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Send you're child in PJs to school...edited with link to handbook

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I totally agree. This would probably make alot of kids want to get themselves dressed, to escape embarrassment. Where I live, even the public schools are required to wear uniforms. They are very strict about this, down to socks must be white and belts can only be black or brown. Also, the school district here punishes the parents if rules are broken. Does your child have to wear s uniform? Is their school's dress code strict? Do they punish parents for insubordination?

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by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 11:12 AM
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by Mikki on Apr. 19, 2013 at 4:49 PM

I wish we had uniforms...there'd be no question of what is appropriate.

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by Jen on Apr. 19, 2013 at 5:09 PM
No uniforms at my kiddos school. Thank goodness.
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by Bronze Member on Apr. 19, 2013 at 5:38 PM

Yup after reading that uniform policy my kids 100% would NOT be attending school there.  That is RIDICULOUS!!

by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 5:53 PM
Some schools here go as far as dictating what color shoe the child can wear

Quoting fullxbusymom:

Yup after reading that uniform policy my kids 100% would NOT be attending school there.  That is RIDICULOUS!!

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by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 5:59 PM


The school board voted in 1998 to make uniforms mandatory for all students, grades pre-k through 12th. The dress attire consists of uniform 

khaki bottoms, skirts, pants, shorts, skorts, or jumpers. Attire cannot be hazardous to the safety of the students or other students. Attire cannot be 

disruptive of school operation or classroom discipline. Clothing cannot depict any vulgar symbol, slogan, or message. Clothing cannot represent 

indecent exposure. Only clear or mesh schoolbags are allowed. No bags with wheels are allowed. Fake fingernails are not allowed. Purses are 

not allowed. Tattoos are not allowed.


 Belle Chasse Primary students may wear a choice of two shirts: green or blue (Tulane brand) with a pelican embroidered on the left chest. Long sleeve 

uniform shirts may also be purchased from the vendors as well. Undershirts MUST be white. White shirts with a round collar may be worn with the 

khaki jumpers only. 

 Uniform shorts or skirts must be worn at the knee for grades 5-12. Mini-skirts are prohibited. “Peanut” shorts with 3” zippers are not allowed. 

Uniform khaki pants are darkkhaki

 Uniform pants are to have the traditional khaki pant leg. No bell-bottoms, wide leg, or other non-traditional leg shapes are allowed. Slit or frayed 

pant legs are not allowed. The rolling up of pant legs is prohibited. Hip huggers and “peanut” pants with 3” zippers are not allowed.

 Pants, shorts and /or other uniform bottoms with multiple pockets such as cargo-pockets, cell-phone pockets, and/or non-traditional pockets are not 


 All pants, shorts and other uniform bottoms are to be worn at the waist. A belt must be worn at the waist with all uniform bottoms. No oversized or 

undersized clothing is permitted. Clothing must be properly sized.

 Only a standard black, brown, or khaki-colored belt may be worn -- this is a belt that fits in the belt loops of the standard khaki uniform pants. 

Belts with large holes in them and/or hanging ornaments on them are prohibited. A school may adopt a solid-color belt of one of the school colors 

that has been approved by the school administrator. 

 Oversized belt buckles are prohibited. Belt buckles with any type of writing, pictures, or symbols on them are not allowed. (Parents will be called to 

bring a belt if necessary). 

 Socks/ hosiery and clean shoes must be worn daily. Socks/stockings (no leggings) can be white or school color can be worn. Shoes or tennis shoes 

that are closed in must be worn. Shoes such as flip-flops, slides, clogs, moccasins, sandals, boots, dressy shoes, slippers, Crocs, or shoes with no 

ankle straps are prohibited. All string shoes must be properly laced and tied. Velcro flaps must be properly strapped. 

 ALL shoes MUSTfit appropriately and must cover a sufficient amount of the top of the foot; it is unsafe to have shoes that flip off of the children’s feet.

 Winter wear includes a school sweatshirt in blue or green with the school logo embroidered on the left chest or the Blue Ribbon sweatshirt. A Belle 

Chasse Primary polo shirt MUST be worn under sweatshirts. Green and blue lightweight and heavyweight jackets with the school logo embroidered on 

the left chest may also be worn inside the building. 


