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Strategies for Fighting the Chief Justice

Posted by on Apr. 7, 2008 at 5:42 PM
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From the Cold Callers Guild:

CCG : Lawbot CJ Strategy Guide

Copied from kyga42066's post:

I want to start a thread for strategies to fight the Chief Justice. We have been quite successful on the test site and wish to help those who don't have a test site toon to have learned what we learned. The Chief Justice battles starts as any other boss battle -

  1. A round of cogs, anywhere from 20-32 of them per side. They are mostly lvl8 and above, so don't expect small cogs as in the VP or CFO.
  2. There is a 60 second cannon battle in which you seat toon jurors in chairs, two rows, an upper and lower. Seating 8 toons on the jury will balance the scale which is in the final battle. Pick a chair in front of you and continue to keep a toon in it. Of course, try to seat toons in any other chair also, but be mindful the cogs are dropping from the ceiling to take back the chairs. The chairs are slowly moving backwards so cannon aim must elevate accordingly.
  3. Scale battle - MOST IMPORTANT and most tedious.
There are a set of scales in the middle of the room, Chief Justice on his stand, Bumpy Bumblebehr is on trial, and sometimes quite a few gavels dropping on us. There is a line of 8 cogs whose sole duty is to obstruct our toons from doing their duty. Those cogs also throw heavier (a weight of 6 pt, I believe) evidence into their side of the scales so - heed the following
  1. We need no more than 3 toons throwing on the scales, evidence to throw is gotten by bumping the defences stand (where Bumpy is). The toons evidence usually weighs 1pt per so it is imperative to make each throw count. (The evidence weight is a variable, depending on the suit size and level of difficulty of the boss battle which is determined by the combined suit values in the elevator, and also the number of toons seated in the jury by a big wig.) Try to place your toon where hitting the scales is accurate, and yet you can avoid the evidence throw by the cogs. When their evidence hits you, you lose 5 pts. You can jump to avoid their evidence so keep an eye pealed to when they throw and watch for low flying evidence which is always headed toward a toon.
  2. We need at least 4 throwers to stun the cogs. Those cogs are throwing on the scales, also. Stunning is done by standing close to the cogs and rotating on an axis and throwing evidence at them. The insert key is the throw key. Stunning them keeps them from throwing at the scales and at the toons. It is best to pick two adjacent cogs and rotate between them. Stay on that job the whole time please. It is helpful to have a roaming toon behind the stunners as a relief toon for whose who need to get more evidence and to toon up toons, although this tooning is NOT encouraged. Stunning all 8 cogs will give the toons a double bonus throw for scales and also a 10pt TU. This occurs for only 20 seconds but watch for retaliation by the Chief Justice, however. He will blow a horn and you will hear the same sound as the VP when he jumps. Keep alert and jump as you did in the VP. We are limited to one bonus time every 60 seconds, I believe. So be diligent with your stunning. I believe it is better for the toons to make sure all the cogs are stunned, as the 10pt is for everyone in the battle. If a toon is getting quite low, say so and the roamer can give you a few hits, but DON'T leave your cogs. The roamer can come to you so you can continue to stun and get a small toonup to tide you over til another bonus. ALWAYS be watchful for cog evidence being thrown at you. When you see a cog throwing, you must remember they ALL throw at the same time if they not stunned, so jump when a cog throws to assure you are not going to get hit. It is easy to miss a cog throw coming from the other end of the line of cogs.
  3. Larger suit toons bring more difficulty into the battle with additonal gavels (they hit for -20 pts), along with an extra cog depending on the total value of the suits in the CJ.
Please be very flexible in your battle. Fill in where you ARE NEEDED, not necessarily where you WANT to be. Use Chief Justice phrases to do this prior to scale battle so we have an idea who will be where and where you are needed. Stay AT YOUR TASK! Do not pull back to toon other toons as your main duty is to prevent cog evidence from filling their side of the scales. Do not block evidence thrown by those at the scales, please!!! The battle is won by our side of the scales hitting the bottom.

Deputy Dynowoof - aka Colonel Chocoluck on test

Big Wig Progression
Level 8 - 1780 Jury Notices
Level 9 - 2330
Level 10 - 2880
Level 11 - 3430
Level 12 - 14400
Level 13 - 1780
Level 14 - 14400
Level 15 - 1780
Level 16 - 2330
Level 17 - 2880
Level 18 - 3430
Level 19 - 14400
Level 20 - 1780
Level 21 - 2330
Level 22 - 2880
Level 23 - 3430
Level 24 - 3980
Level 25 - 4530
Level 26 - 5080
Level 27 - 5630
Level 28 - 6180
Level 29 - 14400
Level 30 - 1780
Level 31 - 2330
Level 32 - 2880
Level 33 - 3430
Level 34 - 3980
Level 35 - 4530
Level 36 - 5080
Level 37 - 5630
Level 38 - 6180
Level 39 - 14400
Level 40 - 1780
Level 41 - 2330
Level 42 - 2880
Level 43 - 3430
Level 44 - 3980
Level 45 - 4530
Level 46 - 5080
Level 47 - 5630
Level 48 - 6180
Level 49 - 14400
Level 50 - executive washroom key

Ann - Lady Violet Purpletoes

by on Apr. 7, 2008 at 5:42 PM
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