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OMG My Doctor Just Called Im So Upset, 08/21 APPT UPDATE #2!

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Im 34 & half weeks pregnant-

At 29 weeks went for my GD test (1 hour) they didn't tell me to fast and since its my first and I didn't know, I drank Orange Juice on the way and had some sprite. It came back with my #s elevated. I couldn't go for the 3 hour one till recently, but they gave me a perscription to do a 1 hour one again since I didn't know I had to fast  fast and I don't need unnecessary blood drawn so just take 1 hour again, I go tomorrow 8AM.

Anyways, I had an US done monday night, my baby is 7lbs12oz according to the US.

Dr calls just now and says "Amy, we need you to do that GD 3 hour test immediately we believe you have diabetes there is no excuse why at almost 35 weeks your baby is so enormous. You probably have Diabetes, your chance of a vaginal delivery are slim to none-because by the time you're full term your baby will be like 10 lbs and you will need a c-section. Your baby is too big then a normal baby and you probably have diabetes.

I said but you tested me for diabetes I was negative, dont you mean GD? She said yes Gestational not regular but definately gestational because your baby is huge and I dont think you will deliver normally we will probably have to schedule you for cesarean.

I FEEL LIKE CRYING !!!!!! I dont know what to do, I thought U/S were not always correct on the weight?! I never had surgery Im so scared and scared for my baby. I am switching DRs i made a post about it, I see my new OBSGYN tomorrow because these people are known for c-sections and induction and this new dr is known for natural childbirth and so therefore I am seeing her.

Please advice, what do you think. Besides I drink lots of caffeine (soda) unfortunately, they say it lowers birth weight and mine is coming out to be obese according to her...Im so scared advice/comments please.


***My appointment with the new Dr was supposed to be a 2pm. She called me just now and said "Amy you were asked when you called if your pregnancy was healthy you said yes and you were asked if you had any issues you said no...well we just got your chart and according to it you gained almost 70lbs in your pregnancy and you were given a 1hour test and failed it, and never did the 3 hour test."

I explained to her that the ladies did not tell me to Fast, only if I failed the one hour I had to fast for the 3 hour, and when I told them I had soda and orane juice prior to the test they concluded thats why I failed the test, they gave me another 1 hour to do instead of the three hour and I went this morning.  She said "Amy no one gains almost 70lbs in pregnancy and you were a bit overweight to begin with so it tells me you do have GD and you WILL need a c-section the baby is big so you can not do regular birth and youre a big risk here because of your weight you may end up bleeding out during the c-section and because we only practice out of a community hospital we wont be able to save you." She said I would have to go to a Hospital where if an emergency happened which is likely during my ceserean they could have a better chance of saving me. She also said my babies lungs because of the weight are probably not even developed and will need extensive medical care because big babies dont have healthy lungs... I am 5'10, I went in at 265 and now am 330. My doctor NEVER told me I was unhealthy, I DO NOT have high blood pressure, I have NO health problems Ive been checked A-Z everything and nothing has been wrong so far thank God but to these people Im a big health risk.

OMG I dont know what to do Im crying my eyes out I don't know where to go who to see where to turn, the only hospital known for pushing natural birth turned me down...she didn't even see me she said it would be pointless. 

Suggestions :(

UPDATE #1: I am seeing my original OBSGYN (the one from the first call regarding the fetal weight) TOMORROW, TUESDAY 08/21. I called today to confirm my appointment and asked if my 3 HOUR GCT results had come in and she said yes they arrived and I asked if there was a problem the doctor would call me she said "Yes, absolutely" so far, 6 hours later, no call. I will find out definately tomorrow, and will update. I plan to ask questions, seek the best alternative and tell you exactely our plans. As far as my weight, I am seeing a dietitan and coming with a great plan to lose weight effectively postpartum. I can not thank you enough for the support, concerns, and even the ones who can be alittle bitchy-all your views are right in a way and I thank you all very much. I will title it tomorrow UPDATES #2

Update #2:

I saw the Doctor and I DON'T HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES!! I maintained the same weight since my last appointment. I asked her if I would need a c-section she said well we really don't know right now because we thought you were + for GD, but since you're not we'll have to wait and see. She gave me an ULTRASOUND perscription to be done next monday when I will be 36 weeks and I see her again on Wednesday, 08/29. So thankfully, NO GD, baby is very active and said to be in the 90th %tile of weight. So they said they will just monitor her weight with an u/s every 2 weeks and so far everything is good. She was happy to hear I am seeing a dietitian and said whatever I am following seems to be working so far because I didn't gain anything since almost 2 weeks ago. :D Will update next Wednesday!

by on Aug. 15, 2012 at 5:42 PM
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by on Aug. 20, 2012 at 6:07 AM
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Uh... My child was ten pounds even, and has perfect lungs.

No issues at all.
by on Aug. 20, 2012 at 10:03 AM
Peewee! That's so cute. :)

Quoting stctnmpowell:

Yeah it was pretty crazy they said if I would have carried to term he could have been 12+ lol. He spent 3 1/2 weeks in nicu. It was kinda surreal because he look full term but lungs just weren't ready and the a terrible bout of jaundice. The nicu dr gave him the name of peewee and almost 6 years later that is still his nickname

Quoting RainyDayLazy:

Woah! I had my son at 32 weeks and he was 4lbs 6oz and the dr said he was a good weight for so early.

