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Posted by on Oct. 21, 2009 at 3:30 PM
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Do we really understand what 'God's Grace' is? Do we totally understand what it means to have grace? In observance of the Christian today I sometimes wonder. People questioning their salvation is the one that really upsets me. Pastors and churches confusing the flock. This is another great deception of Satan, the deceiver!

To mock grace is to mock Jesus Christ & God Himself. God's loving grace has been since the didn't start with Jesus. Jesus was just the 'completion' of God's grace for the whole world.

When Adam & Eve disobeyed God, God could have wiped them out in an instant if He chose. But God being the ALL loving God He is He could not becuse all things are 'good' & holy in God. He likewise could NOT go agianst His own creation & His own laws, that we were made to have 'free will' to choose! Without free will we would all just be puppets or robots. God created us to have 'relationship with because He lovess us.

God, being the loving God He is was very gracious to Adam & Eve. He saved them from an eternity in hell. How's that? He banished them from the garden because if they ate of the Tree of Life after eating the forbidden fruit of knowldege they would have been condemed for eternity. God's grace saved them from this, God's love saved them from this. God shed blood by killing animals to clothe them and cover their nakedness or shamefulness and banished them from the garden for their own salvation. Adam knew God's GRACE!

And Noah and his family saved from the great flood, they were the ONLY ones saved by God's grace.....All God's people died from natural causes befor the flood hit....that's why Methuselah lived to be over 900 years old. His name literally means "I will die then it will come". God's people knew God's grace.

When God made the covenant with Abraham when they were to walk thru the split animals, thru the blood, Abraham knew he couldn't keep up his end of the covenant so God walked thru the animals going both directions. He fulfilled the convenant for Himself and for mankind. God gave Himself as keeper of both ends of the covenant. Here's grace again, shedding of blood and salvation thru grace toward Abraham. Abraham knew God's GRACE! Also Lot's family, Abraham's nephew, were saved from the destruction of Soddom & Gemmorah.

There are MANY more stories in the OT that show God's grace. But the NT, the 'gospel', the Good News, the fulfillment of the coming of Christ Jesus.....why? God wanted to save all mankind from eternity in hell. He came in body form to shed His own blood, so that ALL mankind could be saved and have salvation and spend eternity with Him. He's the Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end. He begins all things and is the finisher. Christ was the first of the resurrected. God is always before us, He leads the path before us in all things. He's already done it all himself! His love is SO big we cannot even begin to imagine what this means. We barely understand that it's all free! He gives us our freedom, our salvation, eternity in His Kingdom!

All God asks is that we 'Believe in Him'....have faith in Him, put our trust in Him, LOVE Him! Love Him and love each other. This is GRACE. Grace is a gift that is given BUT we must receive this gift and the only way to receive anything is to TAKE IT! God forces Himself on NO ONE. It's up to US to desire to have this relationship with Him.

Trying to earn 'brownie points' to gain God's recognition IS NOT the way to salvation. It's a free gift, given thru grace (grace being Jesus Christ) thru Himself. God knows that we are not capable of making ourselves clean. That is our need for the covering of the blood of Christ to cover those sins. God loves us SOOO much He provided the means for us to be 'clean' before His eyes, blameless, righteous, holy. Only Jesus can cover all the sin and filthiness of our lives. God's love covers us so that we may spend eternity with Him! Now just how gracious is that~!


by on Oct. 21, 2009 at 3:30 PM
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