help make sure everyone has a safe by getting rid of some if you have 4 or more in your zone. You can get rid of them by tossing them sideways into your neighbors zone.

A word about safes: What most of the experienced crane operators do is find a time early where you have no goons to toss to move one of your two safes in front of you. The proper location for it is slightly off to the side away from the CFO's door so that you have a clear path for picking up goons and fairly close to your crane podium. Remember that the CFO can pick up safes near him and use them as helmets. The safe you drop in front will be used for ONLY ONE OF TWO REASONS: Hit the CFO when stunned, or drop on goons to defend yourself. If the CFO winds up with a helmet, use any other safe in your zone to remove it since you have plenty of time to do it. This front safe works very well for damage on a stunned CFO because you are already lined up with the CFO when you pick it up. One full swing back, and forward and let go. If you let go a little lower (around the chest area, or a little higher) you can make the safe bounce off of him and land back in your zone. This is one way you can help make sure you do not run out of safes.

In the end game, the CFO will have a flashing red light showing that you are close to victory. The problem with getting the last hit in is that as you get that far, he gets helmets almost as fast as you can take them off. It is best to have two cranes work together to win. One needs to attempt to take the helmet off, and the other needs to have a stunned goon on crane ready to go. You may only get one good shot at it so make it count!

Rule #3: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LP LEVEL. DO NOT WAIT TO TOON YOURSELF. I've seen too many very good players go sad because they waited to heal themselves. If you are lucky and have good stompers around you, you may find toonup treasures near you. Go toonup really fast after taking a gear hit or light hit. Don't worry about losing your crane, just stay healthy!

Rule #4: YOU ARE NOT GLUED TO YOUR CRANE, MOVE WHEN NEEDED. This means you may have to stomp goons in your area if your stomper runs off or goes sad. You should also watch the CFO and be ready to step aside if he targets you. You have plenty of time to move so don't panic. Run around and toon up as soon as you take damage, then jump back to your crane.


Rule #1
: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEFENSE OF THE CRANE IN YOUR ZONE. This does not mean you cannot go to other zones to help out, it means you need to always keep an eye on your home zone and be ready to move to defend it.

Rule #2: DON'T BE AFRAID OF STEPPING INTO THE LIGHTS. You can, and should, step into the lights of goons if you cannot jump them in time to prevent them from getting to the cranes. In general, you will lose around twice as much as the current value of toonup treasures coming out. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to understand that once you step into any light, you are immune to other lights for a short time! This means you can jump into the middle of a cluster and just stomp as fast as you can and only worry about taking one hit. You will do more damage by always trying to go around a goon to stomp it then by just taking a hit and getting that one down faster.

Rule #3: ATTEMPT TO LEAVE TOONUP TREASURES THAT ARE CLOSE TO CRANES FOR THE CRANE OPERATORS. That doesn't mean leave them if that is all that is left and you are injured. You are totally responsible for your own health. Worry about YOU first, and your crane operator second. The crane operator can stomp a few goons if they need treasures and none are around. Having said that, treasure farming is one of the things that seperates the good stompers from the great ones.

Rule #4: IN THE END GAME, ABANDON ANY ZONE THAT IS TOO INFESTED WITH GOONS. Both the crane operator, and the stomper should bail. You can either reinforce other zones, or slowly clean up that zone. What is most important is to have at least TWO well defended zones and to make sure they each have safes and disabled goons. Failure to keep a couple of defended zones near the end WILL RESULT IN TOTAL TEAM LOSS.

Beyond that, one more important thing a great stomper can do to help the team is pay attention to what the cranes and CFO are doing. If you notice that the cranes are having problems removing a helmet, go up and run into one of his treads. You will only take a -1 damage but he will 'sit down' to try to swipe at you. When he sits it is much easier for your cranes to take his helmet off.

This system does NOT require all 8 to be aware of it for it to work. Our experiments found that having even two or three strangers were not enough to kill this system provided that everyone helped cover the areas being neglected by those strangers. It even works with as few as 4 or 5 toons going into the battle.

Robber Baron Progression
Level 12 - 8900 bucks
Level 13 - 1100
Level 14 - 8900
Level 15 - 1100
Level 16 - 1440
Level 17 - 1780
Level 18 - 2120
Level 19 - 8900
Level 20 - 1100
Level 21 - 1440
Level 22 - 1780
Level 23 - 2120
Level 24 - 8900
Level 25 - 1100
Level 26 - 1440
Level 27 - 1780
Level 28 - 2120
Level 29 - 8900
Level 30 - 1100
Level 31 - 1440
Level 32 - 1780
Level 33 - 2120
Level 34 - 8900
Level 35 - 1100
Level 36 - 1440
Level 37 - 1780
Level 38 - 2120
Level 39 - 8900
Level 40 - 1100
Level 41 - 1440
Level 42 - 1780
Level 43 - 2120
Level 44 - 8900
Level 45 - 1100
Level 46 - 1440
Level 47 - 1780
Level 48 - 2120
Level 49 - 8900
Level 50 - executive washroom key

Ann - Lady Violet Purpletoes

by on Apr. 7, 2008 at 5:41 PM
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