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I can't beleive she actually topped herself,* LOTS of cursing*

Posted by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:23 AM
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I just cant beleive it, I don't know weather to cry or kik her face is for just being a waste of breath... since my mom has come back into my life she always complaining about money and begging e for money. she normally always works but she has felonies so she can only get crap for jobs. and  then she got so drunk she fell off her porch where shes lived 15 plus years and broke her neck literally and had to wear a halo and couldnt work... WELLLL she gets her w2's I give her a number so she can file for free they wil help anyoe who gets assistance out it takes a couple weeks to get your stuff back but you keep ALL OF IT! well needless to say as soon as i stop riding her ass about waiting she runsright to h&r block nd pays them damN NEAR HALF to get it RIGHT NOW..... ( which is only the begining of the dumb moves) and a litlte backround shes severely alcoholic but she hasnt had a drink since before chistmas.... she takes her little half check TO THE FUCKIN CASINO AND GETS SMASHED AN LOOSES MOST OF IT... when she needs to fix her car and I have 2 younger brothers ( which is mostly why she got the return at all so a good portion should have went to help them) and my youngest brother owes 80 dollars to the school so he cant even eat lunch he has to eat cheese fuckin sandwhiches EVERYDAY... and guess what isnt getting paid... there clothes are ALL raggedy I had to go buy them clothes cause shes send them to my house BOTH IN SHORTS AND NO JACKET IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER( any it was even snowing) , cause thats all they have. and she fuckin blows it.... a fuckin psychopath poor excuse for a mother.......

and it just tears me up cause even just today my motherinlawand the rest of my hubbies family were bashing her and i waste my breath till im blue in the face trying to defend her and she does dumb stuff like this and just ends up makingmelook like an ass.

I pitty my brothers so bad and I wish I could give them morebut I shouldnt have to. I even had the money to pay austins school money so he could at least get good food at school but the hubby put his foot down and wouldnt allow it. which is hard to do but i completely understand his point of veiw thats taking out of our own kids mouths to fix something that is her responsiblity and she finds plenty of money to buy liquor.

I just sooooooo tired of defending her stupidity for her to not wise the fuck up.  This is a lecture a mothershould be giving there teenager,an it said that this is what its always been like. shes been fuckin up since i was like 15 and I got out quick and its a shame that my younger brother didnt even get to experiance a couple yearsof having a good mother I feel like they have been jipped

Sorry so long... Thanks for the vent I just don't even know what I should do

by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:23 AM
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by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:25 AM

Im so sorry u have to deal with that. How old are ur brothers?? Has she not applied for free lunch. is there a way u can get ur brothers. I mean take them.

by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:27 AM

aw jeeze honey i'm sorry. is there any way you can help your brothers get part time jobs to help them out? and maybe a restricted savings account with only you and them on it? I wish I had advice but I don't so here is a hug hugs

I am a Phoenix. I may go through fire but I will always rise above whatever life throws at me. I am a strong, smart and amazing. I'm not a size 2 but I still rock my husbands world so your preconceived notions about me don't matter. I am the pink in my world of blue and I like it that way.

by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:32 AM
I would be calling CPS if it were me. I would also be upset w/my hubby if he ever said I couldn't help my brother eat if he couldn't do it himself.
by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:47 AM

there 9, 18  and 18 , an yeah there 18 the one moved out and was like peace I don't have to deal with this shit ( which is how i was when i was 15 I seen it going nowhere fastso I can't really blame him) and the other older one works but she bums all his money as soon as he gets it.AND he needs the CAR which is now not going ot get fixed to get to work, which is already being driven illegal as hell and on its last limb

and I JUST had my son and have had 3 surgeries since then I just go clear to go back to work but restricted like 3 weeks ago. I mean were not doing horrible but we dont have enough to be supporting a whole other family. So yeah it sucks nad I do still sneak them money sometimes, but I can completely understand the hubby when he says that ... cause honestly this isnt the first time and he has in the begining willingly helped her.  and then just recently I needed her helpand the answer was I can't I'm drunk. I was out of the city for the holidays and I found out that my car had been towed caus eit was parked out back. and I wanted her to get my card and go get it so it wouldnt rack up a hell of a storage bill it was aready absurd as it was. and it sat there over a week and cost me almost $600 when it could have cost me $60 or even $100 the next day... NOT AT ALL in those 6 days I was gone she could go get it for me. I had even faxed them the paper saying she could get it. so I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND when they do stuf flike that, and I still stick up for her when everyone bashes her. it sickens me

by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 1:50 AM

Wow! Im sorry. I kinda know what your going through. My mom has been living with relatives for about 5 years now.

She has a decent job but wont get her own place. She just moves around. She will just show up at my house and stay without even asking! It pisses me off!

I would pay the $80 for your little bro. If your husband gets mad then he will have to deal. I could see him getting upset if you were giving your mom money but your brother can't help it!

Hope things work out. I would call CPS your brothers deserve better. Maybe he kids being taken will motivate her to get help!

by on Jan. 25, 2010 at 2:39 AM

I have thought aboutit PLENTY plenty of times, shell just blame me FOREVER,and even if i could do it annonomous. then shedd comerunning tome to get her outof it ,and that would just make my situation a whole hell of alot worse. and if for some reason they would find out it was e or even think it was me OMG cause if cps would come into that house they would ALLL lose there kids and theres like 15 people living in that house 9 of which are kids, well 2of them are 18 but i still consider them the kids too.  

well actually her and her X husband sleep  outback in a camper and the kids stay in the house with everyone else. zit's jsut the kind of stupidity you like read about but neve rthought it would be your family cause when i was younger and my brothers where still babies shed work 2 jobs and we were her life. it was like she just didnt know how to dealwith us as we got older. andmy poor little brother he got none of that hes 9 and shes spent 2 years of that in jail. and the last 5 or so drunk and slobbering on him which he can't stand... is sad when a 9 year old can compose him self and take care of himself better then some grown ass men i have met. props to him but htat just shouldnt be in the first place. (cause nowmy neice on my hubbys side is the  same age off by a week and she JUST started making herself breakfast and still dont know how to do her own clothes hes been doing that since like4 or so )

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