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What would you think if the teacher...UPDATE (I talked to the teacher)

 said your child needs to get used to being bored in class?  I mean a child who's already at the benchmark (I guess that's what it's called) for the end of the school year months before it ends.  For example, a 2nd grader who is already where they need to be in terms of the end of 2nd grade. 

NOT one who just finds school boring but isn't where they need to be end of the school year.

THANKS!  I just wanted to say thanks to those of you who responded & gave me some advice/suggestions on how to handle the issue.  I liked as many as I could instead of quoting everyone.  Just to answer the Gifted question for those who have mentioned it.  The district doesn't have a program until 4th grade & that's afterschool.  My son is in the highest class for his grade so there's nowhere else for him to go so switching teachers isn't an option.  Unfortunately what would be considered their Advanced classes is determined by the number of kids in the grade so although it may start out that way if there are too many kids then it gets eliminated.  Oh & when I asked her in November for challenging work she told me she couldn't give the next grade's work because he'd be bored in that grade as well.         

UPDATE:  So I talked to the teacher in an attempt to get her to kind of switch it up for the kids who are already where they need to be.  She said she would think about it & see if she could come up with something.  BUT school ISN'T ABOUT ENTERTAINING STUDENTS & some stuff they just need to kind of deal with it because it's not that long (the task she's asking them to do).  She says she can't have the others do something else because only about 3 of them aren't where they need to be so if she has the others sit & do something else it would be a distraction.  Or if she had my son do something then the others will want to know why they can't.  Sigh. 

by on May. 7, 2012 at 2:00 AM
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by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 1:50 PM


Quoting Mistygirl:

I would have a sit down with the teacher in the principles office and I would ask her where she got her degree and why is she working with children with that uncaring attitude. It is her job to make sure that each child is reaching their full potential whether it is the end of the year or not. If the child is bored then challenge him, don't just tell him to deal with it. that is so agrivating, this is why I am becoming  a teacher, I feel as though there are not enough teachers who care enough about the kids and it's time to make a change.


 My mom says it's because of the No Child Left Behind, No Child Suceeds Act. 

by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 1:53 PM


Quoting Pooh46:

School should not be boring. Needs to be designed to make learning fun and educational at the same time. I was very gifted in school and dropped out because I was bored they wouldn't jump me a level and no challenging work so I thought I had found better things to do with my time.

 That sounds like me although I didn't drop out & don't claim to be gifted but I was bored.  I remember the teachers would teach for 15 minutes then let us talk for the rest of the class.  Well I didn't get up 7 go to talk in class.  I got up to learn.  If I was going to have to sit through all classes & do homework when I got home I wasn't interested in that.  My time was more valuable.  Everyone else loved it. 

by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:01 PM

 yeah & in my son's case because she tries to make it fun by turning things into a daily (same) game my son has to participate or he doesn't earn the reward & causes his friends to not get anything either.  that's ridiculous that she's not capable of seeing why your son is acting out.  my son's teacher requires them to write journals but if a kid turns it one that doesn't have stories in it you think that kid isn't rewarded?  nope.  he gets a reward for the lack of hard work he put into it while i actually make my son do what he's supposed to do.  he gets "punished" while the other ones get the same thing.  how are they to learn if you reward bad habits?

Quoting ambernicole531:

Its horrible. Mine is ahead academically, we just had a meeting, and I am not impressed by the teacher either. Behaivor wise my little guy really needs to get his act together, He did really well the first semester. He is in K and I guess they think he needs to learn to be bored as well. While he is the top of the class academically, he has to EARN the harder work. He is not malicious, just active, and talkative. When I asked why she didn't give him work more on his level, she said if he cant sit still for the easy stuff why should he get to be rewarded with harder stuff. He is reading on a second grade level and had also reached his goals for the end of the year in the first semester.


by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:03 PM


Quoting allbad3308:

 My son had the same issues.  He has moved to a more challenging Charter School.  Can your son read when he is done with his school work?  That helped my son during the transition to his new school.  He  would still like to learn more however he is where he needs to be emotionally.  We do things to engage him outside of school.  Good luck

 He's only in K so no he can't because things are done as a group in his class. 

by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:13 PM


Quoting aliciajacinta:

if he or she told him that,then he should not be a teacher.For a teacher is there to teach his students to become better and explore the beyond,not the set back. If you and other gifted students parents get together and go to the superintendent and explain what is being done or not done to you student and they still ignore you,then take it to the media,what a lot of district's do not like is to get bad media from parent.. It is your right to see that your kids get the best education that you as a TAX PAYER can get,this administrator seem to forget that it is you the TAX PAYER that is paying his or her salary

 I only know of one other kid like him & I'm not sure if he's gifted or not.  His father told me they push him so I don't think it's child led so to speak.  I don't push my son.  If he's interested then I will help him any way I can but I won't force him to do things above his level.  Anyway, I talked to him yesterday & he agrees with the teacher.  He says he & his wife understood that 80% of the class isn't where his son is and it's not her job to push him.  It's his & his wife's.  He told me he let the teacher know already that they don't expect her to provide him or give him other things.  He also would like his child to be rewarded or recognized yet he isn't.  My son has received 3 awards & is on his way to another.  His son has only received 1 & because of being pushed he's smarter than my son so he was able to do more a month or 2 before my kid. 

