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Posted by on May. 24, 2009 at 11:56 PM
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   On Tuesday, May 26, Maxie tries to convince herself Spinelli is the right guy for her despite her

 attraction to Johnny. Claudia supplies Johnny with a gun to protect himself from Sonny. A threatening Sonny orders Johnny to stay away from Olivia. Johnny and Olivia continue their flirtation but agree to put things on hold as they both don't want to be together for the wrong reasons. Believing she's carrying his child

, Ric asks Claudia to take off with him. Lucky and Elizabeth grow more suspicious of Rebecca. Elizabeth faces off with Rebecca on Wednesday, May 27. Rebecca places a cryptic call. Carly turns to Kelly for help (and proof) when an overly-cautious Jax refuses to be intimate with her for the baby's safety.


  The Inside Story: The Heartbreaker

Edward clashes with Sonny and Carly. Michael has a major outburst and later confesses to Jason that he's troubled by the changes he sees in himself. Jason opens up to Michael about the experiences he went through after his accident. Carly tells a highly agitated Michael that he's going home with her. Jax pleads with Michael to give his mother a chance on Wednesday, May 27. Claudia subtly probes Michael to see if he remembers any of her visits. Michael learns that Sonny and Claudia are married

. Michael turns to Jason for answers about his accident on Thursday, May 28. Jason later teams up with Sam to get the truth once and for all. Carly balks when Jax implies that it would be best for her to give Michael the room he needs...away from her, for now. Michael is clearly fond of Claudia. Carly is hurt when she overhears Michael's enthusiasm over Claudia's pregnancy. Sonny thinks Claudia could be just the medicine Michael needs. Jason and Sam track down Fredo. Fredo rats out Claudia to save himself.

A Closer Look: The Mother Hen

Robin and Patrick meet at a restaurant they had planned on meeting at once before after Robin is released from her in-patient treatment. Although their meeting is a bit strained, the duo are clearly still in love. Patrick watches on anxiously as Robin reaches out to pick up Emma after they arrive home. Robin has no trouble bonding with Emma on Wednesday, May 27 and is obviously thrilled to have her daughter in her arms. Patrick is ecstatic to have his family back. Holly shows up to confront Robin after learning she advised Ethan that his mother was more than likely being dishonest with him when she told him that Robert is his father

. Holly's conscience takes over and she heads to the Haunted Starr where she finally tells Luke and Ethan the truth on Friday, May 29.


Lulu urges Lucky to try to forgive their father; Ethan, meanwhile, turns his back on his mother. (

Michael admits to Claudia that he's starting to remember things. (

 Patrick worries about Robin.

Rebecca confronts Helena.

Claudia and Carly have it out.

The Week of May 25:

Monday, May 25:

GH is pre-empted for the Memorial Day holiday. The episode of Michael’s shooting from April 7, 2008 will re-air.

Tuesday, May 26:

Michael is a changed young man.

Robin reunites with Patrick and returns home.

Johnny and Olivia have no regrets.

Wednesday, May 27:

Sonny warns


stay away from Olivia.

Ric has an offer for Claudia.

Patrick is thrilled to have his family back.

Thursday, May 28:

Claudia probes Michael to see what he remembers.

Robin cautions Ethan not to believe everything Holly says.

Jason promises Michael he’ll uncover the truth about his shooting.

Friday, May 29:

Jason is on a mission to prove Claudia’s guilt.

Holly comes clean with Luke and Ethan.

Carly’s hurt when she sees Michael with Claudia.

Coming Up on General Hospital - Thru June 15: The Truth about Rebecca!


Mon, May 25

– Memorial Day Holiday. General Hospital is pre-empt with a repeat of Michael’s shooting. See the last day Dylan Cash was "awake" on GH.

Tues, May 26 – Robin returns from her stay in therapy is reunited with her family. She meets up with Patrick at the same restaurant they planned to meet at before her treatment began. Sonny and Carly butt heads with Edward over Michael. Maxie tries to deny her feelings for Johnny and tries to convince herself Spinelli is the right guy for her. Johnny and Olivia have no regrets. Michael is a changed young man (no pun intended).

