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Posted by on Jun. 26, 2010 at 12:42 PM
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Things heat up on Monday, June 28, when Patrick follows Lisa up to her apartment. Lisa continues to stroke Patrick's ego as the pair celebrate their successfully surgery at the Metro Court. Lulu and Dante make up. On Tuesday, June 29, Maya invites herself over to break things off with Ethan. Sam is eager to welcome Jason home, but is she as eager as a certain computer geek on Wednesday, June 30? Maxie is reluctant to give Matt up. Luke's latest interesting plot to win her back leaves Tracy seething. Lulu tries to explain her father's odd way of expressing love to Tracy on Thursday, July 1. Shaken by Shirley's near death experience, on Friday, July 2, Elizabeth vows to take a more grateful approach to life.

The Inside Story: Friday Night Lights

On Monday, June 28, Luke reminds Sonny of the devastating repercussions another mobster caused after planting a car bomb to eliminate his enemy. Olivia confronts Johnny and Kristina. Max and Milo prep the car bomb to explode on Friday evening to kill Johnny. Luke learns that Ethan is having a meeting with Johnny on Friday night. A plotting Sonny manages to take care of two issues - his alibi and the safety of his children - when he pays Alexis a visit. Luke is relieved when Ethan finally agrees to ditch his original Friday evening plans. A seething Sonny discovers Johnny in his restaurant. On Thursday, July 1, Olivia tries to get Sonny to see that Johnny and Kristina's relationship is just a ruse to upset him. Kristina tells Molly she's stepping up her plot. Sonny arrives at the family dinner her set up with Alexis. Sonny is horrified when he realizes Kristina sneaked out to see Johnny on Friday, July 2. Johnny finally gets through to Kristina. Kristina takes Johnny up on his offer to drive her home. Sonny arrives on the scene just as Johnny unlocks his car.

A Closer Look: Roses are Red

Dante refuses to comply with Jason's request for a gun and reiterates what the hit-man’s mission is. Both Sonny and Michael fear the consequences should Jason decide to run. Maxie shares her feelings about Franco with Lucky. Dressed as a homeless man, Franco arrives outside the Harbor View Towers looking for Jason. Hoping to make quick work of their plan, on Wednesday, June 30, Claire makes a public spectacle of Jason's release. Maxie sees a eerily familiar face when she arrives at the Harbor View Towers. Dante follows Maxie's lead but ends up hitting a dead end. Jason and Dante head off to get answers from Franco's mother, Karen. Karen denies having a son when the pair arrives at her door. Back in Port Charles, on Friday, July 2, Franco personally presents Maxie with 6 more roses to go with the five dozen he had delivered to her.

General Hospital News and Headlines:

Press Release: Live from the Red Carpet presented by Soap Opera Network

Vanessa Marcil and More Added to Daytime Emmy Presenter List

ABC Daytime Celebrates 4th with Repeats

Adrienne Barbeau of 'Maude' Brings Brenda Back to Port Charles

Rosa Blasi Heading to 'GH' and Other Casting News

'GH' Filming in Front of Live Audience Members at Museum for Upcoming Episode

James Franco's Real-Life Momma to Play Franco's Momma on 'GH'

Vanessa Marcil Talks About Returning to 'GH'

Vanessa Marcil is Back on 'GH'

Bruce Davidson Brings Oscar Cred to 'GH'

James Franco Brings Psycho Back to 'GH'

SOAPnet Gets Its Wish to Become Young


Kristina is caught in the blast that Sonny meant for Johnny. (Soap Opera Digest)

Sonny lies to Alexis. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Jason, Dante and Spinelli investigate the significance of the 66 roses. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Maxie plants a kiss on Lucky. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Can a guilt-ridden Patrick perform for Robin? (Soap Opera Weekly)


by on Jun. 26, 2010 at 12:42 PM
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