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Suffering servants...

Posted by on May. 7, 2009 at 12:31 PM
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Those who belong to Christ carry the garments of long-suffering.  My Grace rests upon those in physical and mental prisons.  Their anguish is My anguish and it is exposed for the entire world to see.  Those who embrace them embrace me, Jesus.  Those who reject them, reject Me.  I am the Son of Man, a man of many sorrows.  The Father is the Father of all sorrows and cries bitterly at his lost children and those who prevent them from knowing Me.

I, Jesus am the Good Samaritan.  I am the one who stops and picks up the broken men, women and children by the roadside.  I take them to My Inn.  For I too was turned out because there was no room in the Inn for Me.  But I have a place, an Inn that is mine and I take them in and care for them.  Yes the Good Samaritan, the Good Shepherd takes care of his little lambs and little sheep.  I take care of all the health bills until all is well.  Yes, I Jesus am the Good Samaritan.  I do not turn my eyes away from the sick, the sinners, the hungry or thirsty, I never turn them away.  I am full of mercy and justice.

Many in this world pass by and look the other way.  They see the outside flesh of hurts and pains their anguish exposed for all to see.  They see the scars of many hidden battles and look the other way.  They judge by appearances thinking and wondering what sin they have committed to have become the scum of the earth.  I, the Good Shepherd love the scum of the earth.  I was the scum of the earth and have become the scum of the earth yet again because my name is dragged through the circus of lies.  I am being humiliated all over again.  I am being placed on the cross of suffering every day as I see many walk by My people whom I love.  I am with them.

Many do not comfort My afflicted ones.  I care for orphans and widows the weak things of this world.  I care for them deeply and love them with all of My heart.  I, Jesus, was tainted, unkempt and had nothing about me that would attract anyone to Me. 

This persona of high celebrity Jesus is not of Me.  It is a figment of your own imaginings, your own creation.   I do not belong in the circus or showmanship arenas except to stand with those mocked and torn by lions.

I am a long-suffering servant who came to serve and bring sinners to repentance because the Father so loved them and wanted them for His own.

Hypocrites were repelled by Me for they saw the outside and could not believe that their God they worshipped would send someone so ordinary and of no consequence.  But God laughs He knows their hearts and the heart is deceitful above all else. 

Truly God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.  The wise, arrogant, haughty and hypocrites are to be shamed.  Yes their mantle of shame is coming for walking by those whom I have chosen and loved.  For indeed I have chosen them. 

Yes I Jesus came not for the righteous but sinners.  Yes I, Jesus came to bring clean white garments purchased by my blood not because I had to but because I loved them so much and willingly and lovingly sought the Father in obeying Him unto the cross and the agonies that followed. 

Yes My true servants suffer as I suffered.  My tears still fall but there is a time when there will be no more suffering, no more pain and they will live with me forever.  I know my sheep and they know me.  The hypocrites will be assigned with the unbelievers for the God they believe in does not exist.  It is a fabric man-made out of their pride.  Their god is of outward appearances, control, manipulation, and selfishness.  I, Jesus came from Heaven, left the Father's Glory and came to serve.  Those who know Me serve one another in love and tenderness.   My servants recognise one another in their suffering and rely totally upon My strength.

Oh the deception.   The corruption.  Man seeking to be flattered by man and to flatter.   Such deception.  such boasting in their own righteousness.  They are as filthy rags.  They drape in layers upon their bodies.  Layer upon layer of sin.  Lies seep, dripping from their mouths.  Their blackened hearts calloused.  The truth is far from their hearts.   They cannot see through the muck and grime of their sins.  They stand in their own righteousness which is as nothing to me.  They are destined to go to eternal damnation with the demons.  It is ready and waiting.

Yes, I, Jesus am of no consequence to those who look to outward appearances.  I am not there.  I never was.  I will not go for I am not invited.  Their god is self-reliance, self-indulgence.

I desire truth in the innermost parts of the heart.  I see the heart of every man, nothing is hid from Me.  For those who truly come to me with repentant hearts I come and live with you.  I make my home within you.  I am with him in all things, and all troubles.  My Holy Spirit is given as a gift to reside inside those whom I have renewed and given a heart of flesh.  His body is now a temple of My Holy Spirit.