Wed, May 27 –Sonny has a warning for Johnny – stay away from Olivia. Johnny is given a gun by Claudia, she says for his own protection. She is afraid Sonny will come after him. Lulu is there for Michael after he collapses. Patrick is thrilled to have his family back while Robin and Emma bond. Jax tries to reason with Michael. Liz confronts Rebecca. Rick makes an offer to Claudia.

Thur, May 28 – Claudia carefully probes Michael to see if he can remember anything. Jason makes a promise to Michael after he questions Jason about the shooting. Jason promises Michael that he will uncover the truth about the shooting. Robin warns Ethan that Holly can’t be trusted. Jax and Carly argue over Michael.

Fri, May 29 – Jason is determined to prove Claudia’s guilt and finds what he is looking for. Holly comes clean with Luke and Ethan, admitting Luke is Ethan’s father. Carly is upset when sees Michael and Claudia talking.

Also coming this week – Liz and Lucky try to convince Nik and Rebecca to cool it with frustrating results. Rebecca talks to Nik about a mysterious person. Just about everyone tells Johnny and Olivia their opinions about their relationship. Michael continues to be hard on his mom. Holly visits Robin after Robin tells Ethan Robert can’t be his dad. Robin can account for his whereabouts during the time Ethan was conceived. Holly heads back to the Haunted Star to explain things to Ethan. Finally, the truth is revealed. It’s Luke, not Robert.

Next Week

Mon, June 1 – Jason finally has enough dirt to take Claudia down – but will he? Toussaint DuBois (Billy Dee Williams) returns to Port Charles.

Wed, June 3 – Michael does not want to take things slow. Just as Michael is losing it, Jason shows up. Claudia is sticking close to Michael.

Thur, June 4 – NuKristina makes her debut outside a bar where she runs into Jason. Also, Helena returns to GH. Her and Rebecca face off. Robin would prefer to stay with Emma instead of return to work full time, worrying Patrick. Claudia plays dirty keeping Carly away from Sonny.

Fri, June 6 – Claudia and Carly come head to head.

Michael tells Claudia he is starting to remember things. Maxie covers for Johnny. Claudia is determined to keep Michael close when he begins to remember her hospital visits. Elizabeth is suspicious of Rebecca. Michael takes his anger out on Robin. Claudia and Carly have an altercation that could result in tragedy. Holly leaves Port Charles. Lulu helps Ethan to accept Holly before she leaves. Rayner reveals that Rebecca has been adopted illegally! Rebecca’s secret is finally revealed. Jason has his hands full with Kristina. Also coming: Michael goes home, but his troubles aren’t over.

Tues, June 9 – Scrubs sex when Patrick eases Robin’s insecurities. These two are happier than they have been in a long time.

Wed, June 10 – Olivia sends out a distress call to Patrick and Robin from the Metro Court where they discover the Mayor’s mistress unconscious after she fell in the shower while having sex with him. Mayor Floyd makes a quick getaway while the two docs tend to the patient.

Thur, June 11 – Patrick reluctantly agrees to allow Matt to perform emergency surgery on the mistress, Brianna Hughes. A crises happens in the operating room while Patrick and Robin are hanging out in the park with Emma.

Fri, June 12 – After Matt’s patient dies during surgery, a defensive Matt spurns Patrick and Robin when they try to reach out to him. Diane informs Matt, Robin and Patrick that Brianna Hughes family plan to sue Matt for malpractice.

