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Capturing the heartbeat of God everyday #4- What was meant to kill you

Posted by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 8:29 PM
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This is another picture my hubby took while on his trip. This is an house in Gettysburg that was standing during the civil war. One can see the vent for the attic, below that two windows, then right below the windows another hole. It apparently does not belong there, it is not even centered with the rest of the windows, but it is just as important as the vent and the  windows that are there. Why one may ask, because it is a sign of surviving a storm. During a battle near this house cannon volleys were everyday occurences, from both sides. I am sure the owners of the home would often hide in the deepest part of the home for protection from the rounds of ammunition that whizzed by all the time.Then, suddenly the unexpected happened. A shot went haywire and a cannonball flew through the front of their home. Can you imagine being at home , minding your business and suddenly , without warning, a cannonball flys through your home? It whizzes past the spot where you may have been seconds before. I am aware bac then they did not have all the sophisticated equipment our military has today. There was no heat detecting radars or GPS, not even scopes to look through and bring your target within a certain area of your line of fire.

What is even more surprising is that the home owners never repaired the hole. they left it in the front of the home simply building up a box around the back of it inside the home to protect their heat loss. They left it for a constant reminder of how close they came to not seing another tomorrow. A visible scar for the world to see, and ponder, and maybe lead them to ask, what happened. Using it as a opportunity to tell of their survival, how they overcame depite the odds set out against them, something put in place for their sure destruction failed.

How many scars do we have? Are they visible to the rest of the world? Do we show them off as battle scars or do we hide them in shame, seeing them as a disfigurment to a body that has been beaten and battered by the storms and trials of life?  Can you look upon those scars and remember how you got them? How many of them should have been the death of you?? Maybe not physically but spiritually? or emotionally? or mentally? Do you retell the story of how you barely got by on the skin of your teeth? Do you talk about it at all? Or is it just to painful to relive. We need to be like that house with the hole in it. Yes the physical scar is still there but the damage it created is repaired from within. To go through life without scars and wounds is to have not truly lived. There are going to be attacks that are meant to kill you, but they won't. By the divine hand of God you survived. You survived to be a testimony, a light at the end of a tunnel for someone else coming behind you.God can heal the pain and hurt left from the wound, like the home owner repaired the hole on the house, but God like the owner does it from the inside. He heals us inside allowing us to remember but not relive, relay the information without the pain and turmoil attached. No it is not an easy path. You will have to be reminded over and over of the pain and hurt and agony of that near death experience. but eventually like that hole, the scar will remain but the pain will be a long distant memory. The scar will serve as a reminder to you and the people you meet that everything that was meant to kill you will not succeed. The vidtory is not in excaping without a mark, but in surviving the battle.

What scars are still wounds? Allow the Holy spirit to come in and  heal those wounds, to build a box from the inside and heal the hurt but leave the symbol of the battle. Trust Him to know what He has in store for you and that the devil will not succeed in his plans unless you allow him to. It is not in the attack that we lose it is in the act of giving up the fight..


If you can pray to someone whom you view as a god or diety, then pardon me while I pray to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus the Christ will often come from my mouth, if you don't like it keep moving, and I'll add you to my prayer list...

by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 8:29 PM
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