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my first grader has confident issues, always has. he always wants the reasurence that he is doing well. his teacher refuses to give him that. even on his math when he gets a 100 on the paper she wont even do a smile or star. he is falling behind and the more he falls behind the sloppyer and less confident he gets, hence making him fall even further behind. he now wont try to read. i spend monday-thursday trying to get him to be abil to READ his spelling words, if he cant read them how will he ever spell them? I have brought my conserns to the princaple twice already and thursday when i am picking him up for a vison apt i plann on talking to princaple about it. I have already stated i would prefer if he went into another class room. it wasnt even the first qurter when his teacher told us that she planned on having him held back. Last year he recived the most improved out of the entire school.  i want to him to get the help he needs to sucseed, with confidence. i dont know how to get the school to help with it.

I have only found one thing were he has no fear and that is of horses. little history :from day one he wouldnt be held by anyone exept me and trust me i "pond" him off as much as i could the first 6 months. (he was conceved by rape, i coudnt give him up but i was resentfull of him at the same time) he got extreemly ill and we nearly lost him and thats when i realized how much he ment to me. anyways saddly it curred what counseling wasnt.

by on Feb. 12, 2013 at 11:17 PM
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by Bronze Member on Feb. 13, 2013 at 3:39 PM

I was really concerned about my sons confidence. Even as an infant he would get extremely frustrated if he did not understand something immediately. I always praised him and did all that I could to encourage him and let him know that he was doing well.

The best thing that I did for his confidence was to get him into karate. I think I tried to boost his confidence so much that I also gave him false confidence. He is not amazing at karate, but it gives him something to be proud of himself for that many of his friends do not do.

I do not particularly like my sons teacher this year either. Last year he had an amazing teacher that really helped him. This year I am not too fond of his teacher, but I ultimately feel responsible for what happens to him and I feel like I need to teach him that he may not always be treated fairly but he should not let that affect his confidence or abilities.

My son also had some major problems with reading. He has a speach delay that contributes to his issues with spelling and reading. One of the things that helped us the most with reading and spelling is You don't have to pay for it and it has a lot of games that both my first and second grader enjoy.

I hope things get better soon.

by on Feb. 13, 2013 at 3:46 PM

Does she give stars to other students? If not, then she may just not want to start a new precidence. Then she will have to do it for all students, otherwise those students will wonder why they didn't get one. I get that your son needs attention, but teachers are already waaaay overloaded so please take that into consideration. Does she have a teachers aid? Maybe you can talk to him/her about special help? Is it possible for you to be a room mom once or twice a week and help out?

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