Mon, June 15 – Matt continues to push Patrick and Robin away.

by on May. 24, 2009 at 11:56 PM
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by Group Admin on May. 24, 2009 at 11:57 PM

As far as what’s coming - I SPOILED a while back Michael SHOULD be remembering someone at his bedside saying "I’m Sorry" over and over. Jason tells Mickey it is probably his mom, but Michael isn’t convinced. But, that’s not gonna stop Claudia and Michael from bonding, coming up. These two should be hitting it off by sometime next week. Claudia will subtly probe to see if Michael remembers anything. Also coming, Michael has a major outburst, then later confesses to Jason that he is troubled by all the changes he sees in himself. Jason opens up to Michael about his experiences from his brain injury. Carly will plead with Michael to come home with her, and Jax asks Michael to give his mom a chance. When Jax implies that it may be best for her to give Michael the room he needs, Carly balks. Carly is also hurt by the enthusiasm Michael shows finding out about Claudia and Sonny’s marriage and pregnancy.

RUMORS also have Michael and Kristina spending time together. We know Michael will end up going home with Sonny to live, Carly should be following along too. Regan over at

 suggests Arizona Diamondback outfielder Conor Jackson will make an appearance as Michael’s therapist.

Mayor Storyline

Here’s some RUMORS about the Mayor storyline coming up and there are several!…there’s a RUMOR that the Mayor has a mistress. She takes a nasty fall in the shower while with the Mayor at the MetroCourt! Will Olivia have to cover it up? That’s one RUMOR. More RUMORS say Olivia calls Patrick and Robin. Also RUMORED is that she is brought to GH where Matt operates solo and she dies. Also CRAZY RUMOR says the mayor’s wife is having an affair with someone in the Drake household. I’m not sure I believe that one, but I DO believe someone in the household has some sort of info on her. Mercedes, that is.


Are the reviews coming in so bad for Nikolas and Rebecca that TPTB will ultimately make Rebecca Emily? OR, will Rebecca turn out to be Emily’s twin?
Another RUMOR floating around the past couple of days, Holly is a Cassadine! Hey, they are changing history quite a bit, so it could happen! That would mean if Ethan is truly Luke’s kid, Luke would have spawned a Cassadine. Also RUMORED, when Luke hears the final "truth" from Holly, he is thrilled to find out Ethan is his son and refuses another DNA test. Lulu will most likely welcome him into the family, but don’t expect the same thing out of brother, Lucky.
GH will experience a black-out coming up, according to Sarah Brown’s Twitter (she’s a fun follow, BTW) RUMBLINGS have come out saying the blackout is because filming will go 5 weeks out so it gives time for serious discussions about where to take the show. OR, is it just a short vaca?
We SHOULD be seeing more of Alexis coming up. She’ll be part of the political scandal, I’m hearing. Also, Scrubs and Matt COULD be involved as well. Will the mayor be blackmailing Alexis because of an affair they had in the past?
RUMORS of a sex-filled June are out there. RUMORED dates and hookups floating around?June 5th for Nik and Rebecca, June 9th for Scrubs, Lucky and Liz on June 16th (REALLY?) and on June 10th more Jolivia!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!! That scene SHOULD be in an elevator!
Also Coming:
Maxie saves Johnny.
Michael questions Jason about the shooting.
nuKristina makes her debut.
Claudia and Carly face off!
Lulu tries to get Lucky to understand their father.
Edward butts heads with Sonny and Carly.
Lulu comes to Michael’s rescue after he collapses.
Can Claudia figure out if Michael remembers anything?
Jason finds what he has been searching for.

Will Ethan find out the truth?

Coming up, Holly SHOULD be coming clean about Ethan’s father. The problem is, can we really trust her?
Ethan heads over to Robin’s house to let her know he just found out they could be brother and sister, according to Holly. But Robin says it doesn’t make sense! She uses his birthday to prove that it is impossible for Robert Scorpio to be his father. The weird thing is, Holly has just told Ethan that Robert is indeed his father.
Why is Holly being so insensitive to Ethan regarding who his real father is? Ethan is upset Holly is using him and just wants a straight answer. When Holly tries to set the record straight by telling Ethan Luke is really his father, Ethan is more than suspect. Why should he believe her now? Yesterday, it was Robert…today it’s Luke! I don’t blame the guy for not believing her.
According to SOW, Ethan is secretly happy Luke is his dad, but there’s a huge cloud of doubt left hanging over it. What if Holly has gotten his hopes up and she ends up dashing those hopes all over again.
By the end of Holly’s little game, will she end up with Luke? OR Tracy’s money? Neither!
More about Nathan Parsons. He has moved around a lot. Born in Adelaide, Australia, he then moved to South Africa, Colorado, Texas and now L.A. He has been in the United States for 10 years.

