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Kid got naked , need some advice

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The other day my boy (7), a neighbor girl (7) and the next door neighbor boy (5) were out playing for under a clearing of pine trees that the kids refer to as 'their fort'.  They were there for a very short time and I went to check on them.  I found my kid up climbing in a tree, the 5 year old buck naked laughing and the girl standing there laughing.  Well I told the naked kid "I don't think your Mom would like that" and he quickly got dressed and I questioned the kids about what was going on and they said only the 5 year old had gotten naked but he had asked the girl to 'show her butt' but she didn't.  Well, I had been told by the kids before that this little kid pees back there sometimes and I really didn't think much of it or ever mention it to his parents because afterall he is just a little kid (just recently turned 5).  I did tell his parents he was naked and tried to do it in a 'hey a lot of kids do this, no big deal but knew you would want to know way' because I do know I would want to know something like that.

I had a discussion with my kid that if a friend is doing something inappropriate and you tell them to stop and they don't you should leave the situation and tell a grown up and that is the expectation in the future.  My son said they were playing that they were poor and the fort was their house and this kid went to pee and got a giggle from the girl and this is what led to him showing more parts.  This sounds quite plausible.  He is a good little kid that I think was just being a goofball and being young got a little carried away.

Tonight  we were outdoors and my son tried to play with the boy and I heard his Dad tell him he had to come in.  I thought uh oh, are they mad at my kid!  Well the Mom came over to talk to me tonight and said he is just grounded from playing with anyone and I found out she has been severely distressed over this,  crying, trying to figure out what she has done wrong and just really enormously upset, thinking nobody in the neighborhood would want to play with her kid.  She said she asked her child why he did it and he said they were playing a naked monkey game that my son had mentioned.  I asked my kid about it casually and he honestly didn't have a clue what I was talking about (you know you can kind of tell when they aren't quite telling the truth, well I believe he is telling the truth, we have never heard of this or heard him talking about this).

I tried to tell her obviously I only saw what I saw when I went there, obviously 3 kids can have 3 slightly different stories (though none are saying the other kids were naked) my impression is he was just being a goofy little kid trying to get a laugh and kids just show their stuff sometimes and it was no big deal.  Well, I feel horrible about this now, a part of me wishes I had just kept my big trap shut but I know it was appropriate to say something.  I did feel like she felt a little better after we talked even if I felt she was a bit trying to maybe point the finger back at my kid but I told her regardless this is just not something to feel so bad over we will all just have a parent supervise them if they are back there.

I am sorry this is so long but I just feel bad that she feels so bad and don't want there to be bad feelings from them to us.  I had pretty much forgot about it by the next day but now I am feeling bad this has effected her so severely.

by on May. 1, 2012 at 7:49 PM
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