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Posted by on Nov. 9, 2009 at 10:54 PM
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So my friends and I have done this on our myspace and facebook are supposed to write 25 random things about yourself....below is my list....what are yours? (also if  you can't do 25, just do as many as you can!)

1. I have to have a fan on while I sleep no matter how hot or how cold it is. I am an insomniac, so I think the sound of the fan kind of soothes me a bit.

2. I love all kinds of music. I don't have a specific genre I listen to. The songs are what peaks an interest with me, not the genre.

3. I get goosebumps everytime I hear Beethoven's Ninth Sympony. I love classical music. It helps me relax and also cures any writer's block I may have with papers and assignments. I guess I have an artists mind but I am in no way artistically inclined.

4. My favorite color is green. I also like brown and grey. I like warm colors....I guess that makes me a bit odd...

5. I love taking pictures. I am a complete picture whore.

6. Corky Romano is the only movie that can make me feel better when I have had a shitty day. It never fails to make me crack up.

7. I live in Germany and hate it. There are parts of Germany that are beautiful but we didn't get lucky enough to be stationed in one of those parts.

8. I hate big cities. I am a small town girl.

9. I hate wearing make-up. I usually go without it unless I am going out somewhere and feel the need to put it on.

10. It is an off day if I don't have some kind of new cut, bruise, scrape, or scar. I trip and fall over flat, even surfaces. I also fall down and trip up stairs. I am just one big accident waiting to happen.

11. I have more grace and coordination when I have had at least one drink. I have no clue why, you would think I would be a bigger hazard when I have been drinking.

12. I find the stupidest things funny and will laugh forever about them. I will also burst out laughing about something I have thought about or something that occured the day before. People probably think I'm mental.

13. I have had the same best friend since grade school.

14. My family is completely crazy and off the wall. As hard as it is to believe, I am the quiet one in the family.

15. I have no problem speaking my mind. I don't like it when people put others down for something. I won't be afraid to tell you that you are a complete fucktard.

16. My mind is always racing. I think that is part of the reason that I never get any sleep.

17. I have inside jokes with my mom about the movies "Radio" and "The Green Mile." My dad thinks we're complete retards. He's probably right though.

18. My major is accounting. I will be the only accountant in history that isn't boring.

19. I love to read and just be by myself. My dad used to call me a hermit because I would come home from school, go straight to my room, work on homework and whatever else, and then possibly go out with friends. I was completely content just being in my own company.

20. The episode "Why We Fight" in Band of Brothers makes me cry every single time I watch it.

21. I am extremely stubborn and hard-headed. I hardly ever say that I'm sorry first. This isn't because of pride, but it's because that I won't fight or argue with someone unless I know that I'm right. Therefore, I shouldn't have to apologize.

22. I know all kinds of stupid celebrity trivia after just reading it once, but ask me to memorize something for a test and it will take me hours to catalog it in my brain.

23. I am a lot smarter than people give me credit for. I am restarting as a freshman in college at the age of 22 and I am not ashamed of that. I took the time to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life, and had some fun along the way. Most of the people I graduated with are almost done with college but cant say that they have had the experiences that I have had.

24. I am ambidextrous.

25. I can speak French. When I watch movies with people and they are speaking French in it, I have to translate for them. I can also count to at least 20 and know a few phases in German and Spanish.

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by on Nov. 9, 2009 at 10:54 PM
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