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Yes it does PISS me off, but I can not really do anything about it.

It pisses me off that someone can get a large tax payment, more than they even paid in taxes in the first place for things they "want", while we, as the people that make too much, still must pay for the rest of their needs.

It pisses me off that a person that doesn't  work can have basically the same exact things that my husband and I work hard to have.

It pisses me off that people that receive assistance (other than those disabled) are not required to work full time and continue doing so for many, many years.

I am really not against those that need assistance, just those that are not trying to better their situation. It really upsets me to see when someone is a SAHM, there husband only works 20-30 hours a week, and they get everything paid for then get to take that same vacation my husband and I take on their tax money. I am not saying that people on assistance deserve zero fun but the MAJORITY of that money they get back should be used for things they need or saved for a time they will need something. Sorry for this rant.

by on Dec. 8, 2012 at 9:44 PM
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by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 8:53 AM
I'm sorry but I am so sick of hearing that statement. Shit happens, situations change, death happens.

Quoting Tea4Tas:

Quoting sucker4myloves:

I don't care what you pay or who you pay for--you don't pay for me or mine, and never have. Do your math again, I was making slightly above minimum wage at that time, 5.65, and they didn't have to pay me overtime because of a loophole. I was required by law to sleep at least two hours in between sixteen hour shifts, and they had employee cots set up exactly for that on premises. Unfortunately, when you sleep at a job, that gives them a certain right now to pay you overtime. Nobody there got overtime because they set up rooms with cots. To this day, the employees there don't get overtime for working like slaves, though I hear they do make upwards of 12 dollars an hour now. Again, do your math, 23,000 a year? After taxes, I was pulling in a little under 17,000 a year. If I'd had kids then, you bet your ass I would have been on every form of PA imaginable.

And if you have 2 kids now and earn under 45 K you are on pA.

Why DO people have kids whent hey can't afford them?

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by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 8:55 AM
Amen to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quoting little.worthen:

wait, it's not even tax season yet! It's still Christmas season!! I thought I didnt have to listen to people bitching about taxes for another few weeks at LEAST!! grr..

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by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 8:55 AM
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we pay close to 400 dollars a week in federal taxes as well.

I don't get nearly as pissed off about it going to welfare as I do to pay life time health care for senators who retired 20 years ago and didn't do shit during their office.

I don't get nearly as pissed off about it going to welfare as I do it going to buying 33 dollars hammers because Jo Bob hammer company is cousins to the senators wife, and he got his bid chosen.

I dont get nearly as pissed off about it going to welfare as I do it going to the elected president of the US putting up 100 secret service members in foriegn countries so he can attend a social affair.

I think welfare needs a HUGE reform - NOW, but I think our entire govermental spending needs a reality check even more.

Quoting Tea4Tas:

Quoting SOCO101:

Quoting Tea4Tas:

Quoting SOCO101:

Quoting Tea4Tas:

Quoting SOCO101:

TBH, what pisses me off is seeing the wealthy bitch about paying higher taxes. Maybe not you OP, but look at all these ppl that have so much money they don't know what to do with it. Would it really hurt them to help out the lower class? Believe me, they're not giving anything up. They're still gonna go on their fancy vacations and buy the most expensive vehicles. While the majority of the county works their ass off just to get by. 

Why do they have to pay for you? They are already taxed at 35%. They are already FUNDING the poor.  Why should they be required to do more?

That means that 35% of their time is spent earning money to pay taxes....many of the very high wage earners wourk ridiculously long hours-60-90 hour work weeks.   Tell me do you know what it is like to work a 70 hour work week?

