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im 38 weeks pregnant and feeling like im going to go into labor at any time. i want to know your birth story! i want to know the signs u had leading up to labor and how everything went from there!

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 1:31 AM
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by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 1:33 PM

With Aydn, I was a week over due and decided to be induced. I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 pm and was registered and put in my room. After all the normal questions, getting my IV, and being hooked up to all the monitors, I was checked and was at 3cm. The monitor showed me having contractions about 4 min apart, but I couldn't feel them. My midwife decided to break my water and see what happened. That was 9pm. At about midnight, I could really feel the contractions and the fear started setting in. I had no idea what was going to happen and became scared of the pain, so I opted for a epi. I got my epi at 4:30 am. Dh left to let the dog out right after the epi was placed. I decided to sleep because the nurse said I proably would not be delivering until that afternoon. Shortly after I feel asleep, the nurse woke me up because the monitor lost the baby's heartbeat. I had to change positions as she kept moving the monitor trying to get a good lock on the heartbeat. She finally called the midwife to place an internal monitor. When the midwife went to place it she said "well, we cannot do that. your baby is right here! It is time to push!" I was like "NO! Dh is not here!" She told me to do a pratice push and I did and she said "NOPE! Stop! He is here! Let me get set up!" Just then, Dh walked in the door and asked "what is going on?" I said "we are having a baby!". just under an hour later, Ds was born at 7:13 AM.


DD"s was a little different...


My birth story starts many weeks before I actually gave birth. In my second trimester I kept having issues with keeping my blood sugar up. For some reason, Drs could not figure out why it never would rise higher than 75. I had many tests and had lots of monitoring, but, in the end, I was told that there was nothing they could do and that my baby would be watched very closely for signs of growth and as soon as she stopped growing, she would be delivered. I spent weeks of ultrasounds and dr visits and never thought about reaching my due date. At my 20 week ultrasound I was told she was breech. "Great, another reason to have a C-section". My goal was to make it to 30 weeks, so I ate and ate and ate to try to keep my blood sugars as high as I could for her, and packed my bags just in case I was not going to be coming home from a dr appointment. 30 weeks came and went and she was still growing!!! My next goal was 34 weeks, and that flew by! At 37 weeks I was ecstatic! My midwife was shocked, but told me to be prepared for a tiny baby. She said no more than 6 pounds. She gave me the go ahead to do all the natural things to bring on labor. I walked and walked and walked despite the pain of her sitting on my stiatic nerve. At 39 weeks, I went in for my check up and told the midwife that my back was feeling better and I was feeling done with being pregnant! Lol She did another ultra sound and the baby flipped head down!!! I was beginning to feel that things were finally working out!!! The midwife stripped my membranes and told me what to watch out for. At 40 weeks 1 day I went in for another checkup. We joked about how we did not think I was going to be in that office at that time STILL pregnant!! She stripped my membranes again and we set an induction date just in case. That was a Friday. Saturday I walked and walked. Sunday I decided I needed to clean ALL day. That night I was completely done with being pregnant. I bounced hard on my birthing ball, did nipple stimulation (with midwife approval only), and walked. I finally said to myself "Fine!! You win! You can come when you want to!!" I took a bath and told the lord that I trust him and when he decides it is time to have this baby then that is when it will be.

