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Summer Preview

Posted by on May. 24, 2009 at 11:07 PM
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Summer Previews

"Kristina is now a hot blooded teen who will give Alexis a run for her money. Alexis wll be involved in a political scandal which threatens her relationship to Kristina and adds to Kristina acting out big time."

"[Liz and Lucky] will continue to grow close, attempting to resurrect their once story book relationship. Will it work? We will see Liz helping Lucky to get past his anger about Ethan."

"The Q's finally get their hearts desire: Micheal returns to the fold. What will they do to hold on to Micheal and what will Sonny, Carly, and Jason do when they try?"

maxie denies her feelings for Johnny.

Week of May 25th

5/26 Robin returns and meets up with Patrick at the same restaurant
they had planned on going to before her treatment began.
Edward butts heads with Sonny and Carly.
Maxie denies her feelings for Johnny.

5/27 Johnny's gotta gun.
Lulu comes to Michael's aid after he collapses.
Liz confronts Rebecca.
Jax tries to reason with Michael.
Robin bonds with Emma.

5/28 Robin warns Ethan not to take what Holly says at face-value.
Michael questions Jason about the shooting.
Jax and Carly argue over Michael.
Claudia tries to determine what Mikey remembers.

5/29 Holly finally comes clean.
Jason finds what he was looking for.

To add insult to injury for Carly, Mikey enjoys Claudia's visits.

Jason promises Michael he’ll uncover the truth about his shooting.

Jason locates Fredo who points the blame at Claudia.

Robin has a joyful reunion with Emma and Patrick.

Claudia gives Johnny a gun for his own protection.

Sonny tells Johnny to stay away from Olivia.

Maxie tries to convince herself that Spin is the guy for her--
that she doesn't really want Johnny.

Jax is afraid of being intimate with Carly for fear of hurting the baby.

Holly is emotional as she sticks to her story as to who Ethan's true father is.

Holly will tell Ethan and Luke that Robert is Ethan's father ,
but viewers will be left wondering if that is the truth
or merely what Tracy paid her to say.
Only Robin may know the truth.

Holly leaves town.

A truth about Rebecca is revealed.

At the end of May, Ric makes Claudia an offer.

Robin is surprised to find Holly in her home.

Ethan and Robin bond.

This May, look for Alexis' daughter Kristina to emerge as the perfect teenager - only not. Think closet wild child. Kristina is a very pretty, popular, straight A, fifteen year old. She is perfect on the surface, but underneath she is angry, resentful and screaming for attention from a father she never sees. Kristina is already partying, already lying, manipulative, and she is sexually active...all without Alexis' knowledge.

Ric will become a father figure to Kristina. He is the one she remembers being there for her when she was younger. Will he use his influence with her to strike back at Sonny or merely to annoy him, and where will Alexisi stand on the issue?

Ric Lansings' days in Port Charles are numbered;

Look for her on June 17th.

Tristan Rogers (as Robert Scorpio) may make an appearance in regards
to the Ethan story, but not for a while yet.

We haven't seen the last of Helena.

Dante, Sonny's son with Olivia, makes his Port Charles
debut in the middle of July.

Michael will dislike Jax, resent Carly's pregnancy, and will try to push Carly away.
Jason is able to relate to Micheal.

Johnny sleeps with an older woman-- to get what he needs.
To her own surprise, Maxie will realize this bothers her.



by on May. 24, 2009 at 11:07 PM
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