 Moderate hairstyles only are permitted. Any style of hair which creates a distraction or a safety hazard shall be considered inappropriate. 

Fluorescent-colored hair (yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, pink, red or any other distracting color) is prohibited. Boys’ hair may not extend 

lower that the top of a dress shirt collar. Hair cannot be worn to fall below the eyebrow line. Haircuts with Mohawks, cut designs in hair, etc. are 

NOT permitted.

 Eyebrows that are shaved to create a decorative design or distraction is prohibited. NO designs, lines, or shaved areas, etc. are to be cut into the 


 Students are NOT allowed to have any haircuts with a sign, number, line, or logo cut out or shaved in the head or eyebrows. 

 Hats, scarves, bandanas, and other head adornments are not allowed. Headbands are allowed, but excessive adornments are not allowed.


 For their safety, students are not permitted to wear dangling, hoop or oversized stud earrings; however, he/she will be allowed to wear only one earring 

per ear.

 Boys are not permitted to wear dangling or hoop earrings; however, boys will be allowed to wear one stud per ear. Additionally, girls will be 

allowed to wear only one earring per ear. Oversized stud earrings are not permitted. For boys and girls, earrings are to be worn in the ear lobes 

only. Gauges and other devices that are worn in the ear lobe to stretch the lobe or make the pierced ear hole bigger are prohibited.

Students must be in proper uniform attire. If a student is in violation of proper uniform, he/she will be issued a Classroom Discipline Form with a 

possibility of being excluded from school. During the first few weeks of school, a uniform check will be performed each morning. At this time, if 

your child is out of uniform, the parents will be called to come to school with the proper uniform. Thereafter, if a student is not within dress code 

regulations, he/she will receive a CIF. Upon the fifth Classroom Incident Form, your child will receive a detention.

Any questions regarding the uniform policy that is not specifically addressed will be at the discretion of the principals. 

Children are expected to dress appropriately for school; personal grooming should reflect daily attention in hygiene and cleanliness. Children are 

expected to have clean clothes, as well as clean bodies and clean teeth. Please practice good health habits with your child. Students may wear 

shorts to school all year, but only uniform knee length shorts are appropriate.

by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 6:01 PM

Yeah some of that is going too far.  May as well put them in private school with those types of dress code.  Our school does not have a dress code but i make sure dd wears age appropriate stuff.  She is 7 so it isnt too hard fo find plain solid color shirts, jeans, khakis, leggings to wear under a skirt/dress, etc.

by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 6:05 PM
Dd last school was the same, but here she has freedom and loves it
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by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 6:07 PM

We have a uniform , but they are not super strict about it, at least not in kindergarten.

by Platinum Member on Apr. 19, 2013 at 6:53 PM

Well since the MAJORITY of Arizonians live in Phoenix and I KNOW that the majority of districts in the metro area do NOT have a uniform policy, then you are clearly mistaken.  Maybe you live in a rural area, but this is definitely NOT the case in Phoenix or Tuscon for that matter. Are there schools here and there that require uniforms!?  Sure, but it's definitely NOT a majority.  It's a very small minority.

Quoting Madisonsmommy1:

Umm Hun no ur wrong. My brothers n sister had uniforms n that was 10 yrs ago. All the schools around here have them. On the other side of town where we were living they have uniforms!

Quoting mjande4:

Quoting Madisonsmommy1:

That is a blatant lie. One quick google search of the districts in Arizona and their school handbooks will clarify this. MOST schools in AZ do NOT have uniforms. There are only a handful of private schools and so the majority of schools are public.

by on Apr. 19, 2013 at 7:00 PM
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My kids wear uniforms, but at certain times of the year they have pajama day.  They LOVE it!!!!  The teachers also join in and some of their pj's are just hilarious.   

Quoting FebPenguins:

We don't have uniform requirements here, in fact during the month of March they had a friday where they all wore pjs, even some of the teachers joined in the fun.


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