Laura Wright

Ever wonder how Laura Wright can turn on the tears so quickly? She tells SOW that the current storyline is very emotional for her and makes her think of her kids more because of where she goes mentally thinking about what it would be like to have a child that would have gone through what Michael has. It is really heavy, heavy material, she says. It is hard to keep anything emotional separate from her personal life because she works so much.
Robin Returns
Coming up, Robin returns recovered from PPD and is ready to nest with Patrick and Emma.
"Patrick is wondering if it's just another one of those situations where she says she's okay but she didn't really get help, explains Jason Thompson. "But it doesn't take long before he notices that she is feeling much better."
Patrick has been figuring out fatherhood and balancing his surgical career

 with Robin away.
JT says, "She calls Patrick at the hospital and she wants to meet for dinner," he explains, she selects the restaurant where they were supposed to meet the night she drove off to Rochester. "It's a neutral place to break the ice. They talk. He didn't know that she was getting out so soon; she got out a little bit early because she was doing well."
Patrick just needs a little convincing that it's all true. "At first he's a little apprehensive, but she calms him down and says that she's feeling better," JT assures. "She apologizes for everything and says she realizes how off the handle she was."
Dinner with her husband is one thing. The real test, of course, is how she deals with little Emma. "Patrick is wondering how it's gonna be with all of them together as a family," explains Jason. "But she's great with Emma pretty much right off the bat! She's affectionate with Emma and doing all the thing that she wanted to do in the beginning but didn't think she could."
Patrick is guardedly optimistic. "He looking at her from afar, just taking it all in and making sure this is for real, that she's not pulling the wool over his eyes again."
"And he's definitely relieved when he sees that she really does love him," Jason cheers. "He never really blamed her, exactly; he knew that she was struggling. He felt that if she could just get a handle on it, she'd be okay. And that's the proof right there: She's really good with Emma."
Coming Up
Scott Damiam portrays Fredo on May 29th when Jason forces him to give up info on Claudia.
Tentative airdate for Rick Hearst on Bold & Beautiful is tentatively set for July 17.
Emma Samms leaves General hospital on May 29.
Also Coming
Claudia fears Sonny is gonna target Johnny for sleeping with Olivia.
Jax won’t have sex with Carly for fear he will hurt the baby.
Elizabeth faces off with Rebecca.
Maxie tries to chose between Spinelli and Johnny.
Jason tells Michael about some of his own experiences with his brain injury.
Claudia keeps an eye on Michael.
Patrick worries about Robin.
Rebecca confronts Helena.
There’s a RUMOR floating around about the nanny, Mercedes (Chrissie Fit)! Will she be getting out of the nursery anytime soon?

