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My baby may have measles :( OMG Update 3 Tuesday Results

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DS is 10 months old, he has been sick since Monday. Today he developed a whole body rash. We took him right back to the Pediatrician. They are concerned he could have measles or the German measles. He has a blood test in the morning to find out. I am so afraid for my son, and for my unborn baby. I am pregnant, and if I get sick with it that is not good because it causes birth defects in 20% of the cases a woman gets it in early pregnancy. I am praying its not measles or German measles. I am 100% pro vaccinations and this is exactly why! My OBGYN is supposed to call me back in the next hour to tell me what................ and as I was typing that she called. Well, ok, I will NOT panic. I am panicking! She said that if its German measles that they would recommend to terminate the pregnancy because of the birth defects it causes. I told her that option wasn't on the table and no matter what we will carry to term. She is totally supportive of that and said now all that we can do is wait and see what DS blood tests have to say. I think I am going to vomit.

Update 1 Friday

We had DS blood drawn late this morning. No one slept well last night. Me especially I just couldn't sleep. I spent most of the night with one hand on my bump and the other holding DS's hand praying. The blood draw was far from easy. When we got to the lab I asked the tech if she had much experience drawing babies her reply was short rude of "Its my job." No crap its your job that wasn't the question I asked if you had much experience drawing babies. Turns out she didn't! She looked at his arms for over 10 minutes and then finally called in her supervisor to do the draw. It took him less than a minute to find a vein and then very quickly the draw was over. DH held DS for it. I just couldn't do it. My stress and concern DS would have picked up on and it would have made it harder for him. My poor baby screamed bloody murder through it all. As soon as he had a band aid on I swooped him up in my arms in a tight cuddle and he immediately stopped crying and snuggled his face into my veil. :( Now its a waiting game. The doctors office said they will call as soon as they get the results and it should be Monday or Tuesday. His rash has become a bit more severe and has continued to spread and is now all over his face as well. He doesn't seem to be itchy so that's a plus. He is taking a nap right now and I am going to try to get a little rest while he does. I spoke with my OBGYN right before I began this update. Its still the same, wait, see, and then move forward. The only draw back is that there isn't a blood test for regular measles, only for German measles. Positive side, I am immune to German measles and that is the one which causes the birth defects, negative news regular measles can cause miscarriage, still birth, or preterm labor. :(


Update 2 Monday

I am waiting on the results from the doctor. I called a few hours ago and was told someone would be calling me back. I talked to the doctor late Friday because DS rash started to get a bit worse. The reason she is concerned that this is measles is because when we went in last Monday for his fever he had a rash around his mouth and the rash looks different than a viral rash. It is possible that it is only a viral rash and not measles seeing as DS had my sensitive fair skin and a viral rash may just presents more severe than normal. Either way I appreciate them playing it safe since I am pregnant and if it measles we need to be prepared and have all of the information. DS rash has thankfully gone away now. It peaked and then reseeded. This has been a horrible few days.

Update 3 Tuesday

The doctor called late Monday with the results. Thank God its not measles or German measles. The Doctor still isn't 100% about what caused the fever and rash. Its such a massive relief it wasn't something as serious as measles for DS's health and for the ramifications on our unborn baby. If it occurs again I am going to insist she go all "House" on it and find out exactly whats going on. DS is perfectly normal now and we are just so so so grateful. Thank you ladies for all of the support. As for the vax don't vax debate its your children ladies but then its not JUST your children. To protect the population there has to be herd protection for the vulnerable who are unable to be vaccinated due to age or specific medical condition so if more and more people don't vaccinate that herd protection goes away. Look at the recent cases outbreaks of whooping cough due to the breakdown in herd protection. I have a vaccine preventable illness that will shorten my life, if I would have been vaccinated for it as a child I wouldn't have this issue. My adopted father became sterile from a sever case of the mumps, my grandmother and childhood friend had polio. These are serious serious serious diseases. Everything in life is a risk but you have to take the risk vs the benefit. Vaccines are safe and they are effective. Just like you could die in a car crash FROM wearing a seat belt you or your child could have an adverse reaction to a vaccination, but that remote risk shouldn't keep you from wearing a seat belt or vaccinating. Overall I urge you to talk to your and your child's doctor about the risks and the benefits of vaccinations so you can get accurate information, and if your child doesn't have a serious medical reason not to be vaccinate to vaccinate. It will help protect your child and others from these potentially deadly diseases. 

by on Apr. 19, 2012 at 4:50 PM
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by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 9:19 PM
Me too

Quoting mommyoftwo103:

I'm so glad is not measles!!! yay!!!!! I agree with you and vaccines! :)

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by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 9:20 PM

I'm glad it's not the measles. I know that is such a relief to know.

I don't know if this was already asked or not. Was he on an antibiotics or amoxicillin for ear ache or anything?

I'm asking bc that's how I found out my 2nd dd was allergic to amox. She was cutting teeth and got a double ear infection and that's what they gave her. Two days later she was covered in a terrible rash. I took her in on the 3rd day and that's what they were able to figure out.

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