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Ideas on fun things to do for a 13-year-old girl's birthday party??

Posted by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 12:48 PM
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I just made a post about some drama concerning my daughter's upcoming 13th birthday party this Friday, but now I'm looking for some fun!

There will be 9 girls plus my daughter here and they will be coming home with her after school and then staying the night. My daughter wants to play Bigger and Better and then watch a movie, but I want to try and possibly plan some more things for them to do.

*Bigger and Better is where they split into two teams of 5 and I give them something small from the house, like a Sharpie or a deck of cards. Then each group starts on opposite sides of the street and they go house by house around the block to see if each neighbor can "outdo" the item the girls house. For instance, if I give them a Sharpie to start with then they will go to the next house and ask if they have anything Bigger and Better to trade. Say the neighbors give them a jar of peanut butter (unopened of course) and then the girls move on to the next house to see if those neighbors have anyting Bigger and Better than the peanut butter. After they all go around the block then they come back and see what team brought back the Biggest and Best item. We have lived at this house for 13 months and have had 4 different "teams" come to our house now, so it's pretty popular around here.*

I think that game will only take about 45 minutes to an hour though, so I was hoping that you fantastic ladies had some other ideas for a group of ten 13-year-old girls to do? My daughter had mentioned making tye dye shirts too, but again that will only take maybe an hour at most. I just want to keep them all engaged so they don't start breaking off into little groups, which I'm sure will be hard to do.

Let's hear your awesome ideas! :)

by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 12:48 PM
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by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 12:49 PM
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a mani/pedi party!!!

by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 12:50 PM

Press-on fingernails


UH, IDK. When I was 13 I was into shit like that.

by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 2:46 PM

I thought about doing nails and such, but again I think that will only take maybe an hour, to do all 10 girls' nails. I will still probably do it though because I have a ton of different polishes and nail pens. I'm hoping to do maybe 4 or 5 different "activities" to keep everyone involved so they don't start grouping up together.

Thanks you guys!

by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 2:51 PM
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Balloon Dare

Write out a dare for every guest at the party, and slip each one into a balloon before blowing it up and tying the knot. One at a time, the guests choose a balloon and pop it to find the dare. Your guests then have to do the dare, or suffer the consequences.

Dares don’t have to be embarrassing, instead they could be more of a challenge (think Fear Factor or Treasure Island). Maybe they have to eat something out-of-the-ordinary like baby squid, or perhaps they need to complete a physical task. Check out our Fear Factor article for more ideas.

Consequences shouldn’t be embarrassing either, but rather something grossly fun. Maybe they have to eat a plate of custard with no hands, or agree to have the birthday child paint their face. Remember consequences shouldn’t be threatening or humiliating.

When preparing this game, you may want to talk to your teen about what dares are appropriate, and have the final say as to what goes in the balloon. You will also need to agree on a consequence that is safe and appropriate in your home. Good luck!

Truth, Truth, Lie

When your guests arrive, give them each a card to write down three facts about themselves. Two of the things must be true, and one of them must be a lie. When everyone has arrived, have each guest read out their facts, and everybody else must try to work out the lie. The person who guesses the most ‘lies’ correctly – wins!

Name that Song

Get a selection of DVDs together and have your guests try to guess each song, by only playing a few seconds of music. You could play the first few beats, or to make it even harder, record a small snippet from the middle of each song. 


This is a great game for a party with both boys and girls, and works best with lots of guests. If your teen is still in the early stages of ‘liking boys’ (or girls), then this game can be lots of fun.

Set up a circle of chairs, and have all the girls take a seat. The boys then take their place standing behind a girl of their choice, with one boy standing behind an empty chair. The boy with an empty chair winks at a girl, who then jumps up to take the empty spot. If the boy behind her tags her shoulders before she gets away, she must stay seated. If she makes it out of the chair, the game continues with a new winker.

How you play this game will depend on the number of girls vs. boys at the party. If the numbers aren’t even, make sure you jumble it up so there is more than one same-sex pair to begin with. Having a mixture of pairs will stop any teasing that may occur.

Wink Murder

Have all the guests close their eyes, and choose one guest to be the murderer by tapping them on the shoulder. All the other guests are detectives. When everyone opens their eyes, the murderer must start ‘killing’ off the detectives by winking at them one by one. If a guest is winked at, they need to die – very dramatically - so everyone knows they have been killed. 

If a guest thinks s/he can solve the mystery (i.e. who the murderer is), s/he  can shout out their name. If they are right, they win the game, but if they are wrong, they have to die. If the murderer manages to kill everybody without being found out, the murderer wins.

Nail Polish Spin the Bottle

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is a game for girls.

Have your guests sit in a circle, and place several different nail polishes around the inside. The birthday girl starts by spinning a soft drink bottle in the middle of the circle, and then painting one fingernail with whichever polish it ends up pointing at. The guests then take turns spinning the bottle, and painting one finger nail in the chosen colour. The game continues until everybody has all 10 nails painted in different polish.

T-Shirt Keepsake

Teenagers like the idea of having a keepsake, especially one they can show off. Purchase a plain coloured T-Shirt, and a few tubes of fabric paint. As each guest arrives get them to sign their name, write a message, or draw a picture for the birthday child. If your child doesn’t want a T-shirt, you could use a pillowcase or cushion cover instead.

Fabric paints are available from good craft stores for approximately $4 per tube. Look for brands that do not need specialist setting, but instead simply dry by themselves or can be heat-set using an iron or hair dryer.

Remember your teenager may not want any sort of games at their party, and instead choose to just ‘hang out’. This is fine if there are only 2 or 3 friends invited, but if there’s more than that, cliques can start to form without planned entertainment. Girls can be particularly vicious, and the party can literally end in tears. 

If your teens are really anti-games, why not take them out for an activity instead. For some great ideas on where to go, check out ‘Teenage Parties’ (coming soon) in our Birthday Themes section.

by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 3:13 PM
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Are you able to take pics and print them? They could have a lot of fun if you set up an area to take pictures (hang a sheet backdrop and provide simple and fun accessories, knick knacks etc) and then once they are printed to make scrapbook pages or collages. You could probably find dollar store frames and they could decorate them if they are a "crafty" group. While the pics are printing they could do a different activity.

Food always take some time too. Maybe have them make their own pizzas including tossing the dough!
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by on Jan. 25, 2012 at 3:17 PM
See if theres a facepaint artist in your area
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