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I need to get this out - I want to scream and cry

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A little backstory: we rented a house from a man almost 3 years ago. We loved the house, but the landlord was so shady. He had been using the house to grow marijuana, he would randomly show up at our house when dh wasn't home, a few times he just walked in, then we learned that he didn't own the house. He had made a comment to my dh that I "didn't know who I was messing with and better watch my back." We moved out about a week later after living in the house less than three months. The house sat empty after we left.

Earlier this year, my mom informed me that previous landlord, we will call him J, was arrested and facing a few felony charges. A week later the house we had lived in went into foreclosure. Dh and I decided to buy it. We loved this house, it has so much potential, an enormous yard, and tons of room. Plus, the sleazy landlord was in jail awaiting trial. We moved in on July 21st this year and things have been great.

Yesterday, I was talking with some friends of ours and we started talking about the landlord. Our friend's girlfriend told me about a website here in Illinois where I could look up his case. My jaw about hit the floor. It says he is a Class X felon. He has charges for growing marijuana, possession of marijuana, breaking and entering, criminal confinement and theft, plus a few traffic offenses. Then we looked at the case history and he was bailed out of jail in September. His hearing keeps getting postponed because he is trying to obtain private legal counsel. He had an appearance in September and his hearing was postponed until tomorrow. I am hoping with everything I have that they don't postpone it again.

I told dh about it when he got home from work yesterday and he said "well, he's been out since September and we haven't seen him, so I think we are fine" but I am so damn paranoid. I'm 24 weeks pregnant, I have two children who are 5 and 6, and dh works long hours. Yes, hes only a few blocks away, but still. I'm home alone most of the time. Our dog barks at people, but I don't think she would be much help if this guy tried to get into our home. Dh wanted me to get a gun for protection, but I have this ridiculous fear of loud noises. Just seeing a gun in a case at a store gives me instant anxiety. Now I'm considering getting something like a paintball gun with those pepper balls.

Sorry this is so long. I'm just freaking out a little. I had to get it out.
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by on Nov. 19, 2012 at 9:38 AM
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by on Nov. 19, 2012 at 11:07 PM
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Don't underestimate your pittie... if she feels her family is in danger, she WILL protect you and your kids. Find a neighbor you trust to go to if need be.

Quoting MeghanPerez:

We have an almost 6 year old Pit Bull. She looks intimidating and barks, but I'm not certain she would attack an intruder. She's all bark.

I am seriously looking into a CO2 gun with the pepper balls and a taser. I'm wanting something I can use to defend myself and my family without getting too close. I don't want to be in his face if the situation arises. Dh said if I see him around the house I should shoot first and ask questions later. But as of right now, my only defense is the dog. Haha

Quoting silverdawn99:

get a gun or a guard dog

i have a little shaunzer mix and she will raise a fit if she hears the slightest noise

my house i live in now has no window locks and just a little turn lock for the door so my daddy is going to buy me a gun for my christmas present

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