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Children and Dogs

Posted by on Feb. 9, 2011 at 5:05 PM
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 Seriously, just came home from the vet with 2 out of 3 of my dogs. The third is going tomorrow.

My nerves are on EDGE! Omg I'm so coming off of my anxiety it's not even funny.

The entire time there was a dad, and his three super cute kiddos (all under the age of 6 it appeared) and their super extra cute chocolate lab puppy of about 10wks or so.

Dad wasn't paying any attention to these kids the entire time...too busy on his phone. The oldest girl had the puppy on the leash, just letting the puppy go up to random dogs and she too stopped paying attention to him for a bit and it just ran loose until a worker told her to get the dog. Dad looked up for a split second.

Well, I usually sit in the back area of the waiting room bc one of my dogs has severe anxiety and it's just more comfortable back there.

A HUGE 90lbs German Sheppard (AMAZINGLY beautiful dog!) came in and sat with us. No biggie, he was very chill, older dog like one of mine, just minding his own business with his owner. Me and the older gentlemen started talking about my oldest dog (She's an Irish Setter and you don't see many of them anymore; so she's always the attention getter).

Well this little girl is just roaming around with the puppy on a fully extended leash. The guy is telling me how gentle his dog was, the entire time my eyes are just fixed on the dogs. Well the girl let the puppy get tangled up with the German Sheppard leash; and the big ol' German Sheppard lightly snapped and barked at the puppy, of course as a warning.

The dad didn't say a thing. I was like shit, that could have been bad....and I figured the little girl would get the hint and go back around the corner with the puppy. Nope.....she's just hanging out and the entire time you're seeing this poor old dog's anxiety level highten. The owner of the German Sheppard of course had his lead held tight and snug near the collar to prevent anymore issues and told the little girl that she needed to take the dog away.

She did and then one of the little girls goes OUTSIDE of the vet, dad still on his phone...........I said "excuse me sir, your kid just escaped out the door..."

Dad was clearly upset. So my dogs go in to get their workup done and I come out into the check out waiting area, right across the hall within seeing distance of the initial waiting room. Dad is now paying a little more attention but allowing his daughter to let their puppy go up to random dogs.

I was so nervous, I was like man, this could get UGLY!


Now, my nerves were already on edge before the puppy situation came into play. A family came in to pick up their animal from surgery and while waiting these 2 girls just kept coming up to every dog and touching them (WITHOUT owner permission).

OF COURSE they came over to me because of my Irish Setter and my other dog who's pretty cute too, lol. And I will NOT allow anyone to touch my animals without my permission. My other dog that I had with me, she has a habit of nipping when she's nervous. So I usually turn down anyone who wants to pet her because I'm not trying to have a lawsuit on me for me knowing how my dog reacts in certain situations.

I don't mind questions and if they want to take time to get to know her/them but usually it's just a quick pet and what's it's name...........sorry not enough time IMO.


I was waiting for a dog to bite them. I was the only one who put my foot down. I was dumbfounded that their mother allowed this!! My DS is NEVER allowed to touch an animal withouth MY permission and the permission of the owner......EVER!!


I understand that people "trust" their animals. Hell my dogs are 11, 7 and 3 so I have a very good understanding of them.

Do I fully trust my dogs? NO, absolutely NOT!

Take the German Sheppard today; the man said "he's never nipped before he'll be ok"........sure enough he did today. 10 year old does happen.

I trust that I know how my dog will react to stressful situations, and I also know how to prevent them.

Sorry had to vent.

And for anyone who tells me to mind my own buisness................I did with the German Sheppard and puppy thing. I just watched and didn't say anything

by on Feb. 9, 2011 at 5:05 PM
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by on Feb. 9, 2011 at 5:18 PM


by Emerald Member on Feb. 9, 2011 at 5:23 PM

yes it is dumb to allow anyone to just walk up to a strange person/animal.  What if someone there had a dog as "bait" to take children away?   DD never goes up to an animal unless she is invited to say hi and a quick pet.  We have taught her proper dog etiquette since she was able to walk.

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