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Edit***I think it's inappropriate for the school piog

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I posted this in another group a few days ago but I wanted to post it here as well and get your take.

My son wa sent home Friday with a letter stating that the school will be having an assembly that will be talking about good and bad touches and relationships between adults and children. My ds is in k and I think it's hugely inappropriate for the school to be having an assembly like this. It's crossing the line.
It's for the parents to do and we do talk to ds about it. Well ds is 5 an likes to make up stories. After having a talk with ds about no one touching his privates and ect the next morning he told me that grandma, grandpa, daddy, and he just went down a list if family members, were in his room punching him. This was impossible because our closest family is 750 miles away. But just an example that ds likes to make up stories. I've also talked to him about not making up stories as they can have serious consequences. But he's 5 and he also has ADHD and dosent fully grasp it. So ds will not being going to the assembly because my luck is hell make up a story at school and we will be investigated. Plus again I think it's very inappropriate for the school in the first place to be talking to the kids about it. Even if is ds didn't make up stories he would not be going.
Now I understand that some parents may not teach their kids about these things. And I think they have that right. It's not the schools place.

Does your kindergardeners ( or up) have assemblies like this. Do you allow them to go or would you allow them to go.

Edit- apparently it's a very normal thing is some places. Not where I live. I never had these kind if talks in school growing up. I also emailed a few friends for dont live in my area ad a few cousins. All but one got back to me and said their kids don't have talks about this in their schools either. My one cousin is a teacher and he said they don't talk about it at his school either. I also taught preschool for 5 years at two different schools in two different states. Both very good preschools. We never had these talks with our kids either. In fact at my last preschool it was on the list of things we were not to talk to about with kids even if they brought it up. And this was a top rated school. One of the best in the state. So it's not done everywhere.
I also gave the paper here of what will be talked out with the children.
Good touches and bad touches, molestation, and rape is also mentioned. I pray to go they will not be talking about rape and even molestation with 5 years olds. I hope it's for the higher grades.
Im going I email the teacher and ask for more info. I'm thinking about going with ds to this assembly this way I can see what is being talked about and also so if I don't like what being talked about I can grab him and leave.
This letter was a huge shock to me. It's not something we had in school growing up or that my friends kids have had either. So this letter was a huge shock.
Thanks for all your feedback. Although the few rude comments I got were very uncalled for.
I was also shocked that only 1 mom agreed with me that its to takes about at home not school.

And again ill say how ds knows what a good touch and bad is. He learns it at home. So it's not like he doesn't have the info.
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by on Oct. 14, 2012 at 6:40 PM
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by on Oct. 15, 2012 at 5:09 PM

My daughter is in 3rd grade, and every year she has been in school they have had this kind of assembly. They make it age appropriate for the kids.

Our school sends home a note, asking parent permission for each child to attend the assembly. If you aren't comfortable with your child going, they are able to go to the library during the assembly.

Every year, our daughter has attended, and has learned a lot, on top of what we have talked to her about at home.

When the kids are older, they add internet safety. I think all of it is beneficial. The children bring home informational flyers they received, and we talk about when she learned.

by on Oct. 15, 2012 at 5:11 PM
I don't know how well that would go around here. But I would let my son go to it.
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by on Oct. 15, 2012 at 5:15 PM
I have no issue with the school looking out for my child's safety, especially considering how much time they spend there. I am very open and honest with my children. Although they already have the info, I do not mind it being reiterated. Jmo
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by on Oct. 15, 2012 at 5:17 PM

I see nothing wrong with it.

by on Oct. 16, 2012 at 7:34 AM

 What state are you in that doesnt do this.  I know growing up it wasnt in my schools up north, but now it is those schools (WV), and in my family's schools (IN and OH), it could be the district you are in if in any of these states-not following what the state is asking.

by Bella on Oct. 16, 2012 at 1:11 PM

 Yes, I think these talks are important.

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