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The CafeMom Help Desk - Ask Questions Here! FAQs, Tips and Abbreviations...

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Cafe GroupAdmin
by Head Admin on Jul. 20, 2017 at 5:47 PM


Welcome to CafeMom. 

This list can always be found on the 1st page of The Newcomers Club in the The CafeMom Help Desk - Getting started on CafeMom post.

Some Common Abbreviations


BUMP - Bring Up My Post!  When someone posts "bump" in a reply to a post, they are bringing the whole thread to the top of the group so more people will see it.  The posts on the group are in order of when the last reply was added. 

AC = Adopted Child
AF = Aunt Flo
AP= Attachment Parenting
ATM = At the Moment 
AYT = Are You There 
BBL = Be Back Later 
BD = Baby Dancing 
BF = Boyfriend (also Best Friend, Breastfeeding or Breakfast, depending on context)
BFN = Big Fat Negative 
BFP = Big Fat Positive
BIL = Brother-In-Law 
BL = Belly Laugh 
BM = Biological Mom, Birth Mom (also Bowel Movement, Breastmilk or Bridesmaid, depending on context)
BRB = Be Right Back 
BTW = By The Way
CIO = Crying It Out
CM = CafeMom (can also mean Cervical Mucous)
CYL = Catch Ya Later 
DD = Dearest Daughter, Darling Daughter, etc
Darling Daughter-in-Law
DGC Darling GrandChildren or Darling GrandChild
DF = Dear/Darling Fiance 
DH = Dear Hubby (Or Husband), Darling Hubby, Darn Hubby, Dumb Hubby, etc 
DIKU = Do I Know You 
DS = Dearest Son, Darling Son, etc (can also mean Direct Sales) 
DSA = Direct Selling Association
DW = Dear/Darling Wife (also Dishwasher, depending on context)
EBF = Extended Breast Feeding
EOW = every other week
EOWE = every other weekend

ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival or Edited To Add
F2F = Face To Face 
FAQ = Frequently Asked Question 
FC = Foster Child
FIL = Father-In-Law 
FF = Formula Feed or Forward Facing (as in car seat)
FTW = For The Win
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FX = Fingers Crossed 
GF = Girl Friend 
GL = Good Luck
HTH = Hope That Helps 
IKWYM = I Know What You Mean 
IM = Instant Message 
IMHO = In My Humble/Honest Opinion 
IRL = In Real Life 
ISO = In Search Of 
ITA = I Totally Agree
JK = Just Kidding 
JMO = Just My Opinion/Observation
JUD = Jumping Up And Down
KWIM = Know What I Mean
LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off
LMBO = Laughing My Butt Off
LO = Little One
LOL = Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Laughs 
MB = Message Board 
MD = Meltdown 
MIL = Mother-In-Law 
MIS/DS = Moms In Sales Direct Selling
MM = Military Mom 
NAD = Nursing At Desk
NAK = Nursing At Keyboard
OIC = Oh I See 
OMG = Oh My Gosh
OP = Original Poster
OPK = Ovulation Predictor Kit
OT = Off Topic 
OTOH = On The Other Hand 
PIOG = Posted In Other Groups
PITA = Pain In The Acronyms
PM = Private Message
POV = Point Of View 
PP = Previous Poster
PTMM = Please Tell Me More 
RAK/DAK=Random Acts Of Kindness/Deliberate Acts Of Kindness
RE = Rolling Eyes
ROFL or ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing 
ROFLMBO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt Off 
SAH(M) =Stay At Home (Mom)
SD = Step Daughter
SFAG = Stolen From Another Group
SIL = Sister-In-Law 
SMH = Shaking My Head
SO = Significant Other 
S/O = Spin-off
SD = Step Daughter (or Step Dad)
SM = Step Mom
SS = Step Son
STBX = Soon To Be Ex
TIA = Thanks In Advance 
TFS = Thanks for Sharing
TMI = Too Much Information 
TOM = Time Of The Month 
TTC = Trying To Conceive 
TTYL = Talk To You Later 
TY/TYVM = Thank You /Thank You Very Much
WAH(M) = Work At Home (Mom)
WOTH(M) = Work Outside the Home (Mom)
WB = Welcome Back 
WTG = Way To Go
WTH = What The Heck
YW/YVW = You're Welcome/You're Very Welcome 

Quoting inevitablemama:

Hi! I just joined CafeMom becuase I'm writing about a discourse community for my English Comp II paper. I chose CafeMom because I'm a mother as well. Anyway, I need to know about the specialized language used among members of this community. Can you give me a list of acronyms, abbreviations or words used specifically among members of CafeMom? Or possibly direct me to a place where I can learn about that? I'm still learning my way around the website. Thank you!

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