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I received a note home last Monday to come in for a meeting on Friday because of my sons behavior. So I went to the meeting on Friday. Had to leave work early to do this. So I sit down for our meeting and she tells me that my 5 year old isn't raising his hand all the time, and is calling the answers out instead. That he is also talking to much to his friends around him. The note she send home was very blank about what the meeting was for. Would you be annoyed if you were called into a meeting for this? I expected the issues to be a lot worse and took all his toys and fun away on Monday when I received the note home, because she didn't really say what it was about. I am annoyed cause she could have sent a note home the second or third day that this went on, and I would have spoken to him then.
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by on Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:31 AM
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by on Oct. 10, 2012 at 7:15 PM

I am not going to do any such thing.

What is lamentable about all of this is that you do not see what you have done is very wrong on so many levels.

I am glad you are finally working out things with your son's teacher.

Had you only written it in a less sarcastic and selfish tone, the outcome of this post would have been very different.

Once again, I am very glad I have had the opportunity to reply as much as I did in this post.

I leave you the pleasure of figuring out all the truth I said about you, for yourself.

Maybe not today, but when you have more experience under your belt you will see in your defensiveness, that you were indeed stooping to the lowest level possible for a woman to get back at me. 

May that be a lesson in "cyber etiquette":  for you and those who were with you in this.

For me this is truly ended...unless my name gets mentioned in a derrogatory way and you allow it one more time.


Quoting Jennyanne322:

You tell me where I have lied about anything? And your daughter having downs has nothing to do with me. To me she is any regular 19 year old child.

Quoting VeronicaTex:

I have decided to return.

You might see me as belittling you.  I do not.

I am here again to point out to you, the more you mention my name, the more I will return.

This post is yours in name only,

As long as you keep it open anyone can come in here over and over, as many times as they like.

You and your buddies are the ones who are acting like the juveniles here.

Your agenda was to make a post putting your needs and desires above the authority of a teacher.

That is what is most disgusting about the post staying open.

I don't appreciate you discussing a teacher behind her back, as you have, in the way that you have done it.

I don't appreciate your friends calling me names and belittling who I am and what I stand for.

My profile is open to the public.

You have brought up the fact that I am Roman Catholic-uncalled for.

You have told people that I am a former teacher as if  I don't belong here.

Lastly you have mentioned that I have a 19-year-old daughter.

Yes, maรกm I do and she is a child with Down Syndrome.  You failed to mention that.

I do investigate before I reply to a person.  I am a Group Owner of several groups and that skill comes in very handy to find out how people think.

What we all post is made public.  I have done plenty of reading on what you have posted elsewhere.   It is not the most savory of subjects that you choose, either. 

You and that one Mother quoting and supporting you have both lied.

Now, tell me....

Are you acting like an adult?

How does it feel to have the truth told about you?


Quoting Jennyanne322:

I have agreed with multiple people that have agreed with the other side. I don't appreciate being attacked by Veronica and having her come back and forth to my post for the last four days to belittle me as a parent or person. It's not okay to attack her, but she can attack myself and other commenters on my post. I asked her multiple times to leave my post and she would continue to come back to the post. It's not my fault that she cant act like an adult.

Quoting Jinx-Troublex3:

Wow...youladies are worse than high can't appreciaing hearing two sides to an issue and then try and chase someone off who has valid points.

Both OP and the teacher could have handled things better. In the end, what is important that the boy is getting direction he was lacking.

by on Dec. 18, 2012 at 7:23 PM
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I agree, anytime a teacher wants you involved can only be beneficial.  I am always happy that my children's teachers want to support their education in any way even if it was disruptive behavior.

Quoting maxswolfsuit:

I wouldn't be annoyed at all. I'd be thrilled that my child had a teacher who wanted him to excel and school. 

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