According to my inside source, the RUMOR is absolutely TRUE! No exact scoop yet, but I do know this - Mercedes is somehow connected with the mayors wife, Andrea! Mercedes does know some sort of secret regarding her. INTERESTING!!! Is it a S.E.X. thing? Does she have dirt on her? We know there’s a political scandal coming!
The boy wants to hook up with the MOB! Sources tell me he is hell bent on joining up with daddy! I am SUPER impressed with nuMichael, Drew Garrett and the other bloggers are saying the same thing! What are your thoughts so far? I can’t wait to see him out of that bed to see if his acting chops continue.
Also coming, Claudia and Michael hit it off when Claudia starts visiting Michael in the hospital. Carly is not happy! Jason tells Carly to give Michael some time, she doesn’t want to push him away. Plus, Michael takes out his anger on Robin.
There’s been a RUMOR floating around that Rebecca has a boyfriend that may come to town. Is that boyfriend actually Ethan? Do they have a past?
The SCOOP about Claudia getting hit by a car is still floating around. RUMORS say it happens the week after she gets into a fight with Olivia and Claudia is shown having pains and cramping between the fight and the car accident. Will this give the impression she is going to lose the baby? Another RUMOR says Claudia pays off a doctor to say she is still preggers. Then she tells Sonny that Jason said she did not deserve to be pregnant and forced her in front of the car!
Will we see Robin apologize for all her actions during her PPD? That’s what I’m hearing…she may be holding Emma with Patrick’s arms around them both while she apologizes to Liz for her behavior. She thanks Liz for everything she did for Emma while she was sick. Patrick tattles on Jason coming up. Who will Robin back up?
Has Julie Berman been reading with potential Dante’s? Possibly…Does this mean she will be hooking up with Dante this summer?
nuKristina is coming. Her first scene SHOULD take place with Jason outside a bar. The audition script had nuKristina crushing on Jason, will this carry over to the show?
That’s all for right now, I’ll post more in a bit!

RUMBLINGS have Jason catching Claudia in Michael’s room, and he is furious. Sam is there to calm him down…funny how Sam is popping up at the weirdest times lately! Carol Banks Webber over at Soapzone speculates Kelly Monaco’s whacky schedule with PeepShow has caused TPTB to cut back on her appearances on GH. I’ve noticed, when she is onscreen, it is so random! Speaking of KM, the burglar who broke into her Las Vegas penthouse was arrested in Vegas cops recently.
Casting Updates
Lots of talk about Helena Cassadine on GH, which only means one thing! We can expect another Helena sighting coming our way. We’ll see Helena and Rebecca come face-to-face on June 4th.

Rick Hearst heads off canvas in mid June. According to Guza, he says we might just see him again one day. Several sources have Rick headed back to The Bold and Beautiful to reprise his role as Whip.

Another casting update, Billy Dee Williams is headed back to General Hospital as Toussant. We’ll first see Toussant again on June 1 fresh off a concert tour to returns to to work at General Hospital. According to SOD, Billy Dee Williams stay is open ended.

Also headed our way is Martha Byrne as the mayor's wife. Reagan at

DC is suggesting a possible hook-up between the new character and Ethan! RUMORS have the mayor’s wife dropping by the Haunted Star –will these two hit it off? Will she have a bit of a gambling problem? Also remember, there’s a SCOOP saying Ethan has an eye for Rebecca this summer.

Jolivia - How many times will Johnny and Olivia do the deed? Initially, it was speculated that it would be a one-time thing…but now there’s a possibility these two could be hooking up more than once. Johnny and Olivia are interrupted by Sonny, who hits the roof when he finds the two of them together! Look for Claudia and Sonny to both have major issues with the relationship. Is this when Dante is summoned to Port Charles? Does Sonny do the summoning in hopes of getting his mother under control? When Dante finds out Mommy is sleeping with someone around his same age, he SHOULD head ourway quick! Still no casting news on Dante.

Lulu and ... RUMORS are circulating that Lulu will be hooking up with someone soon. One RUMOR has Matt and Lulu together…or will Lulu be joined together with Dante when he shows up? That would be typical writing on GH’s part…a new guy comes to town, put him with Lulu! But wait…there’s still RUMBLINGS out there that a SPOILER change COULD take place, leaving Robert as Ethan’s father! This COULD open up the door for Ethan and Lulu to hook up.

Will Mercedes, Port Charles’ cutest nanny be getting some attention soon? That’s what was hinted when Chrissie Fit tweeted on Twitter that "The nanny might be getting some much deserved action!" More to come!

says Claudia not only falls down the stairs, but is also hit by a car while running from Jason! WOW! Also, Jason overhears Claudia asking the doctor is coma patients can remember what was said to them while they were in a coma.

Carly overhears Michael describing his mom as "overbearing" to Lulu. Carly doesn’t understand where the bitterness is coming from, and is deeply hurt. When Michael learns the truth behind the shooting, he doesn’t blame his dad, but continues to be mad at his mother! Later, Claudia begins to visit Michael, and he enjoys them. Poor Carly!

