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One of my Sisters...

Posted by on Apr. 9, 2008 at 3:14 AM
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Hello I'm new here, but i'm happy to have found a place where you can express your feelings, without worry of being locked  I have 3 grown kids, and 4 grand-kids. Two of my kids are in the military. My grands ages  B18yrs.,     G 6yrs., G 5yrs., B 5mos. My oldest has my oldest grandson, and she (use to be in the army) she lives in TX. My son a Marine not married, no kids, and my youngest she and her hubby both are in the Navy, they have the 6,&5yr.olds and 5mo. old. I miss them all very much.
                    My son stationed in CA. ( safe now, thank God).
My youngest she and hubby both stationed in Alabama. I'm so blessed to have them, safe in the USA. They have been stationed in wars of hell. My son is in his 18th yr with the Marine Corps. He been thru  all the hell we call war.
My youngest she been lucky to advoided going to war. Her hubby has been, in them. I come from a large family I'm the oldest of 7 siblings. My dear sweet momma, passed not to long ago. She was amazing, to have raised us all by herself. Good old so called dad that i call the seed wetter, dropped us all like garbage, when my Mom was in her 6 mo. of pg with baby # 7. No money, food, furniture, lights. But we found a way to make it. It was not like it is today, where a woman got help. Nope and get this when the bastard dumped us, in Florida at the time, you "Could't get any kind of help" Only if you been a resident of Florida for 1 full yr.
OK.. well now to this, My Mom sold her home and went into senior care, my B sister Linda well she was the one who lived closest to Mom. So after Mom passed she kept everything. Of Moms, I'm not talking money, big jewels but things that she should of had all of siblings come over and take what we wanted of my Moms. We have all tried to talk to her, but she will say. You know my husband ( he as uglier than a apes ass'es). says he doesn't like you people, and we will call the cops if you come to our home. I hate her, yes i know many may think i'm way over the top with that word, hate. But she deserves it and more, she also slept with my X husband. I caught them, and then when all the crap was going on divorce she had the gall to write me and tell me she was going to help my abusive, asshole x husband to try and get my kids away from me. So i told her try, and be prepared to lose your kids. She been married and divorce 4 times, she on # 5 now. She took more drugs then i can count, and she lived across the street from me and her 2 young kids would come knocking, and crying at my front door, late into the night. Saying Aunt Sandra, mommy not home we can't find her. I always kept them with me, they lived with me more then with her. Well i know some of this crap is just that. Years have passed, but she still gets off on using and hurting all of her siblings. I told my youngest Sister, don't let her get her hooks in you, she will end up using you, and hurting you. Bingo... Yeps she did just that. When my Mom was laying on her death bed, at bitch sister home. She told our youngest sister, and her husband they had to leave, because her husband on his way home, and he doesn't like you people. I hope she burns in hell, for all she done, and still does. When my brother that next to me in age, he asked her if he could have his big picture he had made of himself when he was in viet nam (war) she told him no. I know my Mom should of had a will, but anytime we would even say the word will to her, she get so upset and cry and get mad. So we didn't push it. Oh, and bitch sister made herself power of attorney. On my Mom, she works for judges so she pulled a fast one on all of us.
       Well thank you all for letting me vent.. I know won't change whats what, but it helps to let it out.
I look forward to making friends with all of you..
((hugs)) Sandra
by on Apr. 9, 2008 at 3:14 AM
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by Group Admin on Apr. 9, 2008 at 1:44 PM
Oh Sandra, I am so sorry!  How horrible for her to take advantage of your mother on her death bed, sounds like she lead one heck of a life too!  :(  Sorry I can't say anything to fix what she has done, I am sure it hurts, and is just frustrating!  What do your other siblings say about this?  Is there any way you can get some help from people she isn't 'friends' with, maybe in another county, or an attorney that would be willing to help?  I am sure it isn't about money, but it sounds like she has some things that are of high sentemental value that might be nice to have.  How old are her kids?  Are you able to make a call to have them checked on?  That just doens't sound safe at all!  I am glad that you have been there for the kids when they neded you!
by on Apr. 9, 2008 at 1:56 PM
I am glad that you found this group.  I'm sorry for all that you've gone through with your dad leaving you and your siblings and mom.  That's horrible but you made it through and now you have kids of your own and grandkids too.  I'm sorry that your sister is being a jerk with your mother's possessions.  I know it's hard to want something that belonged to someone you love and know you can't have it.  Remember though that you have your memories and sometimes those are more precious than any item.  Items can get broken and damaged but your memories are always there.  Maybe you can find a way to pass on what your mom meant to you to your kids and grandkids.  Maybe through writing down memories or making scrapbooks with pics you have, or if there was something special that your mom loved to do.  Maybe if she was a great cook and you have some of her recipes, make a recipe book or if she loved to garden, plant something in her memory.  If you are concerned for the safety of your sister's kids, please don't hesitate to call children and youth on her.  Otherwise, forget about her, you don't need that negativity in your life and you have other siblings who you can spend time with. 
by on Apr. 9, 2008 at 9:07 PM
Thank you for your kind words, and understanding. To answer Jennmarie, yes i've always been a big writer. Words and thought i lived through my life so far have helped me day to day. And i a huge picture taker and lover. When my kids were little they would call out to one another Run Mom got the camera.. lol And i love Scrap-booking, since i have many beautiful pictures of my Mom when she was a baby,and a little girl, and when she was a young sexy lady remember the old movies when you see the ladies wearing the pretty clothes, fluffy curls,high heels, and gloves and hats. With dark red lipstick. Wow Momma was a looker.. LOL....  Also pictures of her aging, she was a tiny package of a lady not 5ft. tall and weight maybe 110. But she was the bi8biggest little woman you wouldn't want to come up against. My four brothers could be more than a hand full when teenagers set in. But my Mom was a tough cookie. She didn't let them get away with any crap, if they tried to pull any on her.
Now on my bitch of a so called sister, her kids are adults and they are married, have kids of their own. My nephew is in the AF, and my niece was in the AF. They don't have much to do with my sister ( their mother).
Gacgbaker, thank you too for caring and your kind words. I'm so happy to have found a place to come that we can express what we are feeling, without getting judge, or bashed.
I wish you both a great Day, and love to keep in touch. I enjoy making friends . Oh and i strongly believe in Karma!!
            ((hugs)) Sandra


Proud Military Mom, Sandra from Florida

by Group Owner on Jun. 13, 2008 at 3:35 PM
The old saying really applies here, you can't chose your relatives but you can chose your friends.  I am a mom and grandma with lots of family drama, too.  Hence--this group.  This group is meant to be a supportive a safe place for those who deal with the CrazyMakers.  I am glad you found us.

Karen--Group Owner
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