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The "Forgotten" Abuse

Posted by on Dec. 17, 2009 at 5:26 PM
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Ladies ~ Today I would like to challenge each of you to remember {and find a way to Do something about it anywhere you can} what I have come to refer to as The "Forgotten" Abuse.  Neglect.  Neglect can go undetected for such a Long period of time, and far too often those who Can help simply do not realize something is wrong.  Neglect is not obvious like a bruise, broken arm, etc.  It is hidden ... covered up ... silent. 

With the holiday season upon us {Thanksgiving through Christmas}, my daughters have a difficult time coping due to memories of their birth family and how things were while with them, remembering the consequences of the neglect they suffered.  Since coming home from their group home and then our subsequent adoption they have come a very long way in respect to losing the fear and anxiety over Food.  They frequently will just stand at the door of the refrigerator or cabinet simply peering inside ... and they are satisfied.  At one point, they could not resist Eating as much as they could.  These children had suffered such serious neglect and The Most Serious Neglect as far as they are concerned was not knowing when they would eat again.  These children had suffered actual Physical pain from hunger.  This type of neglect is far more common than most of us can begin to realize.

When my daughters Fought over food, it served as a reminder to me that there are hungry children around every corner and we do not even know it.  I am not talking about the type of "hungry" that most of us think of when we decide to eat lunch or dinner ... Real Hunger ... the kind that Hurts. 

Two simple suggestions of things we can All do: 

* Donate to a food pantry and/or other local agencies that help needy families.

* Purchase extra foods and deliver them around needy neighborhoods, staple items that can be used daily.  One family a month could make a difference to a hungry child, and if you can afford to do it once a week that would be Awesome.

Looking around at the overabundance of Everything that most of us have, especially this time of year around Christmas, try to pay extra attention and seek those less fortunate.  This is my challenge to you all. 

Have a Blessed Christmas, everyone!   {{{{{Hugs!}}}}}






by on Dec. 17, 2009 at 5:26 PM
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