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Valley of Quails

Posted by on May. 10, 2009 at 12:14 PM
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I have no need of food, I have no need of money what need do I have of these?  I am the Bread of Life, I am Jehovah.  The just shall live by faith alone. 

Did I not command the fish to come to me and open its mouth to pay for my taxes?  Yet, you temples of Babylon shirk from paying your taxes.  The poor pay their taxes and obey Me. 

The poor give you their money, the widow’s last coin and this pays for your sins.  You mock the poor who is their Maker.

Did I not say obey the authorities?  Pay unto Caesar what is Caesars and pay unto God what is Gods. 

You bring shame upon your own heads.  All those in authority in Governments are my servants, I have placed them their by My own Hand.  As I placed Saul as King, David submitted unto him even though Saul disobeyed Me.  David still spared his life, honouring and trusting Me in whom I chose to lead until his appointed time given only by Me.

You revolt against that which I have ordained.  You question My wisdom and dislike My choice.  Even Pilate whom God placed when I walked the earth,  found no wrong in Me.  It was the religious leaders who betrayed Me, hypocrites, disciples of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

For you have revolted against Me more than those who belong to the world.  You have disobeyed Me more than the pagans!  Their lies are truth to them and they live by their lies as truth.

But you claim to know the Truth yet your lives are flagrant lies and your consciences seared as a red hot iron and you judge them!  Truly they will judge you on the day of Judgement!

Now I will judge you, yes, I the LORD will judge you who claim to know Me but do not.  Truly, I say the tax collectors and pagans will come to know the Truth quicker than you!

You hide behind deceit, hypocrisy and destructive heresies saying ‘the Lord said this’ ‘the Lord said that’ and this you speak out in broad daylight begging for money with begging bowls! 

Oh yes there is more wisdom to be found amongst the pagans than you and you use my name.  You are worse than those born blind!  Satan has blinded your completely because you claim to know Me and even he, the prince of darkness knows the Truth and hides it from you because of your sins.  Yes Satan, knows who are my disciples for I, the LORD allow the testing as with Job to see if I will find any with faith. 

Yes the just shall live by faith alone.

My true prophets work alone with Me, they need no validation from man.  They are in complete submission to the Head, yes I, Jesus.  The prophets life is a life of solitude, hidden not some celebrity circus for men to scorn openly My Name.  I, the LORD choose the moments for my true prophets to speak and they are in time with Me.

My prophets experience total aloneness fearing only the One who has the power and authority over every one.  Yes, I Jesus have authority over everyone.

Books, films, and clothes what need I of them to speak of the true Gospel?  It is an abomination to me all of it!  You have no need of clothes for you flash around for all to see as the pagans do and worse.  Did I not say in My Word you are to be separate and different, a peculiar people holy unto me.  Yes, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come. 

Seek First the Kingdom and My Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.  I am a Holy God, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to come!

My fullest Wrath is upon the steps of satans altar, yes the place you call ‘church’.  It is an abomination unto Me!

Your bodies, if you are truly My disciples are now the temple of the Holy Spirit, it resides inside producing fruit worthy of repentence.
What need I of bricks?  What need I of anything!  War, famine and disease are to come upon you in broad daylight and there will be no where for you to run for you are not seeking Me, nor hiding in the Shadow of My Wings for you know me Not!

You have no fear of Me, yes truly I say the beginning of wisdom is the Fear of the Lord.  My eyes cannot take in what you call revival it is an abomination to Me!  I never even had it in mind to do such detestable things!  I shall vomit these false prophets and false teachers right out of My Mouth!  Yes vomit!  It is a stench unto the Heavens.  For truly I say to you that the Heavens are higher than what you see with your earthly eyes.

Prostrate yourself before Me as Moses, for I cannot speak to you otherwise.

Yet you do not want to hear this, your haughty spirit sees no reason to repent, you think you are all okay and those on the outside need saving.  I tell you, you are blind pitiful and have a heart of stone to those you call unbelievers.  Truly I say they are near the Kingdom of God than you!

I died upon the cross for your sins.  I obeyed, yes I Jesus, the Son of Man, obeyed My Father in Heaven unto absolute obedience unto death for your sins.  Yet you have found a new gospel to tickle the ears of those wanting a quick fix!  There is no quick fix!  There is the Cross and only the Cross.  Only My Blood covers all sin. 

All have sin and have come short of the Glory of God.

Oh you run to man, this way that way, you submit under men who are not called by Me.  They are haughty, and not humble thinking of others before themselves.  Your waters are polluted, muddied and the stench reaches My nostrils.  Your waters truly are worse than the pagans! 

Oh Woe Woe Woe you heretics who use My name in the name of your own gospel you have made up.


I am to reject you violently some unto death.  I am to strike at the heart of the Shepherds those who claim to know me yet do not!  I am to strike at the heart of your families and take the first born son from your families then you will know that it is I, THE LORD WHO SPEAKS.

You have made My name a curse, a byword, an abomination.  You have made My Name to be ridiculed over and over again and are saying that your gospel has no need of repentence of sin!



Will I not punish you for these shameful acts of abominations?  My Name is Holy!  I Am Holy!  You create a gospel that all is okay IT IS NOT OKAY! 

As a Father punishes his child then I too am to punish first the House of God.  My Judgement is to fall with a mighty Sword, My Word, Just One Word upon the House of God.  I have given you four generations to repent this circus you call the gospel.  I AM TO END IT.

Yes the fierce anger of the Lord is against you who call Me yet do not know me.  You bear no fruit.  You are the fig tree to be pulled up by its roots.  Every one of them!  As you discard those whom I love so I am to discard you!  Oh Wicked nation you have spoiled your heresies upon the whole earth and I am to put an end to it.

Oh Babylon your pride has become of monstrous proportions.  It has reached higher than satan himself for he is the tempter but you oh man have the choice to eat the apple.

Yes, you have eaten the Big Apple and it has poisoned you to utter blackness and ruin.  You are corrupt corrupt corrupt.

But there are those sweet beloved who are the apple of My eye who have not bowed down to your drunken orgies of music and idolatry and I am speaking of those clashing symbols inside the place you call church, for there you have profaned My Name.

You were meant to be a shining lampstand for all the world to see but you have become worse than the pagans, so the pagans ignorance is less damning than those who use My Name and call upon principalities and powers of darkness using My Name.  Oh how satan laughs at you for he knows you are to be brought down with him into the abyss.

You ask yourself why? What have I done?  You have gorged yourselves on everything.  You are never satisfied.  You asked for manna this was not enough now I am to send quails to you and you will gorge until I tell you to stop and you will hate Me for it!  You covet everything!  Did I not say in My Word Thy Shall Not Covet?  Yet you have coveted all things and hoarded them up in secret.  Now they are to choke you.  You have asked for them and I am to give them to you and you will choke upon them.

I tell you the truth, the gospel you are preaching is not of Me!

Hear Me!  It is not of Me!

Come out ..... Come Out.... those who truly want to seek me and my righteousness Come to Me, Just Jesus.


Come out.... Come out...... Come out of Babylon the place you call ‘church’.  For there is death.




Shofar girl

by on May. 10, 2009 at 12:14 PM
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