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Week of April 13th spoilers

Posted by on Apr. 10, 2015 at 8:18 PM
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Brooke makes a last ditch effort to stop Quinn and Deacon's wedding 

Brooke warns Deacon that he will alienate Hope if he marries Quinn 

Brooke receive a warning from Katie not to sabotage Quinn and Deacon's wedding 

Rick questions Maya about her past when he suspects that she is hiding something 

Carter, Nicole and Maya discuss what could happen if she reveals being transgender 

Liam, Ivy and Wyatt try to dig up dirt on Rick 

To turn her dream into reality as a Forrester model, Nicole goes behind Maya's back 

Nicole becomes over confident during her test photo shoot 

Carter and Nicole talk to Maya what could happen if she reveals she is transgender 

Deacon warns Brooke not to interfere in his wedding to Quinn 

Wyatt tries to charm Nicole hoping she will reveal Maya's secret 

Liam has a new plan to get rid of Rick as Forrester CEO 

Ridge is elated to be reunited with Caroline 

Hope Skypes a loved one and the chat reveals much more on the home-front than she imagined 

Nicole admits she has a crush on Wyatt 

Casting scoops
We've been telling you that'd we'd heard that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) would be returning to B&B full-time this spring. Well, now it's been confirmed. Click here to read all the details. 

Kim Matula appears as Hope on April 17 and April 20. For more on her return, click here

Down the road previews

Hope tries to stop Deacon and Quinn's wedding 

Brooke must face the consequences of her actions 

To give Nicole a taste of the spencer lifestyle, Wyatt makes Nicole a lucrative offer 

Liam is worried that Wyatt may be falling for Nicole and asks Wyatt to focus on ousting Rick 

Rick announces to Eric and Brooke that he wants to marry Maya soon 

Carter presses Maya to tell Rick the truth 

Maya assures Carter that once their future is solid she will tell Rick everything 

Rick plays Eric by taking credit for Forrester's recent success 

Nicole is tempted to share her with Wyatt 


Monday, April 13
Rick questions Maya

Tuesday, April 14
Nicole goes behind her sister's back to turn her dream into a reality

Wednesday, April 15
Deacon puts his foot down with Brooke warning her not to interfere in his plans to marry Quinn

Thursday, April 16
Wyatt charms Nicole hoping she might reveal dirt on Rick and Maya which the Spencer's can use in their takeover plan

Friday, April 17
Nicole confesses that she's got a crush on Wyatt

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SNS Spoilers The Week of April 13-17 - ‪#‎boldandbeautiful‬

On Deacon and Quinn's wedding day, Brooke comes up with a fool-proof plan to make sure they don't become husband and wife.

Katie warns Brooke not to sabotage Deacon and Quinn's wedding.

Sensing that Maya is hiding something from him, Rick probes her about her past and childhood.

Nicole and Carter talk with Maya about what could happen if she reveals being transgender.

Wyatt turns on the charm, hoping to get Nicole at ease with him so she'll share whatever Maya is hiding.

Liam devises a new plan to get rid of Rick as Forrester CEO.

Ridge is thrilled to be reunited by Caroline.

Hope checks in on a loved one via Skype.

The video chat reveals more on the homefront than Hope imagined.

Brooke faces the consequences of her actions.

COMING: Will Deacon and Quinn say "I do"?

by on Apr. 10, 2015 at 8:18 PM
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