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facebook family laughs.

Posted by on May. 24, 2010 at 12:07 PM
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Does anyone else have anything from facebook to share? I know me and my mom have our drama but she is my mom and i love her..well i just put this on her wall, now to get the whole thing my brother is here..sitting on my couch suppose to be doign my yard work.

the following is a commentary from facebook. lol

no one can do the things you do
like wipe my butt when you used to
or be the master of every task
or when you get mad not beat my ass
You support me whenever I call
your my cushion if ever I fall
You hated my dogs, but never made em go
i love you more than youll ever know
you go way farther than any mom could
your always doing ten times more than you should
your so funny you always make me laugh
im gonna try my best to follow your path
Thanks for always helping with my hair
and your prom dress that you let me wear
Thanks for always feeding me good=) and paying for school
im so proud of you mom, you just so dang cool
Mom dont be sad that I moved out
cause when youv had enough you can come to MY HOUSE:)
Your such a good mom, mom. I just wanted to tell you.
Mom no one could ever love you the way that I do

i made this up when i was talking to you. Wait..i am talking to you.. I love you mommie


brother: Why do you always talk about your butt and poop in the yard?

Me: shut up.

brother: make me

me: don't comment on my poem when you're on the other couch.

brother: comment comment comment

me: i'm telling mom

brother: go ahead

mom: Would you two stop it?

me: mommie do you like my poem?

brother: nope.

me: shut up brandon! I am not talking to you anymore. go cut my grass lazy butt.

brother. Wait; you're on face book, and on the phone, laying on the couch, and you're calling me lazy? Pot meet kettle.

me: bite me

mom: You two are horrible. Both of you need to get off your butts.

brother:  see mom agrees

me: Brandon Michael i will come at you like a spider monkey. Shut your face!

brother. Bite me

mom's friend. Shelly,  your children are hilarious.

mom: you have the children part right.

brother: What does that mean? Mom care to elaborate?

me: she is saying she wants to kick our asses like my poem says

mom. With a boot. A steel boot.

me: mommie that isn't nice.

mom: Well, look who started it.

me: see if i ever write you a poem again.

brother: Kyla is a sucker face always puckering up to someone.

me: eww brandon. GO cut my grass!

by on May. 24, 2010 at 12:07 PM
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