At 6am the next morning, I woke to pee again! Lol. As I was drifting back to sleep, I started noticing my back hurt, but I just ignored it and tried to sleep some more before I had to get my son up for school. In my sleep haze, I realized it really hurts, but it went away. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. That was a contraction! I lay there for a little and another one! I started thinking of all the things I was told to do to tell if it was false labor, so I roll over and change positions. Another contraction! I sit up, another contraction! I start timing them and they are 4 min apart! I look at the clock and it is right before 7 am, so I call my husband who is just getting off of work and tell him I think I am in labor. He hurries home. I get up and start getting things ready. When hubby walks through the door, the contractions hurt! I was already having to rock through them. He starts packing my son's bag and calling his dad to let him know to pick up my son from school. Well Papa took his car into the shop the day before and did not have a vehicle to pick up my son, so I called his teacher and left her a message (during a contraction, which the teacher thought was actually pretty funny I would call while in labor!). I then called my midwife and they said I could come in to be checked and I asked if I could stay home for a little while, and she agreed.  I did a load of laundry, why I have no idea but something said to do laundry lol! Threw the last little tidbits of things into my bag and got my son ready, all while having contractions that I cannot talk through and have to stand and rock through. We dropped my son off at 9:30 and got to the hospital at about 10:00am. The car ride sucked!!! The contractions were getting stronger and closer and hurt waaayyy more!!! While in triage, the nurse said the midwife was in a delivery so I would have to wait a little while to be checked if I was going to be admitted. I kept rocking my hips through contractions and told my husband I hope I am at least at 3 cm so I can get the damn epidural! About a half hour later, the midwife comes in and says "what can we do for you?" I tell her to give me an epidural lol! She says she needs to check me because I may have to go home or walk the hallways first. She checks me and I am at 6cm!!! I was in shock!!! At that point my fear had started going away and I became confident. I was transferred to a room and my contractions started to slow down to 4-8 minutes. I took a 3o minute break with them slower and less intense and then decided to get them going again and hopped in the shower. I spent a good hour in there and it was awesome!!!!! The contractions did pick up again but the water felt soooooo good!!!! I didn't even have to focus through the contractions if the water was on my back! I decided to get out because I was starting to feel dizzy. I got dressed and WHAM!!! The contraction hit me with a vengeance! I was debating on getting the epidural so I called the midwife in and she checked me and I was at 8cm!!! Again I was shocked! The midwife gave me 3 options.

1)      Continue to labor as I am with no epidural and see what happens.

2)      Since I was moving so fast any ways, break my water and endure really  strong contractions and probably have a baby within two hours

3)      Get the epidural and potentially have the baby right after or it might slow down labor

I decided for option number 2. She broke my water and told the nurse to page her if I started feeling pressure. Then it all started. The contractions were the worst thing I had ever felt. I could feel them in my knees and arms it felt like. I was sitting in the bed and something told me to put my heels together and spread my hips, so I did and I could not move from that position. The contractions were about a minute apart and very intense. About 10 minutes later I felt something weird, so the nurse paged the midwife and she checked me again and I was still at 8cm but she said the baby is really really low and not to be afraid of that pressure. She said I will know when I need to push and left. The nurse never left. She held my hand and kept encouraging me along with my husband and about 20 minutes later I knew I needed to push. The nurse paged the midwife again and she came in and checked me and said "the baby is literally right here. I can feel her head". With the next contraction she told me to push and it felt sooo GOOD!!! Then I hear "WAIT!!! Stop!!! I need gloves! I need gloves!!!" She rushes out into the hall to grab the birthing tray. I could not stop pushing. It was impossible and I do not know why lol. When she got back in the room with the tray, she threw on her gloves as fast as she could and just in time to grab the head before it was completely out. One more push and the body was delivered!! And there she was!! My baby girl!!! And time slowed down. Every one relaxed. She was perfect. Hubby cut the cord and the nurses whisked her off to be checked. My midwife and the nurse were joking about how fast the delivery went. From the time I started pushing to the time she was on my chest was 4 minutes. They weighed her and she was 7 pounds and 9.9 ounces and 20 inches long. I looked at my midwife and asked "where is my only 6 pound baby?! LOL"

She had a little trouble nursing at first due to swallowing amniotic fluid and it all not being squeezed out because of her rapid delivery, but other than that, everything was perfect. I am so proud I stuck by my decision to go pain free, even though I was not planning to in the beginning. It is such an empowering feeling to know I did that!


by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 1:50 PM

thanks for all the details! i had a epi free delivery too without planning it and i loved it afterwards. i plan on going natural again this time also

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 2:09 PM

     my last baby was stubborn... I started having contractions 3 weeks before my due date... they were early labor strong and regular (10 to 12minutes apart) but I did not progress. the doctor had me coming into the hosptial every other day to be checked.

      we stayed in this wonderful semi labor until 4 days after my due date when they finally decided to help us out a little and appiled the gel to my cervex... the contraction got stronger and closer together but the miswife said they still weren't lasting long enough to progress and told my to walk...alot.that was at 11 am by 1:30 I was really starting to hurt.... so they checked and there was no progress... so I kept walking untill about 3:30 when I told them I needed something for pain. they told me that wasn't a good idea because it would weaken the contractions so we waited

      at 4 they called me back down for monitoring... after a half hour the doctor told the contractions still weren't lasting long enough and that they would give me som pain meds and another dose of the gel... and that it would probably be the next morning before the baby came.