Trust me, I know. I also know that you are not paying for me. We are not on any type of PA. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you start jumping down ppl's throats. My husband works at a state penitentiary, working around ppl all day that you lock your doors at night to keep out. We are considered middle class, half of his paycheck goes to TAXES and insurance every month. Do you know what it's like to work in an environment like that, well over 40hrs/week, and still be living paycheck to paycheck all because you pay so much to the government. When we get our taxes back, it's the one time of the year we have the opportunity to get things done to our house that we need, get ahead on a few bills, insurance for our vehicles. All that fun shit. So tell me how it will hurt the 1% to pay a higher tax rate? They're still going to be living their luxurious lifestyles w/o having to sacrifice a damn thing. 

How do you get taxes back?   I pay out $450 a week in FEDERAL taxes alone and never see a return. EVER. IF you qualify for EITC then that is the reason for your refund-if you do not-for God's sake change his witholding!

Preview of 2012 Tax Year

Earned Income and adjusted gross income (AGI) must each be less than:

  • $45,060 ($50,270 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children
  • $41,952 ($47,162 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children
  • $36,920 ($42,130 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child
  • $13,980 ($19,190 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children

Tax Year 2012 maximum credit:

  • $5,891 with three or more qualifying children
  • $5,236 with two qualifying children
  • $3,169 with one qualifying child
  • $475 with no qualifying children

Investment income must be $3,200 or less for the year.

Let's just say you must make WAY more than we do. For your taxes to be that high you'd have to be grossing about $5,000 per week. That's double what we make in a month. I don't feel sorry for you. 

I pay out about 22K a year in taxes-and gross no where near 250K a year.  Look AMT and how that works.

How do you figure that i would need to make 250,000 a year?  Because that would be less than 10% tax bracket!

Here are the actual tax brackets- a person making $5000 a week would lose $1650 of it to income tax. And of course exemptions and the AMT figure in as well.

Tax Bracket Married Filing Jointly Single
10% Bracket $0 – $17,400 $0 – $8,700
15% Bracket $17,400 – $70,700 $8,700 – $35,350
25% Bracket $70,700 – $142,700 $35,350 – $85,650
28% Bracket $142,700 – $217,450 $85,650 – $178,650
33% Bracket $217,450 – $388,350 $178,650 – $388,350
35% Bracket Over $388,350 Over $388,350

And here are a few related points:

  • The personal and dependency exemption will rise to $3,800
  • The standard deduction for married filing jointly will rise to $11,900
  • The standard deduction for singles will rise to $5,950

by Platinum Member on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:05 AM

I will be lucky to get any cash back and may even end up paying out a couple hundred (not to bad) and I'm not pissed about the people who get money back. I just don't understand being pissed at them , I have been broke working several jobs at a time and gotten back decent money and sure sometimes some of it went to something we didn't "need" like a new TV but most went to bills and savings. I would rather get back nothing then struggle like I did then. - edit to add : we don't live a luxury life style.

by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:10 AM
Get off your damn high horse for just a few more weeks and enjoy the holidays before you worry about everyone else's life.
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by Member on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:11 AM
I agree it is expensive to maintain the monthly service. If it wasn't for my mom i wouldn't have a phone even a prepaid one. My dh walked out back in June due to my illness. Sorry for the rude comment but it felt to me that you were pissed about the phone and not the service cost. After i posted what I did i thought about it. For what that person is paying for the phone she could get a prepaid phone for $70 and a monthly plan for $45 and put the rest of the money on her table for her kids to eat.

Quoting SRUsarahSC:

it's not so much the cost of the phone but the cost of the data package.  If you can't afford to buy food, why do you have a phone that is going to cost at least $75 a month to maintain?  You need the phone to talk, not to surf the internet!

Quoting madysonalliah:

You can get a free iPhone with a 2 year contract. I get that its up setting about the welfare and foodstamps but you don't know the whole situation. People are so quick to judge. And before it gets asked no I do not get foodstamps or am i on welfare but yes i do have an iPhone

Quoting SRUsarahSC:

I could have screamed today, was at a Christmas parade and the woman next to me was screaming into her i-phone about her welfare and FS....if you're on welfare and FS, WHY DO YOU HAVE AN I-PHONE???? 

