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Things that annoy a cell phone rep!

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I work for a cell phone company. There are just a few things that drive me crazy when it comes to customers.
1. When you come in to pay a bill, please know what the phone number is. Or have a bill with you.
2. It's not my fault that you declined the insurance and broke your phone. No we can't add insurance after you break the phone.
3. When you bring a phone in to have us look at it, please inform us that you dropped it in a toilet before handing it over.
4. I don't want boob sweat on my hands, do please don't take the phone out of your bra right in front of me.
5. It's not my fault you didn't pay Your bill. Don't get pissed at me because the phone isn't working.
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by on May. 2, 2012 at 11:15 AM
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by on May. 3, 2012 at 9:47 PM

I have to take a few moments to remember my phone number, because I don't call if often and I don't often need to give it out. But I do know it.

Sometimes the differences from month to month are because of taxes, or 911 fees, or several other items that will change from one month to another.

For the Reps:

The only problem I have with customer service representatives involves the ones who probably have been having one of those days. You know where every customer yells, and there is nothing you can do that is good enough? I understand, however I didn't yell at you. There is no need to be snooty with me, to treat me as if I'm an annoyance and nothing more or just plain be rude when I ask you what may be a stupid question. It doesn't happen often, thank goodness, but it leaves a deeper impression than all the other times when you were polite, friendly or at least quick to help.

For customers:

Remember that the people you are talking to are people too.

They will, more times than not, do everything they can to help you resolve your issue.

They are not responsible for your mistakes, and they are not able to do everything you may want them to do without sending it up the line to a supervisor.

They are most likely the lowest level when it comes to getting you certain changes in your account, or getting you a refund or discount. Don't blame them for following the procedures they are told to follow.

Be polite and ask for someone else who can help, if you aren't satisfied.

One tip for people who are having trouble with a bill, don't call billing. Their job is to get you to pay. Call the customer retention people. They can be found under the option to cancel your downgrade your account. Their job is to get you to stay with the company. They will often help work a way for you to pay your bill and still keep your phone on. I've had to go that route once, they were able to get things set up so I was paying the past due bill $50 a month along with my normal bill. Billing would only let me pay the whole thing at once. It was over $700 because my DH trusted his foster sister who ran through all our minutes, even the roll over ones (we had thousands) and went over our plan minutes by about 2000 minutes in just 2 months. To this day she hasn't paid one penny, not even the $20 she promised she would in order to get the phone in the first place. Anyway that's a different rant.

Basically, if you are nice to people they will more often than not be nice back.

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