by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:24 PM

 Before school he saw a Psychologist to rule out/in Autism.  She gave him a nonverbal test where he scored a 127.  When I had to meet with the teacher, Principal, (timid) Psychologist, & the Asst. Director of Ed Services about his anxiety issue & getting him acclimated in school they all pointed out how really smart, gifted he was.  I told my sister that maybe his problem was that he is gifted which is why he has social issues but doesn't really have a disorder.  She had done some research that was saying based on the results & his age they would add 10 points to his score but that in order to be gifted he would have to do more testing. 

Quoting I_told_you_so:

Mom, I know exactly what you're going through.  I was a gifted child who was not put in a gifted classroom, and spent my years bored to tears in the classroom.  It eventually led me to develop bad study habits - waiting until the last minute for homework, papers, study (if I even did).  It caused me to be too laid back and become an underachiever.  Later in life, I discovered that not only was I more intelligent than I thought, I qualified for Mensa!  Had I known that in early grades, I would have gone on and done more with life.  I also have ADHD which may have made it harder to spot my intelligence earlier.  Now, I have a college degree, was a teacher but I was disgusted by the administration in the schools here.  Between the administration not backing up teachers, and other teachers teaching down (9th grade kids being taught at 7th grade levels), I had to get out of education.  Around here, the best elementary teachers have "stations" around the classroom that are changed regularly.  When the child is finished with his or her work, they can go to the station and work quietly.  The teacher usually checks the student's work either before he can go to the station, or after seeing him go there.  Using this method, it would be relatively easy for her to set up a special station for your son to have more challenging work.  If he ends up with too much of next year's work, you may be able to get him skipped a year in classes.  However, I wouldn't do that unless he is very far ahead because he needs the social aspect, although many kids who are highly intelligent tend to gravitate to older kids because they are advanced in their interests as well.

Have the school psychologist give him an intelligence test.  IQ is mental age divided by physical age times 100.  Mental age is the age group at which he functions.  If they won't give him the test, you can get any child psychologist to give it to him.  They even have a non-verbal test.   It will give you a better idea of what you're dealing with, and it just may force the school into helping you more.


by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:27 PM

 that's funny.  the little boy who stays with my mom gets work sometimes that has a happy face on it, but it's not correct.  when i was in school if it was wrong the red marker pointed that out, you took it home, corrected it & brought it back.  i kept thinking how is he supposed to learn if you're praising him for incorrect stuff.  i always correct my son & expect her to do the same.  worked for me.  i know with the homework she doesn't care if they draw things or color even though it's included. 

Quoting LaRaceGirl:

talk to the principal an school board. bring in a counselor an have him tested by a professional to see if he should be moved into the next grade early. clearly she doesnt care enuff about doin her job correctly. sad that most teachers no longer do. 1 of my kids (the one in 4th grade) had a teacher this yr that would never correct my daughter if she misspelled a word as long as it was used correctly (like if she had to spell out the word HUNDRED for math but spelled it hundered.) i called the teacher out on it an she said she didnt care if things were misspelled for other subjects. to me, it doesnt matter what subject it is, children should be corrected in the spelling of ALL words an the context of how they r used. i can only do so much at home. teachers r paid to teach. but i feel like my kids arent really learnin much in their classes.


by Bronze Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:41 PM


Quoting momtoBrenna:

Quoting I_told_you_so:

We went with homeschooling instead because the Montessori schools near us are $12-20k per year and we cannot afford that for 1 let alone both of our children.

 my sister's friend has been pushing me since before he started school about it.  but the one her kids go to is where she wants me to go which is an hour away & costs that much.  she wants my cheap sister to pay.  not going to happen anyway.  she's cheap & doesn't think you need to pay for secondary education.  besides it's not her responsibility.  i don't have one closer.  trust me.  she checked.  the best school she could find in my area is in another district.  but for my son i have to consider academics AND social.    

by Silver Member on May. 8, 2012 at 2:48 PM
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Quoting mommy2cristian:

Dd is in a homeschool meetup group, dance, will be starting girl scouts and will also take a theater arts camp this summer. She has many friends in the neighborhood and gets along with people of all ages. Ds also attends the homeschool meetup group, will start Karate soon, has the same friends in the neighborhood and will attend preschool for 3 days a week 2 hours in the afternoon in the fall for help with his writing. Homeschooled kids actually have more time for real socialization than most ps kids. We have to turn down get togethers to make enough time for learning.

by on May. 8, 2012 at 3:06 PM

I'm glad my Ds' school has a gifted program for him and he is in the 2nd grade.  He is to start out in the gifted class next year.  His teacher wanted him to go earlier this year, but they refused.  Which is fine because it's better that he starts there next year at the beginning instead of the middle, IMO.  I hope you can get that changed soon.  Gifted starts earlier than 4th grade, IDK what is up with those schools.  Sorry.

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