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Calendar Systems

Posted by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 7:24 PM
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it is amazing how anally attentive to detailed schedule I have to be-- seeing that we unschool..LOL . Makes me feel like a walking Oxymoron..


Being tired of missed appointments (2 in the last 3 week and a handful since we moved here this summer) and not  having a Calendar and my pocket calendar ending this month, I bought a BIG PLANNER- well, bigger than the normal Pocket Calendar. I researched different planners online and found one I liked. Only problem was started in Sept 08 and went to Sept 09 and it is December..... It was also about $18. I didn;t want to pay that much for a 6 month planner. But I did further research and found one for about $13 on sale at Amazon and I liked the cover better! I like stripes.

My BusyBodyBook came in the mail and I was happy. Like a kid with a new toy. The first thing I found in my BBB was a detachable bookmark. It's a small thing, but made me all giddy!

  Makes it easy to open up to 'This Week' quickly!


Having a new planner is nice, but of little value if I don't have a good system for using it. So I designed a 'Work Area" for myself. So I keep my calendar, my planner, my laptop, my purse, my cell phone and my Bible all together.

So if I get an email about an event I can put it into my Planner and Set up a Google Calendar Event (with email reminders) right then and there. If I have to call make phone calls that end in appointments I can sit/stand right here, check my calendar online, add an event to my online calendar and also put it in my planner right then and there. My Planner only works in conjunction with my Google Calendar. I figure I am online 'too much' so I might as well make it work for me!

I can copy/paste times and dates from an email and put int right into my Google Calendar. If I put the address into the address box, when I get the email reminder there will be a link to go to google MAPS and that shows me exactly where the event takes place! (I can get directions and times to arrive, too)

I added "CALENDAR CHECK IN" to my Google Calendar and set it as a DAILY REPEATING event, so each day I get an email reminder to check and coordinate my calendars (making sure the online stuff is in the take along planner and vice-versa) I set 3 email reminders for Connor's dr appointment next week b/c I have forgotten it twice already!!

Here are some pictures of my Planner: (it is 7" x 11" closed, but fits nicely in my totebag that I take everywhere)

My Wall Calendars have to have the days going across the TOP, but down the side is fine for a planner. One side is a place for notes and the other is one week's worth of appointment planning. The bottom of the NOTES side has 3 months (last-this-next) so I can see which day of the week whatever date is that's not 'this week'

There are 5 columns for each day. The book has some suggestions. one is to use one collum for each family member- so I could have labeled mt columns me/Gavin/Connor/Ki/Brian- but not each day will have something for each and I hardly have to write things down that are just Brian.. Another suggestions was each column  could be a school subject- Great if it is being used a student book or only as a teachers planning book..... not good for everything under the sun like I needed. It also suggested it used with names of clients and co-workers if it's a business planner. I decided to have my columns be:

MORNING/ AFTERNOON /EVENING /MISC / special notes to myself.

I don;t have specific times as to what makes evening and what makes afternoon- etc. but this seems to work my my way of thinking.

In the back of the book are pages for plans that go beyond the Sept 09 of the planner (2 pages)


nd the small calendars in the beginning go to Dec 09.

then there are 4 pages notes (in addition to the page each week I have for notes)

And then there are 12 pages of todo lists. well, 6 pages- double sides and there are 4 lists per page and each id perforated so it is easy to take one out and write your list and stick in the planner on the day you want.


I use a Clip thingy to hold my notes in place.



Then there is page for Restaurant and Take Out addresses and phone numbers- but the restaurant/take out here is not worth mentioning, let alone noting in my planner- so I'll use that for other addresses.

Then the last page has address book places for 'important numbers'- which in mine are my dr, the orthodontist, the otolaryngologist, the dentist, church, Brian's work- with billing addresses.

There is a pocket on the inside of both the front and back cover.

I have yet to use this for school planning, but I think it will work well in conjunction with my online calendar.


So Far-So Good.  and thought hte Planner would not work alone- i NEEEEEEEEED my online Calendar- the planner is the best I have found to go along with my Google Calendar and having them all together at my  little Work Station has helped.

**Kimberly** 8th yr unschooling our 3 boys
Unschool Group

by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 7:24 PM
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by on Dec. 16, 2008 at 12:12 PM

I have used this one before . . . you are much more detailed than me though!

by on Dec. 16, 2008 at 1:38 PM
I have to be pretty organized as well. I have a monthly calendar on my laptop that syncs to my phone. I don't miss that many appointments anymore because my phone has an alarm and so wherever I am it chimes. Then I have a weekly planner that I keep in the living room so I can reference it quickly. This one is broken down to per person for each day. It helps when we have a lot going on. Then I have one that is broken down to the hour for each day. This is one that I mostly report to so that I can keep track of what we have learned. Some times I plan on this one and roughly break down our day. This way I can keep better track of what the kids have done and what they are learning.
by Group Owner on Dec. 16, 2008 at 2:12 PM

I have missed at least 3-4 doctor apointments (and many other things) since we moved here 5 months ago. I missed 2 E.N.T. appointments in a row for Connor! 2 in 2 weeks! I had to do something.

Quoting deb1229:

I have used this one before . . . you are much more detailed than me though!

**Kimberly** 8th yr unschooling our 3 boys
Unschool Group

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