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Story fun- Please add to this story I started it and lost all inspiration help

Posted by on Jul. 29, 2007 at 11:12 PM
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When I was reading ALL 17 pages of the continuing poem post Crystal mentioned that it might be fun to do something similar with a story.  I didn't happen to see if one was ever started but I have the opening to a story that I could never think what to do with.  I thought I woulkd share and see if anyone wanted to play with it.  I also apologize for my grammar and punctuation I know it atrocious

I Originally titled it "CONNECTIONS"

The golden sunlight dripped though the trees bathing everything in a rich honeyed glow.  It was beautiful here.  She could smell the heavy scent of roses and feel the velvet carpet of grass beneath her feet.  She felt safe and protected.  

There was another presence here in this garden with her she could feel him some where beside her and she welcomed him.  How long they sat there she couldn’t say, they spoke nothing aloud and yet there was a bond there pulsing between them tenuous but clear. 

She turned her head slight trying to see who it was that sat with her.  Just as she turned she felt a tugging on her soul something trying to pull her away from the garden.  She resisted not wanting to leave this haven, but the pull was insistent and began to grow stronger.  She reached out for her companion and in that moment caught a glimpse of eyes only the eyes and the impression of a symbol that was very important to him.  

“Kari!” she felt herself being shaken gently “Karistan come on now please open your eyes” 

Reluctantly Karistan opened her eyes she wanted to ask why she had been taken away from the garden but she couldn’t seem to formulate the words.  There was a dull throbbing in the back of her skull and for a moment she couldn’t remember where she was or even who she was.  

“Wha-what happened?”  Kari shook her head trying to clear it and then clutched at her head as the movement sparked a sharper pain  

“There now lady easy you’ve had a bit of a fall” the voice was low and smooth Kari turned and saw a tall slender man with very dark skin in robes she remembered marked him as a healer.  The other person in the room was a plump matronly figure dressed in servant livery.  

“Salara?  What happened?”  Kari felt very dazed she could still remember the garden vividly and her room seemed a pale shade compared to that memory. Salara started to bustle around the room in her motherly fashion

“You took a tumble dear, something spooked that demon you call a horse and he threw you.” 

Kari concentrated for a moment and though she could remember going to the stables that morning with the plan to exercise her prize stallion she had no memory of the fall.  “Is Belsathe ok?” 

“Trust you to think of that monster before yourself” Salara’s tone fully conveyed what she thought of the horse “Well he’s fine though if were up to me he would be destroyed he is want you named him Kari a menace”

Kari smiled the familiar nagging easing her mind, her old nurse would never act like this if something were seriously wrong so the fall must indeed have been a mild one.  

Turning her attention back to the other occupant of the room she asked “How long must I remain in bed Master Ghallen?” 

He smiled at her “Well the fall caused no major injuries, but as you were unconscious for quite I bit longer than I would expect from such a minor bump I would like you to remain in your room resting for the remainder of the day.  You need not confine yourself to bed but I would ask that you do nothing strenuous.” 

Kari nodded her compliance.  She didn’t like the idea but Ghallen had know her since birth he and Salara we’re the only people in her life she couldn’t charm, wheedle, command, or bully into anything.  They were more mother and father to her than her actual parents.  

Kari and her parents had never understood each other and so when they saw each other it was more like a meeting between overly polite acquaintances rather than family.  Her parents could never understand her need to be outdoors, and they feared her talent with earth magic and by extension her talent with horses. 

Kari for her part could not understand their need to be in the City, their love of intrigue, or what Kari saw as a dangerous desire to play politics at the King’s Court.  They lived separate lives and tried to stay out of each others way unless duty demanded a public family appearance.  

“Alright Master Ghallen I shall be virtuous and stay in my rooms resting for the remainder of today.  I may be up and about tomorrow correct?”  

“If my lady you show no other signs of pain or injury, then yes you may go back to your routine on the morrow” Ghallen bowed and gathered up his healers kit “I shall leave you to your rest Lady” 

Salara took over from there bustling Kari out of her riding leathers and into a silk lounging robe.  Salara began to chatter about household gossip and other things of little importance. 

Kari only half listened she made the appropriate responses but her thoughts were on the garden she had been in before she had awakened and the person who was there with her.  

She knew it should merely be dismissed as a fantasy brought on by her injury but it had felt so real and solid that she just couldn’t shake the image.  She moved to her desk and grabbed a piece of foolscap trying to sketch the image that had flashed just before she had opened her eyes. 

