The Westboro Baptist Church just announced they will picket the funeral of Charlie and Braden Powell, who were killed earlier this week by their father. From the Twitter feed of Margie Phelps, daughter of the haters' founder Fred Phelps:

Westboro Haters Picket

And what exactly did the Powell boys do to deserve this? They lived in Washington State, which is primed to pass a bill establishing marriage equality. Thus, for something completely out of their control and having nothing to do with them, the Westboro haters will picket their funeral. The Westboro haters were already sick with their whole "G-d Hates Fags" hate message and their picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers. This, however, takes it to a new low.

They may have the First Amendment right to engage in this disgusting behavior. However, I have that same right to speak up and call out their hatred and bigotry and their disrupting the funeral of innocent boys killed by their father, further distressing an already grieving family. I am a believer. However, unlike their G-d, who hates and hates and hates, the G-d I believe in loves and looks down upon behavior such as theirs with absolute disgust.