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Our first family garden!

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Question: I accidentally planted my broccoli a row over from my lettuce and I'm worried about them not playing nice! FYI I wanna leave the broccoli where it is because it is behind one of our tomatoes.


Don't worry, be happy :)

Don't freak out, but you may want to watch it.

Move the Lettuce!!!

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We started our family's first home garden this year and we jumped in feet first.

Planted my veggies in cups since the dirt isn't ready yet. This was around the end of March.

Alyssa started some watermelon seeds from a kit we got her.

Started my herb seeds like this and nothing happened :( I think there were too many seeds and they were too wet so I started over and just seeded my planter.

some of our peppers in their pots. We have: jalapeno, green, red, and yellow bells, banana peppers and cayenne peppers.


seedlings about a week before we transplanted them

Top: Broccoli, Bottom: Lettuce

Had to reseed the lettuce straight into the ground since these shoots didn't take to well to being handled.

My dd's watermelon plants that grew!

Update!! 5/9/11 - New pictures that I took on Mother's day before church and a few others. 

My herbs came in!! These are the second try I did and they grew! Too bad my labels washed off so I am waiting for everything but the dill to get big enough to identify...


Banana peppers

Bell Pepper, Guess what color!

The three sisters. Corn, Pole Beans, Butternut Squash. There are three rows of three corns plants with another row of 2 on the right hand side. Due to planting times and a mishap that took out the formerly tallest central stalk, all the corn are different ages! There is a second planting of beans (around the younger corn plants) in the ground now.

need to weed for my oldest carrots badly...

my row where I alternated leaf lettuce and rainbow chard! I've never even had chard before, lol... there is a lone broccoli pant left to the left there next row over...

and last but not least... the carrot seedlings I planted in April. Just planted another in the space off to the left for a batch in late July. In the right foreground is our habanero and I JUST noticed a bud right off the top looking at the photo on the new monitor hubby got me for my birthday ;). Sorry had to brag but I seriously didn't notice that on my phone!! ok That's it for now ladies! 

by on Apr. 23, 2011 at 10:49 AM
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by on May. 9, 2011 at 5:16 AM

Thank you :)

Quoting godsgirl26:

all your lil garden is so cute..

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