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About me and my home base business

Posted by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 8:08 PM
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My name is Kathryn Ricard; I would like to educate you about an AWESOME and inexpensive health care company which can save you anywhere from 20-80% on health care/Dental/Vision/Prescriptions and Chiropractic benefits.   This company also offers a home base business opportunity. I ASKED THAT YOU PLEASE read my profile a little further BEFORE EXITING MY PAGE. 

Let's face it; due to today's economy, we are all facing financial challenges and hardship. Fortune 500 companies are downsizing, freezing salaries, promotions, and bonuses while cutting raises. Not to mention that thousands of people are loosing their jobs by well-known retail stores, plants and other employers. These places are shutting their doors across the United States forever.  Of course this means that many people throughout the United States are either unemployed now or soon to be unemployed much like myself (a single mom or single dad).   I too have a family to support; my kids' need medical healthcare not to mention the bills still have to be paid and food kept on the table. I'm sure that we all want FINANCIAL STABILITY, I know I do.  Personally, I have come across so many scams while seeking employment via the Internet, as a matter of fact I get them daily through my e-mail and I'm sure you do as well. Scams consist of bogus job opportunities, loans and working from home opportunities; yep, I've had my share of them.  First of all, If the business name was not mentioned in the ad, I would not respond...if a company's name was mentioned, my first step was to GOOGLE the company's name then go to the better business bureau's website to find out if a particular company/ business existed. After finding out the company is legit, I would proceed to submit my resume to a particular job posting. Keep in mind; so many people are loosing their job daily, which basically boils down to an OVERWHELMING number of resumes being submitted to the Company, which posted the ad in the first place. That's a lot of competition for the few jobs that are becoming available. I've been told by several employers that they have received so many resumes that they aren't even able to review all of the ones received.

Just recently I applied for a position posted on Craig's List (Sales Rep/Customer Service) and two days later the woman who posted the position contacted me. Believe me I was very skeptical and asked many questions. Then I found out the company's name she was working for, the company is AmeriPlan, USA.  This is an AWESOME business, as a matter of fact, before I knew about the home base business opportunity they offered, I had previously received health benefits from this company two years ago for me and my children while working as a contractor with the government and as some of you know, working contract (1099) you are not offered health benefits.  Let me point out, This IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY, however, they are a discounted Health care provider.  I have been able to save a lot of money as a single mom on all Dental/Vision/Prescriptions and Chiropractic office visits through my being a member of this organization. This company impressed me to no end and I promise it will impress you as well.

All I ask is that you please check out the links provided on my profile and share this information with everyone you know and care about.

Kathryn C. Ricard

Independent Business Owner


Home office: (904) 378-9346

Email: (to save money- Benefits)  (to earn extra income)






by on Feb. 5, 2009 at 8:08 PM
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