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THE BIBLE: God's Word, the same yesterday, today & FOREVER!

Posted by on Nov. 8, 2009 at 1:29 PM
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Some years back when the 'Beta' was the going VCR my Dad began recording all the 'old classic' movies from the television, this was before they all came out on DVD as almost everything is today.

Anyway he would 'save tape' by editing the movies and would take out all the commercials and also would take out any parts that were just 'driving' time or lengthy conversations and what he would end up with was the 'condensed' version, or the 'escence' of that movie.

Where am I going with this? Some people argue that the Bible is 'incomplete' because it has many books that were left out. There is a library full of information written by individuals during biblical times. Those called the 'lost books' of the Bible aren't 'lost'. They have been translated and are available to read on the internet and many are also in book form. Those 'lost books' are like the tape that my Dad left out. It doesn't take away from the escence or heart of the message from God. But also more importantly the basic books of the Bible that were used are the words of God! God's message to us, His plan of salvation for all mankind. The escence of redemption.

The lost books do include some details that helps to pull together the details of the Old Testament and the beginning of creation, understanding the fall of Adam & Eve, the fall of the angels, things leading up to the flood....and so on. The Bible is hard enough for some to read as it is and if we had included every detail.....well, if You are interested in those lost books here an excellent site for that:

Now what is that escence? The Old Testament & New Testament compliment each other. The basic truths in both are: GOD'S GRACE IS ENOUGH & then He gives guidance to help us with our walk. In the OT by God's grace the Jews were rescued from their bondage in Egypt and God used Moses for the guidance in their walk. In the NT Jesus 'was' the grace which came to set us free from our bondage and Paul (Saul) was used to teach us about our walk with God. God's word, His message, the Gospel, the GOOD NEWS is the same for all YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER! The Bible truly is the inspired word of God! 

"Our God is an Awesome God!"

by on Nov. 8, 2009 at 1:29 PM
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