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Let Him Stay In It- Dirty Diaper (EDIT)

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I worked in the babysitting room at an athletic facility, and per company policy, caregivers were not allowed to change a diaper with a BM...we had to go get the parent and then they had to leave their workout to come change many times i heard, "oh just let him stay in it til i'm done"...really??? you expect us to deal with that stench while you work out and wont be back for an hour?  Not to mention, no other kids will play near him cuz he stinks, and h'es stinking up the entire room...i'm sorry i had to drag you out of your workout, but there is more to think about here than just your waistline..............  I think its rotten a mother thinks more of her workout, than to come change her toddler who is sitting in his own poop.   

EDIT: It is written in the gym policy that the PARENT has to come change diapers. They KNEW  what they were signing, and KNEW they had to change their own kids, as it was reitterated when they visited the room. 

by on Jun. 10, 2012 at 7:49 AM
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by on Mar. 5, 2013 at 8:11 AM
When I went to the gym I would immediately stop what I was doing to take my kids to the bathroom I would just do jumping jacks in the bathroom lol! Yeah that very poor parenting,poor kid
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by Silver Member on Mar. 5, 2013 at 8:52 AM

Quoting nicsmama09:

Why cant you guys change them

It's the same rule at the gyms here in my state.

by on Mar. 5, 2013 at 9:03 AM

lol it doesnt even take me ten minutes to change a poopy diaper and i do cloth :)

Quoting L1558:

I was able to change a poopy diaper FAST! Super fast. Get in, get done, move on! ;o)

Quoting emmy526:

(i know that)...i was just kinda commenting at the comment because i have never seen it take a mom there only a minute to change a poopy diaper.  

Quoting Ijstwnt2Palone:

Takes ME a minute.. is that better?.... and that was towards the MOMS not u!

Quoting emmy526:

a minute?? to change a poopy diaper??   at this place, it was more like 10mins.....and then theres the tantrums that ensue because mom prolongs leaving the babysitting room again, so next time, she waits longer to come change him.   And the same thing happens again anyways.  Yes, at times moms do have to leave their workout for the rest of the session, but that comes with 'mommy' territory...

Quoting Ijstwnt2Palone:

That's sad.... it takes a minute to change a diaper and be on your way. Selfish jackasses...

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