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by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:13 AM
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 I'm curious- What, exactly, do you know about the history of public assistance? Your rant makes it seem as though you think that people on PA are taking from you personally. Even if we did away with FS, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, it wouldn't make much of a difference in your pay check and it wouldn't make a dent in our current federal budget deficit.

You might not need PA programs but there are many, many people who do need them. Where would they be without PA? Homeless, unable to feed their children or themselves, and they certainly would be much further off from being able to "better their situation". Are you contantly, everyday, trying to better your own situation? Do you have credit card bills, loans, or other types of non-necessary, recurring, financial obligations? If so, what the hell are you doing taking vacations?? All your money should be going to paying off your creditors and saving for emergencies! Yeah, sounds ridiculous right? Don't expect things from other people that you don't expect from yourself first.

by Silver Member on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:16 AM
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I am almost wondering if that's who op is talking about. And is pregnant with #3. Just was bitching because of her FS issue. And now wondering if she will get 10k at return time so they can splurge.

Quoting FooLynRoo:

i read in one of these forums last night about a youngish lady with a family so proud that she lives off 900 dollars a month etc etc on NO assitance.

Comes to learn their 3 bedroom 1.5 bath house they live in - is FREE courtesy of her parents.

I mean, pat yourself on the back and all that - but seriously. LOL you live rent free... you SHOULD be making it work on 900 a month .

ha ha ha hah

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by Ruby Member on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:19 AM

What is selling the phone going to do?  They are still under a contract.  I have a 2yr contract w/Verizon, selling my phone won't do anything.  I'm then paying for a contract but can't use a phone bc I sold it.  How does that make sense?

Also, many do not have a landline.  The cell phone is their main phone, kind of need that for people to call you back for job interviews ya know.

Makes no sense to sell a car if you are still going to be left w/say $5000 to pay on it.  Still have to pay that.  Turning it into the bank doesn't get you off scott free.  You will still owe money.

I'm sorry so many feel they shouldn't help anyone out, that is a problem in this country.

On one hand you have people who expect others to support them, on the other hand you have people who only give a shit about themselves.  Pretty sad for our country as far as I'm concerned.

Quoting momdoes:

Very true, but at the same time.......... If you had it and fell on hard times, get rid of it, sell it whatever.

When I got divorced, my ex and I werent rich, nor poor and when he walked out, so did half the income in that house I got to stay in. The car we had? Went bye bye. I could not afford to pay the note on it by myself so I took the credit puch and gave it back to dealer. The phones we had just got? yup, gave them back too. I didnt sell the stuff we had but gace it up. Cleared and got rid of a bill I could not afford at that time. Same thing now. My dh and I. I am in school full time, not working. We have a car still making payments on. There have been a few months I comtiplated driving that car to the dealer and handing them the keys! All because my mortgage comes first. (we manage to somehow get it paid tho but if we get to a point before graduation we cant, I have no issue giving it up)

Also, when I graduate, I will be making a six figure salary as well as my dh does now. I have paid my dues, sacrificed, suffered, etc. So has dh. The only people I feel we should "help" out after all we have done to get us where we our kids. And even then it will be limited because they should be working hard too.

Thats the thing, we want to teach our kids to work hard, dont take the easy route, and it will pay off in the end. Why ask and demand that of our children and not of society itself?

Quoting CABZS:

Just throwing this out there, could have had it before falling on hard times.

Nice car, had it before hard times. Sometimes they still owe to much to sell it

You never know.

Anyway, OP for the most part I agree w/you.  I can't stand that people abuse the system & that so many in this country expect things to be given to them anymore.

Quoting SRUsarahSC:

I could have screamed today, was at a Christmas parade and the woman next to me was screaming into her i-phone about her welfare and FS....if you're on welfare and FS, WHY DO YOU HAVE AN I-PHONE???? 



by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:19 AM
I don't give a shit.
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