Michael becomes closer with the Quartermaines
Robin returns - warns people not to trust anything Holly has to say!
Holly and Luke handcuffed, taken to PCPD. Why?
Jason promises Michael he will find out the truth about his shooting.
Jax doesn’t want to bang Carly, afraid he’ll hurt the baby.
Claudia gives a gun to Johnny for his protection.
Maxie tries to convince herself she is not that into Johnny.
Jason talks to Fredo, learns info on Claudia’s connection to Michael’s shooting.
Johnny goes to work for Sonny.
Holly is emotional when discussing Ethan’s paternity.
The truth about Rebecca is coming our way!
Will Kate be caught?

Summer Previews from the Mags

Ethan, Luke and Tracy – According to Guza in SOD

, Holly leaves town leaving Luke with the bombshell that Ethan is in fact his son! Ethan is blindsided by the news and must wrestle with his feelings. Lulu will accept him as a new brother, and the two of them forge a new bond while the conflict between Lucky and Ethan continues!

Michael and his family – No one wants Carly to find out the truth behind Michael’s shooting, including Jax! He keeps the secret from Carly, but will this ultimately be a mistake? Michael has help from his dad to piece together the year he lost. Claudia’s secret is threatened by a tragic event.

Nik and Rebecca – We will finally learn more about Rebecca. Obviously, Nikolas has developed feelings for her, but we will find out that Ethan ALSO has feelings for Rebecca.

Robin, Patrick and Matt – Some new medical mysteries are headed our way for the three doctors. When Patrick is placed in jeopardy, Patrick and Robin are forced to become medical sleuths. The first mystery features Martha Byrene as the mayor’s wife. Also, we will see some guest stars for each of the stories.

Jason and Sam – We MAY see some hotness between the two former lovers when a big adventure reconnects Jason and Sam.

Lulu, Maxie and Spin – While Lulu has a major love story in her future (no word with whom), we will finally see Spinell and Maxie get together as well. The romance will be built throughout the summer, with karaoke playing a major part!

Alexis and Kristina – With an older Kristina on canvas, Alexis has her hands full with the precocious teen. Alexis will be involved in a political scandal which will threaten her relationship with her daughter. All the while, Kristina is acting out in a big way!

Olivia and Johnny – The chemistry between these two make them irresistible to each other, but major consequences result for all concerned…especially Sonny and Claudia.
Lucky and Liz
– These two attempt to resurrect their past storybook relationship. Will is work? We will also see Liz helping Lucky manage his anger toward Ethan.

The Q’s – The Quartermaine’s are on cloud nine when Michael returns. Will they take desperate measures to hold on to Michael? What will Sonny, Carly and Jason do when the Q’s get too involved?

Helena's plans may result in the "endgame" we've all been waiting for.

Billy Dee Williams back to GH!

**Connie Towers (Helena) back around June 4th; she and Rebecca have a meeting.

**Martha Byrne is joining GH according to

--she'll play Mayor Floyd's wife. She is known for playing "Lily" on ATWT

**Summer Stories: JaSam adventure, Alexis/Kristina and a scandal, Ethan is Luke's--Michael tries to deal with his life now, Robin and Patrick try to solve many medical mysteries. Ethan takes a shine to ...Rebecca, much to Nik's dismay. Liz/Lucky rekindle their relationship. More to come!

**Scrubs clean up something messy at the Metro Court.

**Robin figures out no way Ethan can be Robert's kid

**Hot Rumor: Mayor's Mistress takes a fall at the Metro Court! In the shower. While heh.

**When Hells comes back to town, we find out what Rebecca's up to

**According to

Mercedes is connected to Mayor Floyd's wife and Michael wants to join Daddy in the Biz!

by Group Owner on May. 26, 2009 at 6:43 PM

WOW!!!! I mean, that is all I can say!!! I am very excited to see where this all goes!!!!


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