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Do you like for your kids friends to always hang out at your house? EDIT! THIS Is what comes of letting the neighbor kids come over...

Posted by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:27 PM
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  Are you that house where all the kids like to hang out, and you like to have them there, or when your kid walks in the door towing a buddy along with them do you sigh to yourself and think, "Great, just what I need, one more,  (or two or three) kid to have to supervise!"?

  I used to always welcome my x's son's buddies from the neighborhood over to our house, not because I actually wanted them there, really it was a pain, but because at least if they were at our house I could keep an eye on ss, and in the case of our neighbor's kids, their house was just a bad environment and I figured the more time they could spend in a healthy happy household the better. Still, I was never happy to see a whole horde of kids walking in my door.

  Now, lately, when dd comes home from the bus she often brings her friend who lives next door with her, Caden. Caden is a couple years younger than dd and kind of a pain, she bickers with my kids, tries to boss them, and honestly just kind of annoys me, but sometimes my dd goes over to HER house too, and I like that cuz it gives me a bit of a break. I'm always busy with the baby so I can use any relief I can get, and I feel like if I'm happy to have my dd there, I ought to be happy to have their dd here too.

  What's your take on your kid's friends coming over and hanging out?

ETA: The other day the little girl from next door came home from the bus stop with my dd, and she walks in and picks up my 9 month old. This is kind of an ongoing issue, she is always picking up my baby girl without asking and I'm over protective so it makes me nearvous. I always think a little tiny girl like her doesn't have the strength to hold a 9 month old, but anyway she's holding the baby in front of her face, and talking with her mouth 1 or 2 inches from the baby's, and says, "My Mom has STREP THROAT, that's why we aren't over there right now." So, then, even though I seem calm, inside I'm freaking out thinking, "WHY are you breathing in my baby's face when you could be contaminated with strep!?" (I'm kind of germophobic). So, I go get the baby from her and suggest that maybe if she has sick family members she shouldn't  hang out here because we might catch it, and she says, "OH, don't worry, I had it last week!" UGH!

  So, last night I notice the baby feels hot, and I take her temp and it's 99.9, then in the morning I take it again and it's 101.4, so I take her to the Dr, and she's got strep throat! :( I started her on the antibiotics the Dr. Prescribed and she's napping. Poor baby.

by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:27 PM
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by Emerald Member on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:29 PM

If we had a larger place I would not mind at all but a one bedroom apartment is too small for extra people to come by for long periods of time.

by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:30 PM

My kids play with their friends outside. I see no reason for them all to be indoors. 

My daughter is a little older and she has her friends come over once in a while...and they go to their houses sometimes. However, they are older so there is no need to keep an eye on anyone. 

by Gold Member on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:36 PM
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We always have kids over. A lot of times they are outside, if the weather permits it. But many times they are inside as well. We Are within walking distance from the school, three houses away. So, some days our door is like a revolving door with kids in and out. We are the place many kids come after school whose parents work, or will be late, etc.

my rule, homework first. I can't tell you how often I have over ten kid sitting around the kitchen table doing homework.

I love it. Plus, our house is super kid friendly, zip line, trampoline, Rock wall, huge backyard backing up to woods, play set, tons of bikes and suck.

I love when I look outside, and there's three kids. Then I look outside again and there's seven, and then again there's ten. Cracks me up.
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by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:39 PM
I love it and plan on making my house teen friendly when they are older. Keeping my little ones close and providing games DVDs snacks and activities so the kids all know how to hang out and stay outta trouble plus open door policy for their parents to come have some coffee tea and observe or whatever very causual. A clean Christian type party house. No PDA either lol
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by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:41 PM

I have mixed feelings.  I used to really like it because they entertained each other and even though it meant a little more mess than normal, it was nice to have someone to play with my oldest.  But since they've gotten a bit older, I'm finding that living next door to one another happens to be the ONLY thing these two have in common.  (Mind you, they're only 4 and 5 years old).  So it's a lot of disagreements and fighting over what they want to play with, etc. that didn't used to happen.  And this does not happen when my son plays with certain friends from school.  It's just with the kid next door.  And neither are bad kids, they're just super different personalities.  Sigh.  I'm getting a little sick of playing referee. 

by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:42 PM

my kids are not allowed anywhere else so this is the hang out spot. we have a large game loft upstairs with 3 flatscreens, 3 xbox's, ps3, ps2, wii, etc. the boys just hang out up there. I really don't have to do anything until they come down for snacks.

by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:43 PM

My kids are 19 and 17 and 7 and there friends are over here always and I dont mind I know where and what my kids are doing so im good with it. I also feed them. Because most of the times it is days, week and months before their friends leave so I just take care of them like they are my own.


by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:43 PM

If I'm cool with the kid (which is rare because I'm not the biggest fan of children other than my own), sure, they can come over. I've had kids over several times. Kids will be kids, they fuss, bicker, boss, and sometimes are plain out mean. We've had these problems before. 

by on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:45 PM

My house has enough to keep them occupied.  Each child that walks through the door is informed of the rules and I monitor them a little bit as I do not tolerate bullying, ever.  I watched a little girl like a hawk as she was sexually abused and I wanted to make sure that she didn't pull any of the moves on my DS.  She tried and then after explaining it to her that it was inappropriate, that she was no longer allowed to play with my children.  It's sad but her gma denies it's ever happened and she lied about it.  Some people.  Anyways, I digress..... Our house is THE house to be at and if they become too much I kick all of them outa the house to play outside, I'm mean...... lol

by Silver Member on Jan. 17, 2013 at 4:45 PM

I don't mind...sometimes I have the whole hockey team in my house. Besides the smell, it really doesn't bother me.

My complaint is being the taxi mom...I hate driving kids all over town.

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