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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 6:39 AM
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by on Nov. 5, 2012 at 9:37 PM
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And that's your decision to make. There is nothing wrong with being pro-life. Or pro-choice for that matter. Don't go shoving your beliefs down everyone's throats and it won't happen to you. I wouldn't be able to have an abortion myself, but I'll be damned if I keep another woman from having access to a safe one. That's why I am and will always be pro-choice.
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by on Nov. 6, 2012 at 9:17 AM

 You say you would like these two ladies to think in the long term, but your views are extremely short-sighted. What kind of people do you think are having abortions? Are they people who can afford a baby? By this I mean, are they financially stable? Are they people who have family support? Do you know anyone who has had an abortion? You seem so sure that being pro-choice, which you are apparently equating with "Abortions for everyone", is the easy decision. You must know some horrible people because I certainly don't know anyone for whom ending a potential life is "easy". Anyway, back to this "long term" thinking you're going on about. So, we'll say abortion is made illegal and all of the potential babies are born. Many will be born to women who don't have the financial resources to support an infant. So they will be on medicaid. They most likely won't have a job that pays enough for childcare nor have the family to help in that area, so they won't be able to keep their jobs so now they are jobless, with a child, and have to be on WIC, section 8, and other forms of PA. Do you think taxes will go up or down to pay for the 10's of thousands of women in that situation?

Some of the women who have abortions are victims of rape and incest. Pro-lifers will say, "Why blame an innocent baby?" And I say, are not the women who are the victims also innocent? Why should they have to live with the consequences of a circumstance that was not a choice, but perpetuated upon them? You haven't addressed the long-term mental health issues that these women will have.

What about the situation of a non-viable pregnancy or for the health of the mother? A woman who knows that her baby has birth defects so terrible that it cannot live outside the womb. She should go through her pregnancy knowing that the living baby inside her will die immediately upon birth? Or if a baby lives but has no quality of life and has to spend it's few short years in a medical institution unable to be cared for by the parents. The situation could be that the pregnancy is so dangerous, like ectopic, that the continuation of the pregnancy will kill the mother and the baby. Any thoughts on the long term there?

So, no, I don't think that pro-choice is the "easy" answer. I DO think that it's real easy to say, "Save the Children" because it sounds nice and it makes everyone who says, "Women should have a choice!" seem like baby-killers. What you seem to be glossing over is the fact that many of these babies will be born into situations where you, in your smugness, can't even imagine what their lives will be like. They will be babies in that environment, children in that environment, young adults in that environment, and eventually adults in that environment. And what do you think the consequences of that will be?

Quoting Savedfromsin79:

Good then I will address you both!

1) Why does any of what I said.. Make me have a LIMITED world view? Do I not have access to the same information as you? I watch the news. I see the public programming. I also read multiple Internet publications. Including the Drudge report. I go onto BOTH Liberal and Conservative sites all over the Internet. I don't cherry pick my facts. I have read both sides. BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW THAT.. WOULD YOU.. EITHER OF YOU? You don't know me. You don't know what I do. You only Assume that because I posted a bible verse I must be ignorant! Thanks but no thanks. Your not pasting me with that line of malarkey!

Stating you support something but think it is either wrong for yourself is not "enlightened" it is merely saying you will watch others do things and support their right to do them.. REGARDLESS of the results. Because it doesn't DIRECTLY EFFECT YOU!

But it does directly effect the society you live within. It does directly effect the nation you live in. SO the IGNORANCE.. Is to believe that people who's lives are so tied to one another can actively support something and not be affected!

Just like paying taxes.. You will feel the effects if someone doesn't pay. Not right away, Like if that person was in your home and not paying rent or something.. But in a  slower and more long term way.


Quoting ashleyrenee24:

She said exactly what I was going to say.

Quoting alwayskk:

I would have to disagree.

The easy part is having a limited world view in which you feel you have the right to dictate the actions of others.

MUCH easier than to say, "I may not agree with this but I understand why it should be legal."


by on Nov. 6, 2012 at 9:19 AM
Am christian and am pro choice... but am not pro abortion and am not for the death penalty cuz to me is an easy way out :)
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by Bronze Member on Nov. 6, 2012 at 9:26 AM
Quoting randi1978:

It's honestly too early in the morning for this shit.

But fine, I'll bite.

Nobody has the right to dictate my body, period.  I live by my own code of ethics and morals.  They're subjective to each and every person.  I don't believe in plop till you drop, I rather like being able to control whether or not I get pregnant (or remain pregnant, for that matter).  This issue has so many grey areas, you cannot ever leglislate any kind of laws on it or dictate the morality of the masses.  There are some areas of abortion I disagree with on a personal level, but who am I to want to push those personal views?  Every situation is unique and there is no one size fits all.

I believe in the right to end our lives when we become terminally ill and have little to no chance of recovery.  I believe in the right to determine how many children we have and whether or not we want to remain pregnant or not.  I believe in having more than just one or two options available in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.  I believe in being able to sleep with whomever we wish without being tied down in marriage or a committed relationship.  I believe that women can enjoy their sexuality without being slut shamed because they don't abide by someone else's morals.  I believe in access to birth control that can, by most pro life standards, be considered abortion because it can destroy a fertilized egg.  I believe in being able to choose for ourselves what is best and not what some fetus worshiping zealot thinks is best.  I don't want your morality.  I have no need for it.  You can claim your god wants life etc, but there are many passages of the bible where it proves he not only condoned abortion and murder, but encouraged it.  When you spew your nonsense, you make your god sound like a hypocrite.

Wow you took the words right out of my mouth. Totally agree with you on this one
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