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Question: Could you eat what this guy ate in one sitting?





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The other day, I took dd to McDonald's after a special shopping trip.

We seldom eat there and usually get it to go and eat at home.

It was interesting seeing the people inside, there. LOL

Anyway, this guy in front of  me was ordering for himself and 3 other kids.  I eavesdropped on his order and watched them all go sit down and eat.  He ate TWO double cheeseburgers, fries and all that jazz...then when they were leaving, he ordered 2 fish sandwiches and proceeded to eat them on the way out the door.

That's like 4000 calories...for lunch!  LOL

Who eats like that?

by on May. 21, 2012 at 2:11 PM
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by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:01 AM

Many people do, that's why obesity is pushing 50% and our kids are the first generation to have a life expectancy SHORTER than their parents!

by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:02 AM
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by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:09 AM

I don't eat at McDonalds but when we do eat fast food(not often, perhaps once a month) I can eat a wendys 1/2 pd double cheeseburger and a 1/4 single cheeseburger and a medium soda but I'll split the fries with dh who can only eat one 1/2 pd double cheeseburger and 1/2 my fries.

I am not fat, I'm 5'6 and 118 pds. to look at me you have to wonder where the heck do I put all that food LOL. and no I don't have a hollow leg like my Grandma use to think I did.

by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:10 AM

My so can and hes not fat!I dont how he does it.And he does it all the time.

by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:10 AM

I'm fat and that much food would make me sick. When we go to Mickey D's I usually get 1 fish sandwich, medium fries, and a medium drink. And I have a hard time finishing htat. 

by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:17 AM
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Since were playing guess the other person... I've come up with a storyline :)

The guy you seen we'll call him Joe use to be married to a spoiled princess named... Nina ya,

they came from 2 very different walks of life, he was raised to live and let live and she well was very judgemental of others she thought if she made fun of others it would make her friends and cover up the very lonely pointless life she was raised to live.

Joe put life into her but her family just wouldn't have it.

Joe finally reclaimed his balks and asked Nina for a divorce.

Joe and Nina had 3 children..

Nina of course gained custody of the children since Joe would spend 12-14hr days working 5-6 days a week, and even though Ninas family was wealthy or claimed to be... Like a typical yuppy Nina would buy things she didn't need an call Joe a bad dad if he refused to pay pay pay...

Joes kids don't get to see him much. Nina only allows the nanny to feed the children Soy based products all natural and no treats not because she wouldn't like a normal mom cave in but since she's not much a normal mom and very rare actually watches her own children (the nanny does) what?? A girls gotta tan, shop & lord she needs her rest! So the kids almost never get treats! Well least not under Moms watch ;)

Joe picks his children up 1x a week and the kids pick where they would like to go:) Joe loves his kids but very much so dreeds seeing his EX wife as she is always bitching and putting him down!

He thinks to himself that his mother was right.. Beauty is first found on the inside, if you only see it on the outside then it's no different then any painting.. Maybe pretty but chances are it's completly worthless and certainly not a collectors item! Sometimes you might get a fake but like with all lessons learned in life eventually you'll see it for what it is.

Joe picked up his children for there weekly visit and on this particular day they shouted screamed and chanted "We want Mc Donalds Daddy" Please....

Joe knows Nina will be mad if he takes them but then he thinks to himself??? When isn't she?

So off to Mc Donalds they went. Joe hadn't eatton all day so ordered himself 2 double cheeseburgers (because they are cheapest) and fries he really wanted a bacon angus but he wanted the kids to get what they wanted so picked the cheapest way to fill his belly rather then the giant single sandwich.

Yup joes a hard working man! He's a farmers son you see.. He was raised to work hard, judge not and love often. Joe can remember as a young boy waking up to help dad milk cows at 5am! After they would break for breakfast.. Mom would cook them a feast (as anybody who does LABOR work you burn off much calories so require much more then the men who punch numbers on calculators as they figure the best way to Rob the poor) but that's another story!

Joe sure could go for some his moms homemade beef angus burgers smothered in onions from the garden with a heart salad and fried Jojos ( thick cut fries) but this is what kids like so it would fo just fine:)

as the children ate Joe realized the fish sandwiches were on sale buy 1 get one for 1 penny and Joe being a man couldn't get over that deal and being a big hard working guy he decided he'd get 2 on the way out 1 for the ride to take his loving children back to his Ex...

And the other he planned to take for lunch the next day

On the ride home his kids thanked dad for a fun day and the oldest asked Dad why did that lady in line keep looking at us?

He said oh I think that was one of your mothers friends... The look in her eyes reminded him much of his EX and almost spoiled his meal! That's why he had decided to take that first bite on his way out... To show Nina.. She couldn't spoil his appetite much less his day, he smiled cuz he knew even though he only gets his kids 1 day a week.. That he build more memories then Nina ever could and someday he'll be taking his grandkids to Mc Donalds and lucky Nina will have no say..

She will have to resort to gossip on forums. She won't be sorry she won't care, long as 1 person sees her way she will justify her judgemental lifstyle and continu her rain of misery her whole life through..

And when she passes

her kids will remember her

how she judged

how she spoke ill of others

how she always wanted everything perfect!

But thanks to Joe the kids might just beable to escape very hard therapy bills or repeating moms behavior!

Anybody wanna add on please feel free there's plenty gaps to add more =)
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by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:18 AM

After eating just one burger from any fast food joint I immediately feel disgusted wth myself, I'm usually looking for a box of laxatives or two or three of sagara capsuls to get that junk out of my system. Lol  So I don't see how that man did that!

by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:26 AM
Sorry for my many grammer mistakes but it's hard typing on a iPhone lol

long as you know 2+2= FISH and 3+3=8 and 7+7= Triangle

you should be able to set periods an commas where forgot and mend a miss smelled word

* spelled lmao
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by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:27 AM
Two cheese burgers doesnt seem like a lot. If he was eating two Big Macs then I'd be concerned. Lol
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by on May. 23, 2012 at 1:34 AM
I have a hard time eating anything at McDonnalds, much less that much. I stick to salads, parfeits and apple dippers when I'm there and let me tell you, my body complians everytime
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