Quoting stctnmpowell:

I had my 3rd ds at 32 weeks he weighed 8lb 12 oz. I was tested for gb 3 times passed the all. He was my 4th c-section. Dr said that because of his weight my body was telling me that it was time... But he was large but his lungs weren't developed all the way. Maybe that's why they are concerned???? That if he gets to big that he might come early??? I am not a doctor! Just don't stress out. Do what you feel is right you know your body more than any could ((hugs)) and prayers for you and your baby

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by on Aug. 20, 2012 at 4:50 PM
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I am not trying to discourage you at all I just want the best for you whatever you choose inshallah it will be the best. I am just not going to tell you what i think you want to hear but an honest opinion. dh and I have put off Hajj now two years in a row due to childbirth. We were discussing it this year when we got pregnant again and had to put it off. That I would need time and to wait. Dh has made ummrah and it was a lot but still nothing compared to Hajj. There is so so so so so much walking plus the heat it is a physical challenge for even those who are fit and then you have the plane ride and stress of travel. You making Hajj could very well be a once in a lifetime event and inshallah when you go it will be easy and rewarding for you. You so can get the weight off after baby is born. If you breastfed that could also help. Breastfeeding made me loose weight fast. I have about 70 pounds to lose after Khalid is born. I am about 215 will gain another 5 or so before he is born so I understand where you are coming from with the desire to get it off. You may not know this but I am also a diabetic and I know the risks of having any form of diabetes during pregnancy. inshallah tomorrow you will know more and have a safe birth plan in place that satisfies your desires as well as your doctors.

Quoting Mommy2BeAmy:

Wow mashallah thanks for the reply sister. I didn't know that's how it was after birth it's my first. Sis I plan on dropping my weight after the baby. I see a dietitian now planning meals and daily routines. I am hoping for 100 lbs in a year inshallah. It's not even half a pound a day. It might be better hajj next year inshallah. Thanks so much for your reply it's very appreciated sis.

Quoting jadsmummy:


Quoting Mommy2BeAmy:

Quoting jadsmummy:

I say this in the kindest way I can because I sincerely care about you. Your my sister in Islam and I don't want to see you hurt. I just read your update and unfortunately the doctors do have valid points. With your current medical status it could very well be dangerous for you to attempt a vaginal childbirth. Two physicians now have said they do not recommendit and advise a c-section. I know its hard when you have a dream of how you want to birth and that dream can't or doesn't go through. I will say though that how you birth isn't as important as how you love raise and cherish your child. Having a "natural" vaginal birth doesn't make you more of a mother it just means baby made his or her exit out of your vagina. Just like having a c-section doesn't make you weak it just means baby made his o her exit with a bit of extra help out of you lower abdomen. Neither makes you more or less of a mother. It isn't like it used to be with once a c-section always a c-section. This is baby number 1 of inshallah many more blessings to come. Take this as an opportunity after she is born to get really healthy, get the weight off before becoming pregnant again and then inshallah you can have a vaginal delivery. All in all, the only thing important is having a healthy baby.

Asalaamu Alaikum sister & Eid Mubarak
I feel I can give a vaginal birth. My baby has dropped since 29 weeks and has been in the position for birth. I feel pain in my groin and can't close my legs which suggests dilation. The midwives there seem to think ill be fine for natural but I will tell my OB when I see her Tuesday I would like a trial birth but if no progression before taking chances then I'll go for c section. I'm against c section because I plan to utilize gym after birth and a c section will prevent me. Also h & I are planning hajj inshallah and well have to push it off if I get cut open. But dh and I feel whatever gets her here safest so inshallah I'll discuss with OB and take her advice.
I thank you for your reply
Wasalaamu Alaikum

Eid Mubarak!

DS2 is also in position and dropped. I have the same thing at 30 weeks had it with DS1 also. However I didn't begin dilating until the day before I gave birth. So you just never know. With JadI had the easiest vaginal delivery. His head was out in 3 contractions of pushing and that was wih an epidural and not able to feel or move my left leg. No birth trauma whatsoever and I was discharged about 12 hours later to go home because I was doing so well. Even with how well the birth went physically I wouldn't have even attempted to work out or anything for several weeks. My sister also had a vaginal birth and her experience and recovery was much different than mine. It was hard on her, she had a lot of damage and had an extended recovery. My bff has had both a c-section and vaginal birth and her recovery times were the same. You just never know how it will work out. Trying to make hajj so soon after delivery will be tough either way. Hajj this year is only a few weeks away. I know because I am due on Eid. If you gave birth full term that would only give you 6-8 weeks to recover. That is enough time to physically recover but with the weight gain you have had and trying to make hajj with such a young infant in my opinion would be too much for any woman. My mother in law has made hajj and ummrah numerous times. Its a deeply moving spiritual experienceas well as an intense physical one. Honest advice put off hajj until next year after you have had time to recover bond with your baby, and get some of your weight off. Physically, emotionally it could just be too much for you. The first few weeks and months are so important recovering, bonding, and all and all just learning how to mother. Don't put more on yourself than you can handle. If you can do it alhamduallah just don't feel like you have to do more than you can because you expected it of yourself before you were actually there.

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by on Aug. 20, 2012 at 4:53 PM
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It will all work out in the end :) Keep staying positive :)

by on Aug. 20, 2012 at 4:55 PM
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I am so glad to hear that you got the longer test done and will be seeing the Dr tomorrow.  I can't wait for the update. 

by on Aug. 20, 2012 at 5:28 PM
Thank you very much

Quoting opal10161973:

I am so glad to hear that you got the longer test done and will be seeing the Dr tomorrow.  I can't wait for the update. 

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by on Aug. 21, 2012 at 2:41 AM
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Bump it for update...

by Member on Aug. 21, 2012 at 2:50 AM
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Bump for tomorrow
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by on Aug. 21, 2012 at 7:48 AM
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Goodluck today!
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by Gold Member on Aug. 21, 2012 at 7:50 AM
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Good luck hun
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