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I freaking hate security guards that think they are the cops or something

I live in Saginaw, Michigan and they got their busses that come downtown and they are all suppose to come at the same time and depart at the same time so I got off the bus and the bus I needed wasn't there yet, so I went across the street to smoke a cigarette and the security guard told me I can't smoke on public property. I was like whatever I'm not bugging no one with my smoke and I wasn't but yet he wanted to stand there and keep arguing with me. I had my 6 month old daughter with me and wanted to smoke a cigarette and this ninja cop kept harrassing me. I wasn't even on the property that the transfer plaza for the busses is at and that is where he's suppose to be a security guard, I told him to leave me alone and to go do his job. So the bus finally came and I got on it and was gone but did I really need to be harrassed by a ninja cop?

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 7:12 PM
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by on Oct. 18, 2012 at 2:39 PM

Oh sorry I based you being in the wrong just totally on how you presented yourself, no prob should not do that but I am going to go ahead and assume you were breaking some sort of law or rule and if you were not then well contact his boss. If he though came on and used English in the same mannor then idk...

Quoting bressmommy2012:

Care to tell me what law I was breaking? Because I wasn't breaking no law, I clearly stated that I went across the street where no one was standing not even on the property that he is suppose to be the security guard for and this happens and then you tell me I broke some law, there isn't no law that says you can't smoke outside, I was more than 100 feet from the closest person besides the security guard and my daughter so why don't you get your facts straight before accusing my of breaking some law that isn't even a law. I wish you would of called the cops on me, they probably would of laughed at you.

Quoting AmyG1976:

 umm you were breaking the law and he was doing his job. if you dont like that smoke somewhere else and thank him for not calling the real cops on you as I would have.  (not bugging no one and with my 6month old and hating someone for well asking you not to break the law... sounds like we done gots us a winner here @@)

by on Oct. 18, 2012 at 2:55 PM
Omg get over it. Apparently you werent smokin in the right area. Hes just doin his job.
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