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Do you agree with taxes being raised on households making 250k and above?

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Basically, because a person makes more money, they should pay more than anyone you agree? Why or why not?

Gross income of less than 100k pays 35% in taxes

Over 100k pays a little more than 35% in taxes, but I can't remember the exact percentage.

Over 250K pays 40% in taxes


by on Nov. 8, 2012 at 10:25 PM
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by on Nov. 8, 2012 at 11:51 PM

I don't agree with taxing people more just because they make more. To me it feels as if we're getting penalized for working hard; but that's not to say that poor people don't work hard so please don't even read into that statement. Even the few people on here who stated it was "necessary" also admitted that it's unfair. If it's unfair, why is it okay to punish those of us who have worked pretty dang hard to make a good living for ourselves? I agree that it's unfair, I just think there has to be some other way of helping this economy rather than taking more money from people who already pay a buttload in taxes. Of course there are people who are uber rich and find all kinds of loopholes for tax deductions, but there are probably just as many people who are cheating the government out of public assistance funds by finding loopholes to get themselves some free food/money/shelter. I don't think it's one-sided at all.

Not all "rich" people are dodging taxes. Not all "poor" people are on public assistance watching Maury all day.

by Member on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:04 AM
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Please tell me you aren't serious? The simple fact that you listed $100k and $200k as examples shows me you're completely out of touch with reality. Most Americans don't make $100k, or even close to it, let alone $200k. Currently, neither of those wages are taxed at 35% anyway. Depending on where you live and family size, 35% of $100k can be tough, but it's nowhere even close to living in the poor house. I have 5 children and live quite comfortably on less than $60k after taxes (and that's including a mortgage, student loans, car payments, etc). If you can't pay your bills on $75k, you need to downsize and/or reevaluate your spending habits. 35% to someone like PP who makes $24k would be beyond devastating. And keep in mind, $24k is actually ABOVE minimum wage, so imagine how hard the minimum wage workers would be hit. If you can honestly sit there and claim it's "fair" to tax everyone equally, then you have a seriously skewed view on fairness.

Quoting sarah824:

Why should people who make more pay a higher percentage than those who make less? How is THAT fair?

If you make $100,000 and I make $200,000 and the percentage is 35% then I will automatically pay more because I made more. Seems fair to me!

by on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:06 AM
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But did you or your spouse go to school for 8 years or more? Did you spend your entire savings taking a risk to open a business? Did you know that surgeons work at least 60 hours a week, if they're lucky? You think it's fair to make someone who succeeded in life financially pay more because they can? It is not anyone's fault but your own that you are poor. It is not the rich people's fault, it is not the other poor people's fault, it is no other persons fault. Your thinking is very twisted.

Quoting MissTacoBell:

As a poor person, I see it as the only way we can get out of debt. My household makes 24k gross. If we taxed everyone at a flat rate, it would have to be close to 20% not including things like sdi, and all those other things you get deducted from your checks. For those making 100k and up, it's not much of a problem because 75-80k is for most suburban areas, enough to live on. If you taxed us at that same rate, there's no way we could live even with foodstamps. We don't have a car payment either. $4,800 dollars for those living at our income level is 6 months of rent. We cannot live without it.

That is why a flat tax would have to have a floor, otherwise, most of what's paid out gets returned anyway in welfare. What's the point? It's extra cost to the state to pay people to process the welfare.

But everyone lives by economies of scale. For me, 80k would be easy street. I don't have cable, Internet or a car payment. My phone is paid by my parents because otherwise I wouldn't have a phone. They got me an iPhone so I could have phone and Internet.

For someone who makes more and has cable, Internet, mortgage, car pmt, student loans, credit cards, other monthly debts, 80k may be paycheck to paycheck. But many of those can be downsized in favor of necessities. It seems unfair that making 100k they should, I agree, but taxes are an obligation too. It's not fair you have a 3k mortgage and I pay 835 in rent, but that's your obligation.

The higher you get in income, the less bad I feel. If you make 250k and you can't live on 200k, there's something very wrong. Jmo. That's 10 years worth of what we earn.


by Member on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:14 AM

I said it was unfair, but it would be unfair either way. It's unfair to tax the wealthy at a higher rate, but it would also be unfair to tax the poor to the point of relying on the government for survival. And if there's no fair way of doing it, then you have to go with the lesser of the two unfairs. And I HIGHLY doubt the small percentage of people abusing government assistance even comes close to the billions of dollars the government loses out on annually from all the loopholes multimillionaires hire tax attorneys to find for them. So the two aren't even really comparable when you look at it from the government-spending aspect.

by on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:15 AM
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by on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:18 AM
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Everyone should pay the same percentage. No one should be penalized because they are successful.
by on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:20 AM

Do I agree with them paying a higher percentage?  No. 

by Silver Member on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:21 AM
I agree!!!

Quoting heresjohnny:

Actually, yes, I agree with it. It's not fair, but our economy can't survive a flat-rate tax. The people in the lower brackets would struggle to feed their families if their taxes were raised to the level of the upper brackets. And if the wealthy's taxes were lowered to the same amount as the lower brackets, our government would go bankrupt. If you think our national debt is bad now, just wait 'till you see what it would look like if they stopped collecting as much taxes. In fact, I think our government should go further than just taxing the wealthy at a higher rate than the poor/middle-income, I think they should close all those loopholes that allow the uber-wealthy to get away with paying less than 10%.

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by Laura on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:25 AM
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I actually know people who take the last couple months of the year off so they dont go into the next tax bracket. If they did they would just be working those last two months to give it all to the govt. The current system is broken and punishes people for being successful.
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by Gold Member on Nov. 9, 2012 at 12:25 AM
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I think we should either do a fair tax or we should do the same percentage for every one. The rich would still pay more, but it would be the same portion of their income. I think that we need to get the spending under control. It's not fair for the governmen to spend money we don't have, and expect people to pay more money in taxes to cover it.

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