It was an emblem of some sort she was sure but not one she had ever seen before.  A white background surmounted by a black tower above a blue chevron.  Well if her garden companion was real and not the first signs of insanity he was not from this land.  She had spent countless boring hours as a child memorizing the banners of every noble in the land great and small and she knew without a doubt that this was not one of them.   

Kari leaned back in her chair the only other thing she could recall were his eyes they had been full of mystery and shadows and the color of them was truly unique for one eye was black as a moonless night and the other a grey tinged green like a distant field on a misty morning
 Tiring of Salara’s ceaseless chatter Kari sent her off for a light lunch as she continued to stare blindly out of her window continuing to question if her vision had been real.


I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace, that two are called a law firm and that three or more become a Congress -John Adams

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by on Jul. 29, 2007 at 11:12 PM
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by Group Admin on Jul. 30, 2007 at 12:00 AM
Grammer and spelling I really liked it!

I'm a horrible person though I always want an ending. heh. I like the idea though.

~Rianna~ Muse support
by Member on Jul. 30, 2007 at 11:05 AM
Kari had always been able to trust her instinct and what had happen just seem too real, for it to of been a dream. She was intrigued at the idea of this mystery man with the different colored eye's and she really hated not being able to see his face clearly. As she continued to look out her window she wondered if she could go back to that garden and just look around once more, just to see if he would reappear.
by on Dec. 6, 2007 at 9:50 PM
Her reverie was disturbed by noises outside her window. She looked down to see her mother's messenger speaking with Salara. By the urgency in the messengers gestures and Salara's shaking head, Kari knew Salara would never let the poor man into the house.
Kari moved to the window. "What has my mother sent for?"
The messenger replied, "If I could speak to you in private, my Lady, it is most urgent."
Against Salara's protests, she waved the servant in. A few minutes later, he stood in her doorway, out of breath from his run up the staircase. "It's your father, my Lady."
With just those words, Kari's instincts responded and she realized that she would not be heeding Salara and Ghallen's words to stay in her room. Kari glanced at Salara, who was already packing her bags, and said to the messenger, "I ride with you."
On thier half day journey to the city, Kari learned that her father had been at a royal briefing with the King and his advisors when an assasin had smuggled his way in. In order to protect the King, every man dove in front of the King. Two of the Kings most trusted advisors were dead, and her father and one other man had been wounded. 


Frog Queen

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by on Feb. 26, 2008 at 1:04 AM
(So I'm really bad at making up names, feel free to give father, mother, etc, names!)

Not knowing what she would face once in the city, Kari just hoped the injuries caused to her father were not serious. The messenger had left before he had seen Father, so he could not help to ease her worry over him.

This was why she could not understand their need to play politics. In her whole life, Kari had seen more damage caused by the members of the royal court, than any good. She couldn't even keep track of the number of kidnappings, murders, and other atrocities that had occured over the years.

When they reached her mother's home inside the palace walls, Kari threw the reins to the messenger and ran inside. In the corner of the main room, her mother cowered while a servant girl tried to console her. A healer, in the same robes as Master Ghallen, leaned over her father, prone on a makeshift bed. From here, she could see that he was breathing, and that the healer was conducting the ritual to remove bad spirits from her father.

Kari strode to her father, and saw that his eyes were open.
"Father, I am here." she said in a soft voice. He looked at her and slowly motioned to the corner where her mother was.
"Yes, father, I'll take care of her." Kari glanced at the serving girl, who had started crying herself, and sighed.


After she had moved her mother out of the room and gotten her to sleep, Kari set out  to find the cook. Melia always kept up on the latest news, and would know everything about the assasination attempt. Over a hot bowl of soup, Melia told her what had happened.

(more later, it's late! g'nite all)

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by on Feb. 26, 2008 at 7:33 AM
You girls are good!!!  Wake up and gimme some more!!!  I really like this story......

by on Jul. 8, 2008 at 10:58 PM

After she had moved her mother out of the room and gotten her to sleep, Kari set out  to find the cook. Melia always kept up on the latest news, and would know everything about the assasination attempt. Over a hot bowl of soup, Melia told her what had happened.

 "There's been dissention in the city for some time now. Your parents did not want to startle you with the news." Melia confided. "There have been 17 attempts on King Arin's life in just the past 2 months. Your Father has been threatened, as well as anyone close to the king."

Kari finished her soup and watched as Melia made a poltice for the healer to use on her father. 

{ Duty calls, I should be back on here later tonight...} 
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