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Need to share

Posted by on Jul. 29, 2007 at 2:40 PM
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I am a Young Living Essential Oils Rep and these incredible testimonials came across my path.

I hope this information gives you hope for your childs fight with life. This is the only reason I am here to share. Knowing information like this isnt something to be kept in but rather spread like wild fire.

Blessings to everyone!

Please contact me with questions, concerns etc.

Radiation & Chemotherapy Support
Completed treatments for Radiation and Chemo (June 23, 1998) with absolutely
no side affects what so ever for bladder cancer and T4 tumors (most
aggressive kind). Standard treatment for this kind of tumor is to remove the
bladder and prostate. I refused that, and found a protocol on the web of
radiation and Chemo combined to treat it.  Monday Aug. 10th I went in for
minor surgery where they took tissue samples and sent them to the lab to see
if there were any cancer cells left. Lab report today came back with no
cancer cells left in the bladder. Everything I used was from YLEO and I
started 4 weeks before treatments (I didn't get sick and lost no hair) with
the following:
Cleansing Trio, Body Balancing Trio, Radex, ImmuneTune, Mineral Essence,
Frankincense, Immupower, Joy and Lemon.

Keep in mind I started all this one month before starting chemo and
radiation therapy. I followed the directions on each of the supplements, and
the oils I rubbed 2 drops each layered neat (undiluted) on my feet (bottom
front ¾ and inside the ankles to hit all organs as there is no specific
urinary bladder point on the foot). I did this once or twice a day,
depending on available time, except for the lemon, which I used occasionally
and misted from time to time. I didn't put it in drinking water as it's in
the Mineral Essence that I took 1 dropper twice a day.

The Joy I used each day by rubbing a drop on my finger and thumb, then
rubbing it on each ear lobe neat and down the side of my neck over the
arteries into the head. Also because I liked the smell, I put a drop on my
finger and rubbed it neat on my mustache, so I could smell it for hours,
once a day. I also misted it from time to time, no specific time frame.

Hope this helps.

I finished chemo this past summer for breast cancer. I had four
Adriamycin-Cytoxin (AC) chemo treatments followed by four Taxol treatments.
I didn't "discover" essential oils until I was almost finished with chemo,
for my last treatment of Taxol. Side effects of Taxol are neuropathy, muscle
aches and joint pain (like a REAL bad case of the flu). For my last
treatment, I put frankincense oil on the soles of my feet the day before
chemo, the morning of chemo and for four or five days after chemo. I had NO
side effects from that Taxol treatment. In fact, I saw a nutritionist for
the first time two days after chemo and she couldn't believe I was feeling
so good! At any rate, I share this in case it would help anyone else.

Use lots of cypress oil. It builds blood corpuscles, especially the white
cells. Apply it on the skin, breathe it, and take capsules of it. It will
accelerate the rebuilding of your immune system after chemo has destroyed
it. The doctors will be amazed at the speed of recovery from chemo when
cypress oil is used like this.

Dr. David Stewart

by on Jul. 29, 2007 at 2:40 PM
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