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Your Child did WHAT?!?!!?

Posted by on Jan. 30, 2014 at 5:42 PM
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What is the worst thing your child has done? Worst behavior? What was the punishment? 

by on Jan. 30, 2014 at 5:42 PM
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by on Jan. 31, 2014 at 1:00 AM

I don't know that my son has done anything terrible. The worst thing he's ever done is probably get talked to for chatting with his buddies at school. He's generally a wonderful boy.

by Member on Jan. 31, 2014 at 1:59 AM

They've never done anything really bad.

DS1 and DS2 were bickering and pushing each other around and DS1 accidently pushed DS2 out of the hay loft and gave him a concussion, but we didn't punish him for it as it was an accident and he was more hysterical than DS2 was.

I gave the my middle four a pack of oreos to share in the playroom while they were watching a movie and someone had the not so bright idea to start  an oreo fight. Black crumbs, cream and milk everywhere - all over the walls and floor and toys. I made them deep clean the playroom and wash all the toys. It took them 4 hours to do to my standards. They won't be doing that again, not that they can. The playroom is now a no oreo zone.

DS1 and DS2 brought a pony inside the house. It was really windy outside and they had just learnt about tornados at school and were scared and didn't want DD2 pony to get 'eaten'. So they snuck inside and hid it in DS2 bedroom for an hour or so. Once again, I just made them clean up after they put it back in its stall. I was laughing to hard to punish them. Though thank god DS2 has floor boards in his room, if it had been DS1 carpeted room I probably would have been less amused. DH just sat them down and re-educated them about the likely hood of a tornados where we live (we have only seen one in 10 years and it was tiny, pretty much a strong gust) and helped them come up with an emergancy plan in case of a tolando for the pony that didn't include bringing it inside.

I think that's about all. Once again, nothing really note worthy. 

by Ruby Member on Jan. 31, 2014 at 7:32 AM

 Mine haven't really done anything too terrible.

When ds1 was about 2, he got into the diaper cream and got it everywhere- all over him, his pj's, the bed. . . He got a talking to, and I think dh had him help wipe it up as best as they could (I wasn't home at the time).

Ds1 was playing w/ ds2 and accidentally gave him nurse maid's elbow. Ds2 was laying on the sofa telling ds1 to pull him off, so ds1 did, by 1 arm only and ended up dislocating ds2's elbow. A quick trip to the ER, and ds2 was good as new, although a touch sore. Ds1 got a talking to about how he has to remember that he is stronger than his brother and had to apologize. He was very upset that he had hurt his brother like that, so we didn't do anything else for punishment.

Ds2 hasn't really done too much that is really "bad". He is more passive/aggressive. He went through a stage where if he didn't want to do something, he'd just go all limp-noodle on us. We'd just pick him up, carry him to where he needed to be for what he had to do, plunk him down, and stand over him until he did it, telling him that being Rubber Boy was not going to get him out of it.

I can't think of what dd has done, although I know she has done things. Her stock-in-trade is annoying her brothers on purpose, mouthing off and throwing fits. She is usually sent to her room.




by Maria on Jan. 31, 2014 at 8:10 AM

My girls have yet to do anything crazy! Aside from just bickering and the occasional white lie they haven't done much. They are only 5&2 give it time.

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by on Jan. 31, 2014 at 11:15 AM

My oldest decided to pee in a cup in front of my daughter and then dance around showing his "thing" off...he's 9 btw and she is 6 and they both have had talks about private parts etc. I battled on what to do because he has Autism Spectrum Disorder...

Regardless of that I purposely over reacted so they both understood just how wrong that was and so forth. I then took away anything related to WWE  for the day. He couldn't play with his wrestlers, couldn't watch it, couldn't wrestle with daddy etc. 

My daughter ran out into the middle of the street without looking and almost got hit by a car and gave the driver a heart attack. She is 6 and has been crossing the street with me since she was three and we go over the procedure all the time so she knows never to just run out. Well this day my Mom was with her and my Mom made her go to the driver and apologize for just running out in front of her like that. I would have done the same thing. Needless to say my daughter doesn't do that anymore. 

by on Jan. 31, 2014 at 11:30 AM

They've never done anything really 'terrible'...nothing I wouldn't consider normal (though annoying) kid behavior or mistakes that you learn from.  They both have their moments and personality traits...DD6 is very stubborn and DS9 is very manipulative and we are having a problem with respect towards me (he is just like his dad...grrr).  They also tend to play very well together for a while and then one small thing will go wrong and they just feed off of it.  

DS9 is also currently going through a phase of inappropriate talk and not understanding boundaries, I think I am going to have to have 'the talk' with him so that he understands WHY it's innappropriate...he's repeating stuff he's heard at school (though he's 9, he's in 3rd, so I was surprised stuff is being discussed quite yet!) and thinks he's just being funny when he's either being innappropriate or just sounds ridiculous but not in a funny way. 

by on Jan. 31, 2014 at 11:32 AM
Nothing really too bad yet. There was one day that he decided he didn't like this boy in his class and he was obnoxious and rude and mean to him. It happened a couple of times before the teacher brought it up to me. DH and I had a talk with him about respecting others (we said he didn't have to be friends, but he did have to show respect). He apologized to him the next day and they are actually friends now.
by on Jan. 31, 2014 at 11:35 AM
They both used rocks to write their names and draw on my BILs new truck. We had to have it repainted. So they were grounded indoors for two weeks since it was summer they thought they were going to die. I think the worst part is my husband has a muscle car, and they have been taught practically since birth to respect automobiles. They were 5 and 4 at the time.
by Platinum Member on Jan. 31, 2014 at 12:04 PM
DS1 (last year 15yo) rqn away from my parents house, across the the highway and hitched a ride into town where we live, an hour away. Luckily tue person he hitched with is a friend of tue family. Freaked us the %&$# out! Yeah, he uad a miserable month afterward.

DS2 took a lighter to school and was suspended in kinder but that was my fault as much as his..LMAO We were late for the bus and I had then run for it. I did not have my glasses on. DS stopped, picked something up and held it up and said," HEY MOM LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" I thought it was a stick or rock and yelled back"Great! Run before tue hus leaves!" LOL

Got a call a little over 2 hours later when he was showing it off at recess and "Mom said I could bring it!" LMAO

DD nothing spectacular so far
by Mikki on Jan. 31, 2014 at 12:24 PM

The worst thing he has done would get into stuff he's not supposed to.

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