   then they decided to check me once more before they gave me anything. all of a sudden the midwife told me no pain meds... it's to late.and we went to the delivery room where they proceed to leave me and my husband...10 minutes later my husband was searching the ward for the mid wife, the doctor... somebody because hecould see the baby coming.

      he found the midwife and told her and she said I'll be there in a few minutes... which of course nearly paniced daddy..he thought he'd be delivering the little one for sure but they made it in time...I pushed for olnly 10 minutes (thankfully) and my 91/2 lb boy made it out in his intact water sac... well they ruptured it after his head delivered and his big old linebacker shoulders tore me really bad and since I was on blood thinners... my poor hubby was sent to search the ward again for the doctor cause the midwife was having trouble stoping the bleeding.

      it all worked out without to serious of problems though I was really light headed for the next couple of days and passed out when I tried to get up... like me after 31/2 weeks of contraction my poor little guy was exhausted... he slept for about 14 hours after we got back to our room.  

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 2:34 PM

Both my babies were early. My first son was born at 35 weeks and my second son at 37 weeks. With my second son, I woke up at 2am and didn't feel good. By 2:30 I was calling my doctor and lying about how long I had been in labor just so he would tell me to come in. We had to call a neighbor to come over and sit with our 3 year old son. When I got to the hospital, I had to check in through the ER since it was in the middle of the night. The nurse took my blood pressure and then said "Fuck this. Hold on to the wheelchair." He literally ran me over to the elevator and up to the L&D floor. My OB checked me in triage and I was 7cm. As I was scooting over onto the cart to be wheeled down to my room, I started pushing.....involuntarily. My son was born about 2 minutes later. No time for an epidural, IV or hospital gown. 

by Silver Member on Feb. 8, 2013 at 3:13 PM

I was 4 days past my due date with my first child, I had absolutely no signs of labor (I've never even had braxton hicks contractions) so they did an ultrasound and determined it was time to induce. I spent almost 4 days on induction drugs after the third day I was dilated enough for them to break my water, at that point for the first time I actually felt contractions. A day later I was told that my labor was still not progressing, so I demanded a c-section. The doctor didn't want to do it but I insisted.

While I was in recovery the doctor came in to explain some things. They discovered I had a narrow pelvic bone and would not have been able to deliver her vaginally anyway, I asked what would have happened if I had done what she wanted me to do and attempted a vaginal delivery...she told me that they either would have had to break my pelvic bone and used another method to help get her out or they would have basically shoved her back inside me and done an emergency c-section. The doctor also told me that my daughter was not breathing when she was born, that she had been in trouble but the monitors hadn't picked up on it. I was told I made the right decision by demanding a c-section.

My other children were all planned c-sections, and just like with my first I never experienced any signs of labor or false contractions.

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 3:15 PM
It would not be nice to tell you my experience for my oldest daughter because it would scare you. Daughter number two was a c sec, and was wonderful! Good luck to you!
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by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 3:23 PM

With my daughter, I was scheduled for an induction at 37 1/2 weeks due to BP issues. I had a choice of two hospitals that I could go to, and I chose hospital A. Well, doctors office scheduled everything at hospital B. So after a lot of confusion on my part and hospital A, we figured it out and instead of rescheduling everything, hubby and I went to hospital B. I been contracting all morning and on the drive to the hospital. They let me just walk around for a couple hours, and then I got settled into my room around 6ish that evening. My doctor showed up around 7:30, broke my water and started pitocin. I received my epi around 9 or 10, and then slept until 3AM. I started feeling the need to push, called the nurse, who was shocked I was ready. I pushed for about 20 minutes, and 6lb 8oz baby girl was born :-) She was incredibly easy baby to bring into this world!

