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Keys to Building Your Business with Social Networks

Posted by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 11:15 AM
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I know you may hear (a lot) that social networks are a great place to build your business. So you go to myspace, facebook, etc, sign up, build your page, and start advertising, and nothing happens. So you continue to advertise and still nothing. So you ask around and people tell you that you need to network but not really knowing how to do that, you talk to a few people and nothing.

So what gives, why aren't you attracting prospects through myspace. Is it because so many other people are advertising their business there, is it overated…what is it? Well, it is not any of those things.

The problem is the vast majority of people are not building their businesses the right way. They are so busy flooding forum's, groups, and people's inboxes they don't even realize they are ignoring the main principle of building your business on myspace or online period…the value proposition.

The value proposition basically means that money and success will come back to you when you offer enough value to your niche marketplace. So when you send someone information about your business that they didn't ask for you aren't going to get any results. People don't like to be sold to...that's why we hang up on telemarketers.

Your business should be built around leadership and value that you offer to people. It is that simple and myspace and other social networks makes if very easy for you to do this. You have access to tons of people to network with and be a positive influence in their lives. Now, don't think that you can give away any old garbage and say that you are providing, no it doesn't work that way either. You want to provide 'content' to people that they can actually use and content that will continue to bring people to you, not run them away.

The fastest way for someone to run is by giving them meaningless garbage that they can't use. Not only is it a waste of time, it will give you a bad wrap. You want to give away more use value than money received. In other words, the more you give in valuable information the more you will see in return.

People will start to see you as a leader, People will see you as someone they want to follow. The key to you success is in what you are giving? See once you realize that success comes down to the value that you offer other people, then you can begin to take actions steps to build that value.

The main focus here is adding value to peoples lives and use social networks as a way to network, meet tons of people, and give value to them. That is the formula, the key building your business using myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, any social network out there but it shouldn't stop there, it shouldn't be a part of everything that you do: blogs, articles, in forums, everything.

Not only will you be able to build a strong long term business, you will be strong long term relationships.

by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 11:15 AM
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