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CHEAP Business Building Supplies for Party Plan!! K. Phelps and Booster!

Posted by on Jul. 7, 2012 at 9:30 PM
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due to some personal issues I am resigning as a Gold Canyon Consultant and up for grabs I have some FANTASTIC training and business supplies.  If you are interested in any of these items, please email me at

Karen Phelp's "The Whole Enchilada" Package.  Most of these items are NEW IN THE SHRINKWRAP still!! If you've ever wanted to invest in some Karen Phelps supplies for your team or yourself, now's the time to get them at a huge discount!!
You'll receive:

1. It's a Party Out There Workbook ($20)
2. It's a Party Out There DVD ($50)
3. It's a Party Out There 2 CD Set ($60)
4. Build Your Bookings CD ($50)
5. Increase Your Party Attendance CD ($50)
6. Overcoming Objections CD ($50)
7. Spontaneous Sponsoring CD ($50)
8. Goal Getting CD ($50)
9. Hostess Coaching CD ($50)
10. Conversations on Success Book ($19.95)
11. Master the Mechanics of Mentoring 4 CD – Set ($97)
12. Excelling in Direct Selling CD ($50)
13. Presentation Pizzazz CD ($50)
14. Overcoming Your Sponsoring Phobia CD ($50)
15. Put Your Big Girl Panties on and Deal With It 2 CD Set ($70)
16. Time Management 2 CD Set ($70)
17. Change Your Mindset to Change Your Reality
18. Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling Book


The Full Retail of this product is $1067.95. 

I paid  $365 for this package.  Most items are new in the shrinkwrap still, some are opened and *VERY* gently cared for.  No markings in the books, no scratches on the CDs/DVDs. 

I am asking $250 OBO for these items. Please email me if you are interested.

I have a huge 3-inch binder FULL of Jenny-B Booster Stickers, complete with dividers.  Anyone who's ever used Jenny-B Booster Stickers knows they WORK.  Increase sales, boost bookings, increase recruit leads and motivate your team by using these stickers on invitations, catalogs, business cards and more.

There are over 150 sheets of full unused stickers, and even MORE  with just a few stickers missing.  These stickers average between $1.00-$2.50 EACH.  If you use the Booster stickers, now is the time to get a complete set for a really reduced price. 

Included in this binder are tons of sheets for each of the "keys" (key areas in your business).  Each section also included the printed training on how to use the stickers.
-Party/Show Checklists (around ten plus a master copy to keep, along with TONS of printed training, team meeting ideas, etc.
-Boost Bookings (31 sheets)
-Hostess Coaching (22 sheets stickers and 24 Preferred Hostess Punch Cards)
-Boost Party Attendance (34 sheets)
-Boost Sales (20 sheets)
-Customer Service (38 sheets stickers and 48 Preferred Customer Punch Cards)
-Boost Recruit Leads (24 Sheets Stickers)
-Team Motivation (12 sheets stickers and 2 complete packs Team Meeting Training)
-Recognition (4 sheets)
-Christmas/Seasonal (24 sheets)

Also included: 
-35 Sheets Misc Stickers (a mix of all the above)
-"Turkey Trot" Idea Pack (catalog party stickers, invites, instructions, etc....value of $12.50)
-15 Sheets Blank Stickers (perfect for labeling tealights, etc.)
-6 Motivational Dry Erase Boards incl "Pick a Date, Pick a Prize", Party Checklist, My Goals, Show Tracker, etc.  (value of $15)
-6 Bookmarks for customers or team members
-10 "Party on a Sheet" Samplers to give to your team members to get them started
-8 Customer Information cards with Preferred customer punchcards
-"Candles" Pack (over 10 sheets of stickers specifically for candle party companies

The total retail value for this binder is just over $300 if you were to buy it seperately from her Website.  I'm asking $250 OBO for this binder. 

In addition to the Karen Phelps pkg and Jenny-B Booster Sticker Binder, I have a 6"x12" plastic tub FULL of Jenny-B Booster Postcards. 

Postcards are cheaper to mail to your team and customers, and these cute sayings really do boost sales, increase bookings, make your party life easier and more. 

Included are the Complete Set of Postcard Dividers to organize your postcards, and tons of postcards in each section. 

The sections are:
-Weekly & Daily dividers to file your "postcard to send" for hostess coaching, customer appreciation, team reminders, etc.
-Boost Bookings
-Hostess Coaching
-Hostess "Confirming Your Party"
-Hostess Reminders
-Blank decorated postcard invitations for tons of themes
-Boost Sales
-Recruit Your Hostesses
-Follow Up with Your Recruits
-Seasonal Reminders
-Customer Christmas Cards

Also included in this bundle are
-10 Gold Canyon Notecards (from the company store)
-Pack of Holiday 2011 Mini catalogs

The Total Value of these postcards is close to $100.  For this package I am asking $50


MAKE AN OFFER!! Will gladly ship to anywhere in the United States...I just would like to recoop some of my business loss is your gain!!


Nadia R.   

~Namaste~  ~Carpe Diem~
Owner @ Sparks of Gold Candles, Student Teacher & Proud Mama and Army Wife <3
Member, Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce & Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society

Ask me about what I do!

by on Jul. 7, 2012 at 9:30 PM
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