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OT But curious

Posted by on Jul. 3, 2008 at 11:37 PM
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I kno theres been a lot about Child Abuse and kids dying left and right out of carelessness but I was wondering has anyone else had a near death experience with themselves or their child that made you realize what lifes really about?

I jus read the post about a mothers worst fear and was so sad and was brought to tears becuase it reminded me of my son. Hes 2 as of March 24th but I remember when he was 8 months old. My husand lost his job at Walmart Dc out of stupidity on his part and we decided to  move from California all the way to Montana with my family becuase they got him a better job in the oil rigs. Before we left I heard my friends son jus died from SIDS. That was my biggest fear for my son in this story. Anyways We drove the whole 24 hours. The first 3 hours of the drive he cried non stop and wouldnt take anything to drink. He eventually slept and was fine. We got to the hotel that my parents met us at and went to bed. We woke up a few hours later because it was aleady 8am. I gave him water but he threw it all back up, luckily I was there to make sure he didnt continue to choke on it. My dad went to work and I decided to take the kids a bath with my mom. Water wakes him up yet he eventually was a limp noodle. I thought he was super tired so I finished and clothed him and my daughter. While my mom held him I heard him gasp for air and his lips turned blue. We called my dad and he told us to get him to the hospital. We woke up my husband and left. We got lost because my parents were new also. He slowly stopped breathing until my mom put  her finger in his mouth and he sucked them. So we turned to go back to my dads work since he was fine. While there we made him a bed in the cart and shopped for 30 minutes. He woke up while my mom was talking to my dad and then my dad seen his face start to get red thinking he was constipated but he actually couldnt breathe at all. He yelled for me to go to the hospital but my husband was no where to be found and my moms friends husband offered to take me and as we ran to his car I seen my hubby already in the car ready to go so we hopped in with my dad in the back and drove. We were so lost and next thing I know it was like I was holding a baby doll in my arms. He completely stopped breathing. I screamed and cried and had to give him to my dad while my husand tried to calm me so we could find the hospital. My dad tried to push Jaydens tongue down jus to see if he could get him so air that way but all of a sudden 2 minutes later Jayden started sucking. They never told us what really happened to him but I didnt hold my baby for 2 weeks out of fear he would stop breathing in my arms again.

Thankfully my babyboy is big now and healthy as ever. I wish I knew what happened that day but the doctors in this small itty bitty town suck and never tell you anything.  That horrible day scarred me for life to the point that ever chance I get when my kids are sleeping I check to see if they are breathing. Im thankful that he came back to us and is perfectly fine.
by on Jul. 3, 2008 at 11:37 PM
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by Member on Jul. 4, 2008 at 12:49 PM
Oh, you poor thing. Your story made me cry.
by on Jul. 4, 2008 at 1:57 PM
The closest I came to losing my daughter was when she was born.  She had the cord wrapped twice around her neck and she had flipped so much it was in a knot.  When she was born, she was blue.  No one told me until much later, like the next day, but hubby was very worried.  The doctors told him what saved her was the extra long cord she had gave plenty of room and the knot wasn't tight.  If it had been a shorter cord, we would have lost her for sure.  I am just very grateful that the Lord was watching over us and her, and knew how much we wanted her here!!  I was 39 and hubby was 38 when she was born, and I had a 19 yr old son. She is hubby's only child.
by on Jul. 4, 2008 at 11:15 PM
When my now 4 month old DS was 3 days old he started to vomit, not spit up everything he ate, it was yellow in color, very pasty, and smelled very badly! our pediatrition told us for 16 hours that I must have ate something to upset his stomache, i knew something was'nt right so we brought him to the ER got transfered to Children's Hospital, they figured out he was vomiting feces, it took them 2 days to find that he had a small twist in his bowel, so at 5 days old he had to have major surgery, I was scared to death, if you want to read the whole story go to my page and follow the link to my blog on myspace.
now other than some reflux issues he is perfect!!!!
by Group Owner on Jul. 6, 2008 at 4:12 PM
OMG, MommyHarvard, that is scary! I'm sorry you had to experience that! My son has never had a near-death experience, THANK GOD, and I couldn't imagine nor do I want to ever go through that! Something VERY simular did in fact happen to my little brother. He is actually adopted, he's really my nephew, one of my older brother's sons. He was only 17, and his girlfriend was 15 when they had him. His name is Dakota, Cody for short. They were both into drugs, partying, loud music, abusive & unfit parents, so my father & mom got custody of him. On his 2nd birthday, (I was only 10 years old) Cody was playing in my sister's front yard during his birthday party. They were rolling a ball back and fourth, and it went passed him, so he ran after it. When he bent down to pick up the ball, he just fell over it, face first, and then, he didn't move, complete silence. We ran over to see what was wrong, and when we turned him over and picked him up, he was pale, blue lips & his eyes were rolled in the back of his head! He wasn't breathing and had a faint heartbeat. My mom freaked out & yelled for my dad. He was certified in CPR, from years of being a school bus driver, and my sister called 911. My dad brought him back a few times, but he died on us 3 times. I couldn't do anything but cry hysterically! He died in my dad's arms that day twice, and once in the ambulance on the way to the ER. They did numerous tests on him, MRI's, bloodwork, a heart moniter. Nothing. They STILL to this day don't know what happened to him. They think he may have had a "grandma seizure" or possible "flash-backs" of his terrible infancy. His mother used to literally pull his hair out of his head (he was bald until he was like 3), she fed him junk food & soda in his bottle, he was so under-nurished that his finger & toe nails were black, and he had bruises & bite marks ALL over his body! (She is currently a stripper, with 3 other kids, and is supposedly a heroin addict & my brother is constantly in and out of jail, also with 2 other kids that he knows of, and is a pill-head!) Cody is now 12 years old. He has ADHD, but personally, I think there is something more wrong than just that. They can't seem to diagnose him properly. It may be due to him being without oxygen for so long that day. SIDS had crossed my mind, too! Only God knows...that day will haunt me for the rest of my life! I'm just glad he's still here! (SORRY SO LONG! I had to pour my heart out!)

by Member on Jul. 6, 2008 at 7:47 PM
Yea, I mean on thanksgiving I found out my friends son died a few weeks before and he was barely going to be 5 months and they said SIDS which I found out later theres a possibility he might have suffocated on a pillow but of course they wont tell me but yea I was like thankfully my son is older and they were like it could happen in a boy until they are toddlers but I jus blew it off. Then that day came and the doctors out here are crap so they never know anything and I still dont kno. Im kinda thinking it was the climates and altitudes or whatever because we jus came from California to Montana. It was hot in Cali and -15 in Montana. But then again when he was a couple days old we visited my parents and drove to MT back and forth and nothing was wrong but this time he stopped breathing. So Im so confused and thankfully he hasnt had any problems since.

Thank you for sharing your stories. My heart goes out to you all and I hope everyones continues to be happy and healthy.
by Member on Jul. 7, 2008 at 1:14 PM
we did read my we need prayers forum under voice for children my update
by on Jul. 7, 2008 at 1:16 PM
watching my son (15 mths at the time) having a febrile seizure (result of an ear infection and high temp)...continuously haunts whenever he gets sick I freak out



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