My blood was shed for the sins of many, the layers of filthy rags now removed and clothed in white linen. Many judge their outward appearances but in My eyes they are now clothed in My Righteousness and in White. 

The man of this world cannot see this but I, Jesus pray for them interceding for these My saints, my brothers, my friends.  For I am no longer a master over them I am a friend.  I call those that are mine as friends.  But those who belong to this world are my enemies.

I am with the weak, the weary.  I am right beside them holding their hands.  I provide manna from the Heavens and the ravens come with food.

Come My Beloved, sit at My feet, and come listen to my song of love for you.  You are in right standing with me now.  All those cleansed by My blood are now My beloved.  I see your heart, your tears, your shattered bodies and minds.  I am your Strength now and forever.  I am within you keeping you alive.  For I am Life, I am the Resurrection and the Life.  Those who abide in Me shall never die.  I hold you together.  I hold My Body, My Church together.  Each member of My Body is created by me, Jesus.  My Body is not visible like bricks and mortar it is only visible to those who have My Holy Spirit in them.

My Body is Strong for I am their Strength.  Yet those who look to outside appearances do not see this.  They despise any weakness.  In so doing you despise Me, Jesus, the Son of God for I and the Father are One.  If you reject the Son,  you  reject the Father also.

Those hypocrites who look on the outside are disgusted and repelled by what they pass by and treat them as though they are dust.  Yet they too are made from dust.

Those who belong to Me know who I am and where I came from and they prostrate themselves always looking unto me for My mercy.  I give them My life, My Flesh, My blood each day. 

These are My children and when I come soon, and yes I am coming soon, I will cradle My Church, My Beloved Bride together as One.  It is perfect and will be without spot and blemish for it is Me that is working to complete everything.  I am the Author and Finisher of My children's faith.  I shall give them new bodies and they will worship me and be with me forever.

Yes, though, crippled, damaged in every way possible this is My True Church for they are held together by Me.  For I am long suffering. 

This is the True Church the one the world rejects.  The church of bricks and mortar and look for adoration and worship of man is not of Me.   I am not there I do not know which god they worship, neither do they.  They live in ignorance and do not know the truth. 

Those whom I love know me, they see me, and I hide nothing from them. They kneel as Mary seeking My face above all else.  They believe in Me, They believe in the Father who sent me and their faith as small as a mustard seed is pleasing in My sight. The Just shall live by Faith.

Those who reject my wounded, My Church, My hurting children, My despised children who walk with Me bleeding and dying reject Me. 

I know their suffering.  I am at One with their suffering.  So you church who are bricks and mortar that look to the outside and have conformed to the pattern of this world I do not know you.  You do not seek me, you do not wait upon me, and you have no need of Me. 

Those who rely upon their own strength heap fiery coals upon your head.  You pass My children by and do not feed them or give them even a cup of cold water. 

You call me Lord but I do not know you.  You have been assigned with the unbelievers.  Your heart was never for Me, You were always destined to follow your own heart as you seemed to know what was best for you.  You did not turn to me.  You do not know that you are poor wretched and blind.  Your richness has fooled you for it is temporal and you cannot take it with you. 

Truly I say the beggar man who suffered who had nothing in this life will be with Me forever.  As for you rich man you will burn in the fires of hell.  You have had your treasures.  Do not say I didn't warn you.   I have given you plenty of time to repent.  You read the scriptures so diligently you forget to feed my lambs and sheep.  You do not give food to the hungry or give water to the thirsty.  You do not visit those in prison or comfort those who mourn.  No you keep your head in a book called the bible yet you know Me not.

Look up from your scriptures, look around, see the suffering, read your words and then put into practice. Practice what you preach.  But you are more concerned trying to find ways to make money, fame and fortune. 

The time to repent is fast drawing to a close.  Today if you hear my voice calling to feed and clothe my children, those despised truly I say you are clothing and feeding Me.

Yes I am the Good Samaritan.  Go and do likewise.



by on May. 7, 2009 at 12:31 PM
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