My son on the other hand, I started having contractions with him around week 32. Nothing that did anything other than annoy me, but contractions none the less. I showed up at my 40 week appt on a Tuesday morning, my OB recommended me to stop working. So I did. I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning and getting things ready for baby. Wednesday night, I crawled into bed exhausted. About 20 minutes later, I felt a big kick, a pop and then a gush of fluid. I was like "oh-oh" to my husband and he asks whats wrong. I said I think my water just broke and he asked "are you sure?!" I said it was either that I or I just seriously peed my pants lol. I got up and into the shower ( fluid leaking with every step), got cleaned up and we headed to the hospital. Contractions started about an hour after my water broke. We got checked in, received my epi almost immediately and tried to sleep. His heart rate began to drastically decrease with every contraction, so they put a scalp monitor on him to get a better reading. His heart rate still continued to drop and even disappear, and they told me a C-section might be necessary. I really didn't want that, so they moved me and flipped me around, and finally he stabilized. When I finally was ready to push, his heart rate sky rocketed to the 190-210 range and never came back down, which wasn't good at all. I pushed for an hour before my doctor gave me the choice of suction or section. I chose the suction and she gently guided him down and he was born just a few minutes later. The cord had been tightly wound around his neck, which was causing him to have problems descending. He was a lovely shade of blue when he came out, but it didn't take long before he was nice and rosy :-) He was a much plumper baby than my first, weighing in at 8lbs.

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 4:12 PM

I was due on friday, no signs of labor, woke up on Monday morning at 6 am to twinges in my back, timed them, and realized its probably labor.

Went to wake up my SO and he asked if I was sure because he was tired.

So i got up and showered, and waited, yep they started pulled across my back into my gut.

So i called the dr, it was snowing out, our region had terrible ice storms every weekend for the last six weeks.

He said wait until i was more regular (some 10 mins some 8 mins etc).

about 1030 he called ME. and said goto the hospital, the weather is getting worse, he's taking his office people home and will meet me there.

the car we planned to take my so's 73 chevy impala, as it was a heavy ass tank and handled well had not one but TWO flat tires

So in we shoved into my 87 chevy camaro heading north on i95 in a snow storm. 

it was a long horrible ride, but we goto the hospital about 1130 am.

Nervous as all get out SO takes me in and says to the lady at the desk "I have a lady in labor here"

a lady.. like he's a freaking taxi.

They get me situated oh you're only 4 cm.. lets hook you up and get you comfy . THey put me on an iv gave me some... i want to say demerol? that only put me to sleep between contractions.

SO called his best friend and was in and out of my room .. usually NOT there when i woke up in pain.

I was having back labor, the nurses were understaffed and lots of patients to take care of. 4 other women in labor, and another in the PARKING LOT stuck int he back seat of the car.

they came in at 2 pm to find I was 8.5 cm too late for an epidoral or any other pain meds. I was going it alone.

at about 3 a lady dr not mine came in and broke my water to try to progress me.

i got to 9 cm, my dr finally showed up around 345, did something painful down there to help me dialate, i think he used his fingers??? i dont know but by 410 i had a baby boy.

THey took him out and put him on my chest and I said OMG hello, what is it? the dr said a boy, I said SERIOUSLY? (i couldn't believe it, we wanted a boy)

They took him off to clean him up in the corner SO went with him, they delivered the placenta. and a student helped sew me up (i had an episiotomy) and the only thing I remember was my dr saying "no no no" lol i was like OH NO she's doing something wrong! ha ha

THen SO went to get his best friend and in they floated to see the baby in teh labor room while the nurse was changing my gown.

"hello lyn!"

"hello Jake!"

shortly after they transferred me to my room, SO and his bestie came with, when they left the nurse asked which was the father, I said the dark one (jake is blonde DH is dark haried)

she said Oh who was the other, I said his bestfriend.. she was like OH he wasn't supposed to be here.

I said sorry.. I was busy having a baby to ask.. you should have told him. LOL

bla bla bla

I left the next afternoon baby in arms

happily ever after.

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 4:54 PM

I was a week over due. They starting inducing me on a Sunday night I wasn't allowed to eat anything. My son't heart rate was dropping every time they gave me any to help labor along. My body was not cooperating. I asked for a c-section after 15 hours of them trying and hearing them saying we have to stop the baby's heart rate keeps dropping. No one would listen to me. I yelled at the doctor. Probably not the best idea. I got an epidural and feel asleep. The next thing I know I was being told to wake up. They were rushing me down to have an emerency c-section. The nurses said I was having some strong contractions but I was so tired I didn't feel them. My son's heart rate had dropped to below 20 beats per min. when they finally decided to do the c-section.

Long story short my son was born healthy. He was only 6 lbs. 6 ounces but overall healthy.

by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 6:15 PM

thanks for sharing everyone! keep them coming!

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