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he beat me while i was holding my daughter-edit

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ok now that i got your attention. btw that did happen but im over it...

SO dd1's father (guy mentioned in title) is in prison (i have posted about him before). he started seeing this guy....this fucker molested HIS NEPHEW. a bunch of times but was charged with 3 counts of child molestation. well now he plans on getting aplace with him when they get out (like a week apart). (sick fucker is in his 50's dd1s sd is 22). WELL due to this news (which he told me himself) i have decided to stop allowing dd to go visit him. reason being....i do not want her getting to know a guy who will not be involved in her life!! which if he is going to be with this sick fuck he will not be. SOO his mother tells he "hes PROBABLY just yanking your chain" well then until i see differently i said she will not be seeing him. she says im over reacting SOO what do you think?!?! wwyd? and no he is not in prison for beating me...wi doesnt give a fuck if a man beats his woman...he is in for a drug charged turned to revocation for leaving the jail on huber when he wasnt suppose to, to revocation for harrassing me when there was a no contact order put in by his p.o.

edit- LEGALLY the bf is not allowed around children but ik his mother would bring her there and keep it 'their little secret' ALSO i was told that he and i HAVE to go to mediation which has to wait until he gets out in order to get permanment full placement and change the custody order so i have sole custody (it is 50/50 right now)...or they said i could get a lawyer which i can not afford.

by on May. 15, 2012 at 8:25 PM
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by on May. 15, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Good god woman you need help with common sense. If you think that his mother would do this, simply don't let her have baby. Duh. If he beat you and had absolutely no fear of harming your child then why in the HELL would you take that precious little baby to see this fuck face? Come on woman!!! Protect that child!
by CAFE SASSY HBIC on May. 15, 2012 at 10:15 PM

Then don't leave her with His Mom again.If she wants to see the child....make her come to you and stay where you can supervise the visits with her

Quoting HadnKmom:

i dont take her his mother does....this happened years ago and the police never got called....i just grabbed a coat for her and her car seat and left....we have a court order of 50/50 custody and i have temorary primary placement (we nevergot far enough in court for anything due to his incarceration) 


So he beat you with HER in your arms and you take her to go see this piece of shit? Father or not... He would never seen me or my DD again.

by on May. 16, 2012 at 12:47 AM
I am going to assume you did as I did, filed for cs with the atty general and in doing so got the custody orders? in that case, the woman was correct. Outside of the initial orders, they don't help. You have to go to family court for any modifications.

Quoting HadnKmom:

the not so nice lady at child support

Quoting prdmomnarmywife:

Who told you that ?

Quoting HadnKmom:

i was told i needed a lawyer if i wanted to get full custody and everything while he was incarcerated.

Quoting prdmomnarmywife:

You go to court and tell the judge you do not want your child in that home or around the molester , tell him/her to add it to court order with their name . They will do it , because it is in the best interest of the child . I had to have the same done . You also do not NEED a lawyer to go to court , I never had one . If the judge doesn't do this then you go to the news .

Quoting HadnKmom:

i cant.  the court says we NEED to do mediation and that has to wait until he gets out...or i can get a lawyer (that i cant afford) and do it that way. so again...wwyd?!?! just let your child get attached to someone who CHOSE a child molester over their child? (i gave him the option and i did warn him)

Quoting WifeyC:

You can't just not let him see his child.  if you feel your child will be in danger then take it to court and make it legal. 

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